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Citatation for fathers seeking child custody

Page no : 2

Anudeep Bedi (AM)     21 February 2012

Thanks for your wonderful job on child custody. Can you please mail me the details on anudeepsbedi@yahoo.com

I would be highly obliged.


Thanx n Regards

Anudeep Bedi

Arun Mahajan (Area Sales Manager)     28 February 2012

please send the judgements at punjabhead.gi@gmail.com.

i would be highly grateful to you.

Oscar Mendes (Service)     02 March 2012


Feels good that we too have judgements in our favour.. real good job... I was looking at a judgement details on " Sanju V. Sobhanath Habess Corpus Writ Pet  No 21335 of 1994, Allahabad High Court  reported in 2 (1994) D.M.C page 616  - Father was given custody  because father has better financial condition and mother is poor. "

however nowhere to find,, could someone tell me where i could download this..it is kind of related to what my situation is..

another thing,, if Mr Kapoor could answer..

I have still not filled for Child custody, my kid would be 5 yrs old on 25th May..it is a girl child, and i noticed that once the child is 5, the father becomes the natural gaurdian and then comes the mother.. ( GREAT INFO )

Now i wanted to know, i saw that custody cases can be 2-3 yrs or maybe more.. while the case is still going on, can i have the kid with me instead of the mother.. either ways she is not going to work, and that is why i am asking for the above judgement, as of now she is with my kid staying at my place itself.. i am out of that place and working out of town.. 



Shonee Kapoor (Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA)     04 March 2012

Hi Oscar,


The courts generally don't alter interim custody of the child. Though you would surely pray for the same.


Lemme see if I can help you with this judgement from court.


Oscar Mendes (Service)     05 March 2012

Hello Mr Kapoor,

I did not get what you mean by  "The courts generally don't alter interim custody of the child "

and if you could please send me or provide a link to the above judgement.. and if possible, anything that would be helpfull in my case..from the below points

1. she does not work.. no savings..not educated ( just 10th Pass ) , 42 yrs old ( I am 31),

She is basically borrowing money from people, although i pay the fees and everything else for my kid, she stays at one home in another flat..

If you could provide me judgements for the above points, where i can prove that she is old , not educated enough, and wellbeing of the child will be better with me,, there would be nothing i could ask for , just that the custody of my kid.. 




Shonee Kapoor (Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA)     06 March 2012

It means that interim custody remains with the parent who has it. Exception is PWDVA, 2005, where custody shifts to mother in most of the cases.
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Arun Mahajan (Area Sales Manager)     06 March 2012

Dear  sir,

how can we appeal in PWDVA, 2005 cases wherein the judge has given the custody of girl child aged 4.5 years and boy aged 7.5 years to mother, even though physical custody was with father.

what is the process of Appeal and in how much time it needs to be done so that custody is not given to mother.

father earns 60,000 P.M while women is un employed.



vijay (M)     07 March 2012

Hi, please also send the files to my id vijayss9170@gmail.com

Shonee Kapoor (Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA)     07 March 2012

The appeal/ revision against all orders lie in session court within 30 days of the said order.





Shonee Kapoor


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Shonee Kapoor (Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA)     07 March 2012

Which files Vijay???





Shonee Kapoor


suraj jadhav (Tax Executive)     16 October 2012

Please any one can send me cases in which father win his child custody on my email id suraj4420@gmail.com

KARAN SINGH (SERVICE)     17 October 2012

thanks a ton for your hard work

please email me all the judgments if u can


KS Bisht

e mail: ksbisht99@gmail.com

MLA (MD)     16 November 2012

I am fighting a case with my inlaws for custody of my child. Wife was living with them for long time & Comitted suicide in their home.

They are stone walling the case in family court.

Can I get some help in getting references to my email ID hyd1_ankit@sancharnet.in

Thanks a lot in advance

deep Sharma (Law Student)     22 December 2012

Hello only truth,

I am deep Sharma plz send the above mentioned judgements or any other if any. My email ID is-deepsharma885@gmail.com &  I request to others memebers we should do do more exercise on this & share your views on the Child Custody issue.


Thanks & regds


Vishal (Head- Operations)     15 February 2013

Kindly send them to me at dwivedi72@outlook.com 


thanks a trillion for this info.

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