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How many of you are planning to fight your cases in-person

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Rocky Smith (Instructor @ Calcutta (     03 August 2014

Manoj Kumar (Software Proffession)     04 August 2014

Dear Members In my case I have filed perjury case against her for giving false statement for cancelling my bail, now court issues the show cause notice against her. In her both petitions her lawyer verify her signature by saying this "I verify the persons who has signed the document in my presence". I want to know that can i file complain against her lawyer in higher authority like Bar Council of India or any, If yes than please inform me that how i can?

India is great (Service)     05 August 2014

Request for sample petition for child visitation please @ planning to fight my own  cases in-person

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Rocky Smith (Instructor @ Calcutta (     05 August 2014

Sec. 26 of HMA. Custody of children.


I don't have any petition on this. I never filed this.

Rocky Smith (Instructor @ Calcutta (     05 August 2014

@ Mr. Manoj Kumar,


It is a forgery case. You can complain in bar council.

Rocky Smith (Instructor @ Calcutta (     05 August 2014

Hindu Marriage Act (HMA) Book


Please see the attached book for Hindu Marriage Act (HMA).

Attached File : 104288888 the hindu marriage act.pdf downloaded: 202 times
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Rocky Smith (Instructor @ Calcutta (     09 August 2014

Indian Evedence Act 1872 Book And WIKI Link.


Please download the book of Indian Evidence Act 1872. File attached bellow.


Attached File : 745764611 the indian evidence act.pdf downloaded: 219 times
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megh dute (TSI)     09 August 2014

Respected Rocky Smith,

I am fighting my 498A case and witness & 313 is complete, now argument is pending. In that situation i need some aquital judgement of 498A case from suprim court or any high court. So i can give some good argument to judge.



498 A fighter (Advocate)     09 August 2014

@megh dute

it depends on case to case and facts you are using for your defence

but mostly depend upon the allegation from victim and evidences so there is no use whatever we suggest to you as your defence..

better you clear your facts and on which point you want which type of judgements

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Rocky Smith (Instructor @ Calcutta (     10 August 2014

@ megh dute,


You can get lot of citations in the link bellow as per your fact and requirement.

venkata Peddi (It consultant)     28 August 2014

Hi Rocky,


Really your words are giving lot of encourage, actually my wife has two plans which she openly told me. One to grab every thing from me and second make me as BAGGER in my own home town.

Thanks a lot for helping many people like me, can i ask a question. I have not done any legal course, but i am very sharp and quick learner. In many cases i found many thingw which lawyers doesn't know. Can i argue my case directly by me with Law degree???

I don't want insult or blame anyone, all i am trying to save me and my family. Hope every one understand.


Venkat P

Rocky Smith (Instructor @ Calcutta (     28 August 2014

"i am very sharp and quick learner" - I like this attitude. To fight your case in-person you need not to be a lawyer. In fact, there is no bar in law that filling or defending a case a lawyer is required. Any body can file or defend any case by securing power of attorney as per section 32 of Advocate Act.

Rocky Smith (Instructor @ Calcutta (     28 August 2014

Even to fight your own case in-person you don't need a "Vokalatnama".

arun bidlan (operator)     29 August 2014

very nice ..i salute to u sir for this 

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solution seeker (Supervisor)     03 September 2014

Sir I already posted a topic "how can i face dv act and maintainence" and I thoroughly read your advice. Now I have some doubts. What is NC? How, When, Where can I file it? What is the format? There are 3 Police stations in my limit. One is in my residence limit. Another one is my sister's residence limit(From here my wife was deserted, and the missing complaint given by me was here)and the third one is ALL WOMEN POLICE STATION. Now case situation is the day before yesterday (1.9.14) I appeared first time in front of the protection officer, Chennai. The officer ordered me that your First wife need her children, belongings, and you have to see a rental home in chennai not in trichy for her and give maintanance for them. And you have to reply for these on 6.10.14. The Lady protection officer did not show me the petition and did not ask me my opinion and did not talk about her desertion. What should I do next?

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