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Apurba saha Hazra (sr officer -Technical TCIL)     03 March 2016

Democracy my desire

Democracy my desire  and my achievement towards a purest form of Democratic Government in India .

India is the worlds largest  Democracy has already celebrated its 69th birth day in a colorful celebration of its own art, even after that my desire for a purest form of democracy is just like a golden bowl made of stone. However I think so, it is not only my desire but also the same of the whole of India, every body desires for the purest form of democracy where the mind is without fear, all the souls are full of honesty and integrity- not covered with a black Grown of extreme corruption, where the peoples are not punished for his lawful representation or repercussion Ruther being branded as an maoisist or nauxalist or extremist- where the Competent Authority to prevent or Curb corruption doesn’t forward the very complaint of corruption to the very alleged person against whom the complaint is lodged, for redressal & the very complainant is being punished despite his allegation is true an evidence of drainage of Public Exchequer is dominant, where the bruecrats & and all the public Servants are honestly executing his responsibility as recommended by his department ie his country but not just to evade his responsibility, passing months after months, instead of proper redressal even after receiving recurring advices for the same from PMO/PI-Sect. My purest form of democracy where the Judiciary are executing their judicious responsibility freely & fearlessly, not being entangled with The administration for his judgment against the very vested interest of Politics & therby the CBI-CBDT/SFI  are not purportedly instigated for for unwanted & framed allegation against those who fearlessly express his valued opinion in favor of the common masses.

And my true form of democracy where the poorest of the poor is rest assured of his two times meal & a shelter at night, where my every children school- colleges, making himself free from vandalism & where the purest,nonviolent form of students  Productive movement is not been combated under the banner of extremist,& Police is purportedly allowed to manage the situation in favor of Adminstration, Where no teacher is being tortured & humiliated by his own students-at the same every teachers honestly teaches in aal the classes as scheduled to by the Institution. Mu purest form of Democracy where every doctor should treat his patients honestly as per the very Oath taken by him- obviously not in the manner as executed by  the employees of CPSU to prevent corruption under vigilance of CVC. My purest form of democracy where every citizen irrespective of his rank & file should respect the Police  and help him to execute his responsibility honestly not being provoked by the Local Adminstration or being submitted to political power or Influential-Rich personality. My purest form of democracy where benefits of economic policies should reach  from  the poorest poor to the rich but not from the Rich to the poor.

And so far my achievement is concerned , with my deepest sorrow I do declare that in the  Perspective of Tyre Corporation Of India ltd—A Government of India Enterprise( 100% owned by GOI ), I am an employee of the very CPSU,remained unpaid for the last 35 months along with remaining 112 Payroll employees, despite we moved from the Piller to The Post ( from PMO to PI- Secy. Includieg all the  members CCEA-GOI) who all advised the Secy – DHI/GOI to  take appropriate steps for the last one year & the very concerned Secy- DHI has done nothing  for the last 35 months except  has been issuing an identical letter since last  7th november2014, which all reads the as The matter under Process- the same reply against all the advices, which are also been sent to PMO/PI- Secy---- And we are remained unpaid for the last 35 months despite the knowledge of Our Honorable Prime Minister/ President of India and many other Parliamentary Bodies—This is our Democratic India- The Government of the People ,For the People ,By the People&.. expects every Indians should be lawful. But unfortunately we found DHI-GOI is not responding to proceedings of NHRC & Calcutta HIGH Court  regarding the payment to 41 months unpaid payroll employees of Tyre Corporation Of India ltd (A Govt of India Enterprise)  & purportedly avoiding the the valued orders dt 28/01/2016,11/02/2016 & on today 03/03/2016- The honorable Calcutta high court today fixed the next hearing after 15 days.

Now I do request all the viewers as well as all the Members of the  Lawyearsclub of India  to help us by persuing a SUO-MOTU PIL in SCI through CJI so that around 700 lives of the poor employees & their family members could be saved  & our right to Livehood should not be compromised just to hide the Inefficiency of the  hope les beureaucrats of DHI &DOD who were responsible to carry out the Disinvestment of TYRE CORPORATION in accordance with TCIL Disinvestment ACT 2007. Is there any one in India who can help us by executing a PIL in the SCI  to save our lives as well as to ensure scope of education to our children .

Please help us  wrt to my earlier postings in FORUM of lawyearsclub dt 29th February & 1st March

 Hope the good sense will  prevail in the Government & the concerned Administrative Body of TCIL –ie Secretary –DHI(GOI) to resolve the issue at the earliest considering the very employees point of view &  in pursuit to the Purest form of  democracy  which doesn’t lost in the legacy of the bruecrats improves itself continuously under  strict vigilance  of the creative section of the society followed by the  positive criticism of the good & respectable  Parliamentarians & finally  contributes through positive legislation as did incase of Tcil Disinvestment Act 2007  that shilently lost in the dust of closed  room in DHI – only because of efficient dynamic good governance as  executed by DHI-DOD(GOI) towards the Very implementation of The same.

 Thanks to all the viewers.

Apurba Saha Hazra.


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compliance   27 April 2016

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful thoughts with us.

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