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CIBIL Like Data of Advocates

Would not it be better, if we have a facility to check the past performance record of advocates?

How many wins,how many losses and how many settlements,they have scored,in which field they have experience etc. etc...???

Today we choose advocates almost in the dark, just by some references generally,not a very much scientific way ???

If banks verify records of the borrowers before lending them money,why should we not have a similar facility before choosing an advocate????

Plz. contribute.........


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mahendrakumar (marketing)     14 September 2010

yes, let there be atleast some independent rating agency atleast.

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Hello Shekhar Suman ji 


Oh sorry.


Name of Sop Opera - POL KHOL


Writter - Director - Producer - TUSHARCOSMIC


Raring ***********

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"Bhoot ke pair naheen hote"  and you are asking foot print.

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tusharcosmic---------just abused/sweared 99% on youtube/and somewhat here also.......

cyberlawyer (barrister)     14 September 2010

WInning or losing in the cases doesnt always depend on the intelligence of advocates. It depends on the facts of the case, evidence, witness and even the judge who hears the case. So the trustworthiness cant be judged even if there is such a facility....

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1. Track record should be available and in transparent manner like on internet site of BCI.


2. It should be mandatory for validity of registration in BCI to submit periodical track record with details as needed by Mr. Tushar including progress of each case such as dates attended.


3. It should be mandatory to submit a copy of every Vakalatnama to BCI.


4. As a paid service Advocy should also be responsible & accountable and there should be a forum of BCI like "Consumer Forum". 


More suggestions please.  It is going to be a revolution initiated by TUSHARCOMIC and DRF will be with him for this move.

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Mr Javed, let us the system indicated above come and u would see your assertion has no meaning.Wins does not depend upon the intelligence of the advocates only but upon the dedication and intention of the advocates also.


And if the above mentioned system gets realized,  reputation caring advocates would see before taking a case well about its facts/witnesses and other evidence and if they would notice that they have been offered  a frivolous type of case ,they would certainly avoid it .


Ram Ji here is my second suggestion----

Initially there used to be  small shops ,then the same business are done in an organized way,big corporates has started selling vegetables.Sometimes they are bad than small shop keepers some times they far superiors than the small and unorganized sector.

Similarly Advocacy is done today on individual basis or small firms basis only,I propose an idea of rendering Advocacy in an organised way,corporate style, having prompt helplines as the pvt. banks have,transparent in showing their past performances,providing better services than Govt. banks. Big business houses may jump into this business and earn a lot and the aam admi like me also  get some benefit from their services.


Plz. contribute.........


Ram JI,here is my third suggestion----



RTI to check success stories of Advocates ????



Before hiring an Advocate,can I file an RTI

{through someone else,of course} to check how much successful my would be Advocate is in the past,how many wins,how many losses,how many compromises--he has scored ????


Ram Ji here is my 4th suggestion---




Banks keep a collective data of their customers through CIBIL(Credit Information Bureau ).This helps banks a lot in dealing with the customers.Similarly Our Govt. should keep a centralised data of the persons who are convicted in some matter.This data should be publized also.So that before dealind with someone people may check that data and decide how to deal with customers/borrowers/tenants etc.

What you suggest ?


Dear Tushar ! why you want to see me thrown out of LCI?


Anyways.  It is the bottom line of DRF that; We are ready for any question from anyone at anytime", so...


RTI Act 2005 is applicable to public authorities only.


Please read clause (h) of section 2 of RTI Act 2005;


"public authority" means any authority or body or institution of self-government established or constituted-


(a) by or under the Constitution

(b) by any other law made by Parliament

(c) by any other law made by State Legislature;

(d) by notification issued or order made by the appropriate Government-......


In general view Advocates are not a public authority.


But, my personal opinion is that; since they are registered with BCI so they comes under sub-clause (a) of clause (h) of section 2 of this act.


We will now start its examination.  Thanks to you for bringing our attention to it.


Ram Ji,one of yours and one of mine thread deleted by the admin,let us see when our accounts are deleted.

Whatsoever is logical can be made legal,so if there is no law,it can be brought in.

Don't worry. I have made proper understanding with the spirit of LCI and LCI Admin is consisting with very sincere people. And my concept is also very familiar to the constitutional provisions so I have confidence on my conduct. Eventhou if our membership cancelled so it can be treated as restricting our citizen rights and LCI is a public authority so we can use RTI Act and will call all the record that have to be proved before constitution of India. But I have deep respect of LCI and will be succeeded in satsfying the LCI Admin. here only within family circle.

Bhartiya No. 1 (Nationalist)     15 September 2010

I agree withSh. Mahendra Kumar, there must be a grading/rating of every professional based on theoretical as well as practical knowledge. This will help in picking us suitable professionals for us. Also they must listed in the web site area/locality and field wise. This way a peson can select a reliable professional of his locality.

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