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Swami Sadashiva Brahmendra Sar (Nil)     07 May 2010

Court's language

Canada's House of Commons has passed bill C-232, which requires that justices of the Supreme Court of Canada understand both English and French without the assistance of an interpreter. This will become law unless vetoed by the Senate or denied royal assent by the Governor General (which is exceedingly unlikely). Amazingly, the bill is a private member's bill introduced by a member of the New Democratic Party, which holds only 36 of 308 seats.


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It is somewhat useful but what to understand from too short text?  It only seems a filler short news.  Representer also seems in a dark corner since have no thoughts of it.  More effort required.

Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     07 May 2010

Good News.

In India such types of bills should be passed that - No court will refuse a plaint or pleedings, on the ground of language - either Hindi or any of the shuduled language of India.

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The local languages becomes a scheduled language bue to political pressure and in our country there is a large number of such sheduled languages.  Acceptance of any local language is only to facilitate the villagers by considering it for daily administrative work that may also be considered for local courts for local trials.  As the matter concerned with a high court or supreme court it is not possible and also not practical for anyone since the judges are also human being to have practice of a lot of languages.  Therefore, it is a "Three Language Formula" accepted in NON-HINDI SPEAKING states where the high courts may consider accordingly.   

Adv.Aiyer VLV (Proprietor)     08 May 2010

Good for them sir!

But in India, we have the practice (mostly) of being posted to a state different from the state where the advocate before being selected as judge was in practice. Thus, it will be asking for a lion's share of time for a grown adult to learn a language. 

Also, what is wrong in having interpreter? 

one more employment to a youth in a country. 




Ya.. In our democratic India the interpreter is very essential since no one can be forced to adopt any particular religion, to be identified by any particular caste, to live in any particular region, to learn any particular language etc.  Our ever great Vishwa Vandaniya Param Pujya Dr. babasaheb Ambedkar has provided to us a real completely sound freedom to live at our own anywhere in India.  All the anti forces only tries to lead us in the old time of TALWAARBAZI dominated time as was before the Britishians come when there were clear twodivision in society one was dominating and other was dominated.  There were no place for equality in human being.  Now, it is a most modern country in the world in the mean of "EQUAL FREEDOM AND EQUAL DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS FOR EVERY CITIZEN OF INDIA".  It is also proved that we are the best democrats then the Britishians or americans since we cannot be guided by any such conservative law to adopt languages as done in Canada as informed.  Enough?

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Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     08 May 2010

NO HARM of interpretar. but direct contact of judge and the parties are always desirable. it will stop false cases and wicked people will be disappered at court.

Adv.Aiyer VLV (Proprietor)     09 May 2010

Mr. Arup

Are we saying,

people speaking language understood by judge directly are truthful than people speaking other languages? or

Interpreters are unreliable and untruthful, will deceive judiciary? or

interpretations are likely to end in deception on account of translational errors owing to inefficiency or skill-set issues

a false case exists even without language bearings. A judge might have to go through doc in different languages, can we say he is not capable of reading them as evidence if given in tranlsated manner. Certainly not

to deter false cases and avoid errors, we must encourage transparency of court proceedings incl. introducing use of video and audio recording, allowing parties and public to record proceedings i do not see any reason for preventing this, except judiciary not wanting to be transparent and covering lose ends, preventing prevention of corruption.

we make more issues out of language, when we all must have been using Sanskrit as a single national language post independence to foster integrity, as no single large domain or section could claim advantage or in use of it, truly Indian, highly classic, expressive, rich in every aspect of language etc. Politics played are more important than national integration




The role of an interpreter is limited during a hearing, besides facts comes out in many other evidences.

How a servant is serving is a conduct or misconduct is a separate aspect for which he is ever watched.

Transparency means what ?  Should every public authority ever take a loudspeaker an ever announce as to what he is doing or what he has kept with him ?  It is the people who should ever check out and it should be in general practice.  Why people not including it in their daily routine that they will ever keep a watch on their servants ?  After all its whose Nation ?  Our Nation is like our Home and we should maintain it accordingly.  Do we ever left our won home on our servants ??  If so, he will not only take over the house but he may also take over the GHARMALKIN and the GHARMALIK will roam on footpath...  Save our Home Save our Nation.. take efforts at own........

Adv.Aiyer VLV (Proprietor)     09 May 2010

Dear Mr. Ram Samudre

I am confused. you supported my writing and said interpreters are vital and we are not to follow language policy.

now you seem to object and degrade them as mere servants who will take over house etc.

so, i think you need to add clarity so we understand you

Lack of Transparency

This topic is suited for a Thesis, so i do not wish to delve at length here, as we go out of beautiful message from Dr. May be we can start a debate, poll etc. later




Ha.. haa... Dear Mr. VLV ! you made me smiling, ya I come in a fresh mood...

Noting here to be confused.  i was only making assured to Mr. Arup who laid a "but" for...

I mean the interpreter shall not be harmful since he is only a servant assigned the specific job.. in case he caught to be trying in misleading he might be taken up.  See, please come out out of this belief that the public servants do play a vital role.  They are only servants and should be carefully watched.

We ever do it.  Please have a view on bottom line of our forum that "The Foundation for......".  We are very clear and having results as set by ourselves.

However, I'm grateful to you for extending me this opportunity to say in this regard.

We ever welcome people as we are ever ready to give answer to any question regarding the concept of our democratic constitution and how to get it done, asked by anyone to anything, at anytime, at anywhere. 

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Adv.Aiyer VLV (Proprietor)     09 May 2010

Dr Sir

kindly give your views on our reviews so we can preview your judgement in advance



Please let it remain a forum for expression instead a explanation and let others take a judgement.

Swami Sadashiva Brahmendra Sar (Nil)     09 May 2010

Dear Prof. VLV Sir,

1.  I have simply posted a  news relating to judicial system. It is better that I may not be a party in the discussion.

2. I can not be a judge in an issue raised by myself.

3.  Moreover, disclosing the judgment in advance as you want to, is not prop[er for a judge unless arguments are completed .

Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     14 May 2010

"..........but direct contact of judge and the parties are always desirable.

it will stop false cases and wicked people will be disappered at court."

Actually i did not want to explain here this matter.  As a party, i have some bitter experience that a section of trial court  advocates (not all) prepare false case in favour of the client. that time i felt that if these advocates do not involve in these cases, the matter could have been presented before the court straight and simple way by the perties which is easy to judge.


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