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ganesh ( service)     12 July 2013

Denial of sex

How does one prove denial of s*x by wife?. What documents, proof can be provided.

Does merely stating the same prove cruelty of wife


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Adv k . mahesh (advocate)     12 July 2013

you can say on your affidavit and at the time of mediation you have to prove from her words that denial of s*x from her side 

mayuri (homemaker)     12 July 2013

@ k. mahesh : don't knw any trick / technique in cross examination to make one to tell truth otherwise who accept own fault ? try to stick own story.

Dr. Jyothi Vishwanath (Associate Professor of Law)     12 July 2013

Truth in these matter prevails without any tricks. Even Medical examination of the wife can prove the truth if nothing works. 


When it comes to s*x, even if the woman in question lies that husband has had s*x, mere look in her eyes will tell that she is lying.

chandraprakash tripathi (sole propritor)     12 July 2013

are you the wife denying s*x to him,  i mean your husband?

mayuri (homemaker)     12 July 2013

@ Dr. Jyothi Vishwanath : don't knw court issue order for medical examination for both [husband & wife].

by the way " if nothing works " : don't understand. if one want to hear particular statement/confession frm others
1] which is true lie,
2] lie [don't match] to own fabricated story
thn hw any tricks wks. in tht case all efforts r nothing works.


Dear experts,

To proove i.e, one had s*x or not earlier is only the matter of contradiction,here pettitioner will tell that he didn't had s*x with her,but wife will tell we had a physical relation so many times,the trial judge will look into the eyes of both couple.Do you think by seeing in anybody eyes the mere fact or truth will come out?

If court gives medical test for intercourse and both are found usual of having s*x then also the husband or wife will tell tha she/he had not indulge in s*x as he/she might be enjoying with other.This is the matter of proof how could one develop the video for that when they were having s*x ,does it not seems ridiculous?

So,how the judgement or  the truth taken when each couple can deny having s*x or had s*x with each other in abscence of any proof?


This is the problem with these day's women. DV talks about s*xual abuse and include it as crime. Many women and lawyers treat this as, "Even though marriage is mutual agreement and civilized way of having s*x, without the consent of wife, s*x should not happen". This started prevailing in the society after PWDVA.

Now women take this as taken for granted and deny s*x to their husbands and if husbands asks for it, they threaten them they will file the DV case, DP 498a etc etc.

Now coming to your point, seeing eyes no judgment has come till date. If so, by seeing eyes of wife, Judge can say she has put false case on husband like 498a etc. This is as simple as that.

Other prob with this is that, if you say today she is denying for s*x, by the next date of the court, she will undergo medication and prepare herself in such a way that not the medical examination also reveal the same.


Solution to this as per my understanding goes is, wait and bend. When you realize that she denying for s*x,  just wait for few months. In this waiting for you have lot of chat, messages, talk etc about the denyal and record everything. Then back fire.....  Also control your lu*t till then. Then the ball falls in her court to prove she didnt say so. 

Also tactically play so that, matter is bought in front of few people who can help you. When the matter become worse, your trusted people will act as witness. Record all such conversations.


In fact I am also in the same boat. My wife says she has done everything. She thinks for that matter many women thinks, foreplay as inter*ource. What to do with such wicked women? She tells 1st that she is not intersted. Then husbandcomplain her parents. Her parents teaches her and tells her to give consent. Then she still denies and husbands leaves her. Husband talks about the s*x. She takes record of it and threatens to put false DV case :P

Strange but true in modern india. Women want marriage but not s*x. Even though you prove, she denied it, judge wont imprion them. They just give both of you divorce. Same if you do, judge give punishment to husband.


Other way to treat such thing is Give her full freedom. Say I will not touch her fron now on and come and stay. Lets see their reaction.

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