company send me show couse in insurance industry

dear sir,

I am working in a company in 09/12/2019 to still date,

but my reporting manager and my asm is egostic person,

he is always blaim me to I am indisipline and not following company ethics and norms,

first I will inform you in January month when I am suffering in viral fival and cold my supervisor call me that night and use very rufh languages so I am replied I am not fell well now and he cut my phone,

in next day morning again I am not fell well then I message him to my condition and applying leave olso but he is presrised me to meet HR madam in Patna office so I obidiently I followed this instruction and come to Patna office in heavy fever and cold ,
so hr session will be started hr questions me :-
1:- your manager ask me to your behaviour good so i am fully socked ? and listen his aligation and appreciate my t ?
MY ANS:- I m anwering when I am join in this organisation I am fully motivated my work and organisations but my both manager want my personal time to pick up him to home and drop home so I am disagree this instruction because it not related to company work,and again one night in January he is instructed with me to stay there so I stay and late night I am going with him to pick up his bike to Patna railway station and when he received his bike I am with him and that day I reached in my home approx 11 o clock midnight and this matter I am also height light hr mam also

2:- my reporting manager second aligation with me I am not sending DSR(daily sales report)?
Ans:- I am daily basis send him DSR and also send my reporting group

3:- my reporting manager aligation I am not coming to daily basis in Patna Aviva office morning and evening reporting before branch visiting?
Ans:- dear mam he never instruct me to come Patna office daily basis so how can I come without his permission,if the management ask me I ready to come but some important point please note if I come to Patna branch in 10.30 so I reached my respected branch in late show my business Hampered so hr mam to permission me to not come daily basis when your reporting manager ask you come in Patna please come 1 to 2 days only and focus on buissness so I do the same

in the march my reporting manager provided wrong data to our partner gramin bank that's whyy marketing officer DBGB bank and Branch manager Angried with me ,as this day concall schedule with all employee in my group and my reporting manager line 1 and line 2 campaign status so I will provide this data so he tell me no your branch has done 380000 so I am reverting abhay sir told to Patna reasonable office buissness in JFM IN MY RESPECTED BRANCH Mahrajganj is 310000 so he is insulted me and instruct me to come patna office evening so thats matter I am reached to Aviva office Patna 18/03/2020 date adject not remember so when I reached in front of them Ravi sir insulted with me and very unprofessional language he argue with me and tell me sign in blank paper and go them so I diobey this instruction and tell him this is the not right way and I told them why should I prove my sign in brank paper so he declared me indisipline again and send mail to hr and tell me I will be terminated you and use very bad word with me and my family in the presence of 25 working emplyee there.so I will left there because it's very late, so next day concall will be scheduled and I am answering them all matter and hr mam instruct me to manage this and now call cut,

in the month of June on the concall with Nikhil Boss and all employee Nikhil Boss also tell me gunda and unprofessional talking and all so he asked my reporting manager to previously mail against me so Abhay sir asked him to my complain in branch head also so politely I will asked him with respect please provide me branch head name who complain you so he is not answering in the presence of Nikhil Boss Ravi sir also ,and the hr concall hr tell me you have mail also Nikhil Boss to miss behave so please tell me my question is misbehaving,so lastly he asked my buissness figure commitment so I am assured them I am completing my target 2 lack June month and finally approx 3 lack I will do,

again in the month of June Ravi sir call me 14th June with unprofessional language bhikhari,gandhmachane wala and personally attack my family background and my previous company also so I object this so he is again mail me and arrange concall with hr mam so I am tell all this matter to hr mam ,so hr mam tell me manage this thing so I tell him this is not manageable because he is a egostic person and he is not listen me when I have share my problem he mail with me and proof it I am indisipline, so hr mam want me his mail reply,so I'm replying 30/0702020

next working day 17/08/2020 I have some symptoms in corona because my respected branch in containment zone but my supervisor instruction I followed that's why I am Covid positive in 19th July in report so me and my family very worried about me and I drop this mail to self insolation last 04/08/2020 applying leave in this days I am suffering very bad critical condition I lost my smell some time I never breathing my neck is block I nothing to eat properly and I fell when I died in this deasise how can my family manage all the monthly expenses but one this critical time zone no one management person contact me ya what's app with me my line manager 1 2 3 ya hr madam no one contacted me so I fell little bit fine with weekness I am worried about my monthly target because in corona resion I am nothing do business in July month only 10k done so I am joined again and I requested to line manager to please provide me work from home from hr police he again he disagree and instruct me to go branches so his instructions I am again go contentment zone ,

again august month 12/08/2020 date not confirmed I got a mail in persistacy mail and one renewal is pending in July month next day in daily bases concall I am connect to Abhay sir 9.24 morning and tell me my buissness plan today and branch visiting detail also suddenly I remember my renewal data so I asked with respect sir this is renewal in July month but data will be not provided with me can this kankarbagh branch( as per previously instruction to Abhay sir in July month this branch is followed by niraj) so I will asked him this renewal is followed by niraj ya me so he is very angry with me and tell me I am following so I am tell him when I am following so still date I done have any data to customer and tell him my branch business is followed by niraj and persistacy me it is fair with me so he is insulted with me and tell me anorgal thinks and that time I will tell him please choriye ye sab Mai es reneval ka data dijiye so he is provided me data and then he is provided me data I will following this customer in regular basis and also inform him but he is mail to hr again and concall with them so that's time I am in business call but my supervisor Boss tell me please be side some important call them to hr mam so I do them instruction I go in back side and hr mam come and tell me what is the matter Pankaj I am socked and asked ma'am please tell me maam and ma'am tell me don't be smart Pankaj so I am tell him details today morning situation and hr ma'am tell me why should you not resine this system so I object mam and tell them I am suffering in corona and then I re join again but now you tell me region is is the right way so she is also angry with me and them my reporting manager I will show couse you in governance department and instruct Abhay sir don't call me and send my all mail to hr and cut the call so in the evening she instruct Abhay sir please don't talk with me I am waste this system and any complain I got then Abhay send me documents so that day I am very upset ,and she is suggested to governance department to so couse notice against me .

so before I got this show couse all my mail will be deleted and my boxer mail not working in 19th July evening so I am send my personal Gmail because my mail not working on next day morning 20/08/20 my mail is working but I seen my all mail is not there so I am mail to IT DEPARTMENT and call them and request them please send my mail in that day in 20/08/2020
when I am socking I got so couse notice in governance team and governance team instruct me to reply this mail in 3 working days so how can it possible because previously mail will be deleted so I am again call to IT department and request them please don't deleted governance department mail again it's very important to me but next morning it will be delated so I am send mail to it again with cc hr mam with reporting manager why should my governance department show couse notice deleted and precousanaly I am send this condition to hr via what's app if I am unable to reply company should not action with me

so please guide me sir tommorow is last day and governance department mail not there and governance department mail id not available so how can I replying and if I am not reply Monday he will be terminated me
ha21@rediffmail.com Mumbai : 9820174108

1.  VERY GRAND & BORING HISTORY.   TRY to make movie or TV serial out of your story.

Keep Smiling .... Hemant Agarwal
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please sujjest me sir it is important to me



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