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Samuel (CEO)     31 December 2012

Delhi rape incident, likely go advantage on false 498a and d

It is observed from nation waves towards women protection, Now false case women take advantage over Nation Sympathy wave?



And likely government and police stay as back up, as it is being spot light! Is it a threat for false 498a and DV husband fighters?



PS: I understand both incident are different, I am seeing  the fact of women platform.



Any Takers?


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N.K.Assumi (Advocate)     31 December 2012

I am of the firm conviction that the two aspects are like the mountain and the sea.
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Samuel (CEO)     31 December 2012

From the eyes of society, in both mountain and sea women victim are common.

DISHA D. SHAH (lawyer)     31 December 2012

  if we think case of ADVANTAGE BY WOMAN  are less than 5 % cases and what about 95% ???

Samuel (CEO)     31 December 2012

Agreed Sir! but just on practical sides,


Women organization insist more bills to be passed against protection for women, regardless of any cases!


-          Exclusive Men movements like SIF, Pariwar,…already in wining zone to pass the bill to revise the S 498a. – This incident would obviously created a set back!


-          Police station have been instructed to take stringent action against women harassment – This has put more challenges innocent husband at PS.


-          Now Estranged Wife gained more power and sympathy with her Crocodile tears – blame it on one word “ Women harassment”


-          Beloved 498a wife, are even ready to make fresh complaint against husband stating “ Matrimonial Rape” if rape offense accounted for hanging punishment on husbands!



These points are name some, however, I am open for more views and thoughts to bring in.. please enlighten me if these incidents never empower more on women side.  


That in a way going to help SIFF,MRA even more.

More people will be implecated falsely thus SIFF, MRA will gain stregth so in a longer run more men will join against women centric laws. 

rajiv_lodha (zz)     31 December 2012

I second these thoughts. The present faminist wave has given a setback to anti498a/anti DV movement. See 498a is made a cognizable offence, girls roar that once she has lodged a complaint revealing cognizable offence, cops shud register FIR & then start investigating.

If police officers ask woman-party again & again to come with proofs lest they are unable to take action, these cops wont be spared in the backdrop of this wave. Its not wrong to ask for preliminary proofs of rape/498a+406 crime before cops start action against boy's family. the complint may be false..... just to sattle scores. If an umbrella order is passed that TAKE ACTION AS SOON AS A WOMAN COMPLAINS OF GENDER RELATED OFFENCE, it wil only increase extortion.

Remember SC took 20 yrs to quote misuse of 498a as LEGAL TERRORISM. And DV act also has been quoted as CLUMSILY DRAFTED. What is the use of making IPC laws in the heat of moment. take lessons from past experience at least.

Day wont be far away when total NARCHY wil be there. There is nothing wrong broadly in present rape laws/gender laws from women's angle. only need is to implement them, weed-out corruption from police/ judiciary, accelrate the justice delivery and of course strict punishment for the false complainants.

Abhishek Das (Corporate Sales manager)     01 January 2013

This is very true..law has to change.. its not only false 498  but also wrong allegations put by women on man has to be taken care off. If any wrong allegations filed sud b punisable by the court of law.. 


today if Law is not able to bring justice..people make crime. So law is to be blamed.. the reforms are needed . we cannot rely on 1947 made constitution.. things are changing with time so every thing has to be changed..!!!!


Abhishek Das (Corporate Sales manager)     01 January 2013

mam it is not so.. please look into the history.. Women are mostly guilty... if not do watch crime patrol..

is it only the intrest of women taken care off and not the man..????? 


that is if a women wants she marries a person.. and after 2 days she feels her old lover is better she goes and foles a wrong allegation to extract money in form of 498..?? is it acceptable.. ???


its not 5 % its more than 65 % today women are exploiting man after marriage.. !!!!  

D.N.Barola (Socio-political worker)     01 January 2013

The Gang Rape culprits and child rapists must be hanged. There should be no doubt about it. The law should be amended at the earliest.

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Sameer12345 (SSE)     02 January 2013


Court is rejecting the bail application...... Is this real movement?

Harassed Hunsband (prop)     03 January 2013

Rapist can go scott free......


The one who marries gets Rapped by women Law.......

Samuel (CEO)     03 January 2013

Gender biased laws comes in the spot light.. this incident made 498a issue tossed up in the air! may go wild or come in handly.. however,men always have liberty to prove their innocence at court !


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