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cricketism: indian skipper should surrender hon. doctorate t


Cricketism: Indian Skipper should surrender Hon. Doctorate to UK




Indian cricket skipper Dhoni, who was offered a hon. doctorate in law by a UK university in recognition of his “genuine or genius” performance on the cricket field, helping an English opponent batboy Bell to get an extra run, has now made fool of himself in the CB Series match played between Australia vs. India 7th ODI at Brisbane Cricket Ground, Woolloongabba, Brisbane on 19 February, 2012.  Knowing fully well that D. Hussey had reached the stickers-end safe, Dhoni aggressively raised his finger and forcefully demanded OUT.  


Since there was no problem with both the Australian batboys at that point of time, the field umpires refused  to raise their finger in order to appease Indians there as well in India. Quickly, Indian review was requested by Indians and matter was passed on to the third umpire. Possibly, taking some cue from Dhoni’s desperate claim for a wicket, the third up umpire fanatically declared OUT, although the review-hot -spot they opened for the public view clearly showed that none was OUT. However, the fielder umpired s took the matter further and brought back to the field Hussey who had already almost returned to pavilion and Hussey resumed his runs making beyond 50 plus. .

One suspects if there was an “understanding” between India/ICC and the third umpire to help India when required.  If so what are the terms and conditions. Even in Pak-England ODIs, the third umpire supports UK.  That is crude.

The grounds for the decision to take such an action against any guilty captain were laid at the ICC's annual conference in Hong Kong last year where harsher penalties were called for against teams failing to meet their over-rate targets.

MS Dhoni has been suspended for one ODI and India fined for the team's second over-rate breach in ODIs in less than a year. India were found to be two overs short during their 110-run defeat against Australia in Brisbane, after time allowances were taken into consideration. Match referee Andy Pycroft also fined Dhoni 40% of his match fee and the team's other players were fined 20% each. This was India's second over-rate breach this tour. Dhoni was suspended from the Adelaide Test earlier this year for a slow over-rate in the previous game in Perth

The on-field umpires Steve Davies and Billy Bowden, third umpire Bruce Oxenford and fourth umpire Paul Reiffel laid the charge, to which Dhoni plead guilty and accepted the suspension. The latest suspension is a consequence of two "minor" over-rate offences in ODIs within a year- the first one being during the 2011 World Cup final in Mumbai.  Dhoni’s has been deliberate crime to delay the match to generate tension and confusion among the batboys, resulting in early wickets.  This is just like rains spoiling the concentration of the batboys. Dhoni also acknowledged that he had been kept informed of the position regarding over-rates on a regular basis throughout the match 

Dhoni and Indian team should have known they are way below over rate and should have shown some urgency. Even the commentators were repeatedly talking about it. Indian team and BBCI could be rich but I am sorry to say they are not above rules. Before penalizing Dhoni the time wasted for no fault of India team was reviewed. I know it does not matter for Dhoni and Indian team members that their match fee was reduced but they should have known Dhoni was penalized for similar offence earlier also.

How can he bowl 50 overs in time when he was given players who take half an hour to move from Extracover to Silly mid-off. Initially Aussies put him onto the frying pan and now ICC has pushed him into the fire.  

Clearly, there is something wrong with the Indian team management!

Clearly, Indian captain tried to deceive the umpires. It would be fair enough if Dhoni demands a wicket when it is real and undoubtedly. And his word should have carried the required weight. But he has misused his hon. doctorate.  

In this case, the third umpire played pro-India mischief. Third umpire team should be expanded to include some more members so as to make correct analysis and decisions about OUT/LBW, etc.

Hon. Doctorates are free and exchanged among nations as part of mutual appeasement. UK might have, on special request from India, offered a hon. Doctorate to Dhoni just for fun which could be used by the concerned parties in future to clam national awards.

Dhoni, a hon. UK law doctor, is guilty of misjudgment. Dhoni has clearly failed to live up the expectation of the public and tried to mislead the public with his false claim for a wicket as well as his repeated slow over tactics to destabilize the opponent batboys though bad conduct for deconcentration. He has misguided the third umpire to declare OUT. . .

It is hence advised to Dhoni to return the hon. doctorate in law back to UK or to England team. India could advise him to surrender it to UK and collect one from an Indian university.  

The argument that no judge is genuine, including those at the ICJ in The Hague is not appropriate as it is only an attempt to mock at jurisprudence itself. 


د. عبد راف 

Dr. Abdul RuffSpecialist on State Terrorism; Educationalist;Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International Affairs(CIA); Independent Analyst;Chronicler of Foreign occupations & Freedom movements(Palestine,Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc); Anti-Muslimism and anti-Islamism are more dangerous than "terrorism" Anti-Islamic forces & terrorists are using criminal elements for terrorizing the world and they in disguise are harming genuine interests of ordinary Muslims. Global media today, even in Muslim nations, are controlled by CIA  & other anti-Islamic agencies. Former university Teacher;/website:abdulruff.wordpress.com/ 91-9961868309/91-9961868309


Hi friends,

I will explain my problem in detail...

In 2008 I had a reliance broadband connection in my name which was shared with my room mates in pune. Few months later I had to leave pune and I completely forgot about the brodband connection. Till the time I was using it I paid the bills regularly but after I left the flat I have no idea for how long it was working and how many of the bills were paid by my room mates.

2-3 years later I received a call from lady saying that she is calling from patiala house, delhi and a case has been registered against me for fraud(420). At first I was clueless that what exactly I did for which I have been declared as fraud. Few hours later I recieved one more call from some advocate saying that he is calling regarding the case in patiala house and it is for some broadband connection and he gave me the user id of my broadband connection from which I came to know about the whole picture. And he was asking me to pay some 4000 rs to reliance outlet or else the case will proceed and I will have to visit the court hearing at patiala house. The next day I received a call from another lady and she was talking very roughly "Kyun sir aapne paise bhare nahi abhi tak", I said I didn't receive any call from reliance in the last 3 years and all of a sudden they have filed a case against me, this is not fare. Sensing negativity from my statement she said "To  aap paise nahi bharne wale, ab aap dekho ki mai kya karti hu". This was enough for me to listen to her crap, I said "Jo karna hai karle ja" and disconnected the phone. Since then I did not receive any call till today.

Now all my room mates have left the flat and no is in touch with me.

Today(after 1 year of the previous call) I received a call from a person that an arrest warrant is being issued for me regarding due payment of broadband. I told him that I never had such broadband connection and disconnected. Just before disconnecting I heard him saying to someone "thik hai kardo case ko proceed".

Should I take these calls seriously? What action can I take against these calls?



You did not disconnect the connection; therefore you ought to pay the bill till the date the connection was deactivated by the company due to non payment. The companies keep on raising the bill adding the late payment charges till the bill is paid.

The calls received by you are from fake guys posing as advocates. It seems that all such guys are given same format by all companies and all these recovery agents use the same language. You can lodge police complaint.

If you wish to pay the bill you should negotiate hard with company and obtain a letter on letterhead of the company under original seal and signature by hand by competent employee of the company not less than the authority of Zonal Head ( e.g. West which covers Pune ) stating that amount ( as decided by you.........and company) is acceptable as full and final payment and company is removing your name from list of defaulters and all recovery, collection agencies and from view by all telecom companies after the issue of this letter no company shall deny any connection to you due to the payment in question. You must obtain and full and final bill and full and final payment receipt separately and a soft copy of all letters, bills, receipts by email as well from the official email of the company.




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