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Rohit Kapoor (Service)     28 January 2014

Can this be considered theft

Hello respected Lawyers,

I have a joint account at a bank (PSU) in delhi with my wife through which we operate our locker. Recently the relation between me and wife had gone sour. I wanted to check whether my wife had operated the locked in my absence as the keys were with her and the locker contained all the jewellery items. When i went to the bank to see the entry register, i came to know that my wife had actually operated the locker in my absence multiple times. To use it as an evidence i clicked one photograph of the entry register which was objected by the person handling the entry register and she further asked me to delete the photo (which I did). She then complained it to the branch manager who said that this was not the way and i cannot take any important information from the bank in any form...

I apologized for my mistake and showed him my mobile phone to prove that i had actually deleted the photos. this was also confirmed by a couple of more people in the bank who assured the branch manager that the photos have indeed been deleted. Later on I gave him a request letter asking him the details of locker operations which had happened since opening of the locker. The reply for which is expected in 8-10 days.

My concerns is that can they now complain to the police (taking camera video recording as evidence and statements from other witnesses present at that time in the bank ) that i tried to steal important information from the bank...???

I am supposed to go to the bank after 8-10 days and i don't want to be caught in the web....

pls suggest...





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Avadhesh Paliwal (advocate)     28 January 2014

there is not any offence to take photo of register and it is your rights if bank are objected ...........dont worry 

Hemant Agarwal (ha21@rediffmail.com Mumbai : 9820174108)     28 January 2014

1.  All documents /files /registers under the custody of the Bank are classified as "Public Documents" held under fiduciary capacity (in confidence), including your own.

2.  All enployees of the Bank are classified as "Public Servants"

3.  Taking photographs of public servants and/or public documents, is a criminal offence, punishable with imprisonment and seizure of the equipments, when done inside public offices.

4.  Taking photograph using latest technologies, is blatant misuse of technological facilities.

Keep Smiling .... Hemant Agarwal

Rohit Kapoor (Service)     28 January 2014

@Avadhesh Paliwal.. thanks sir...

@Hemant agarwal- if they did not say anything to me at the time of taking the photos, except asking me to delete the photos, how can charge me later..




Avadhesh Paliwal (advocate)     29 January 2014

rohit you are right and hemanji is also right through lavv..

because vvhen press reporter never have a rights to take photo of public place but they do.......so 

Hemant Agarwal (ha21@rediffmail.com Mumbai : 9820174108)     31 January 2014


1.  PUBLIC PLACE = Place where Public Servants do not have office (Roads, Markets, Beaches, Hospitals, Theatres, unclassified Bridges and Buildings or whichever else ....

2.  PUBLIC  "O F F I C E"  =  Place where Public Servants HAVE their offices (Banks, Police Stations, Govt. Offices, Courts, or whichever else ....

3.  Private Place = Own House, Public Toilet, Clubs, Farm-House or or whichever else ....

4.   It is an punishable offence to click Photograph of any "Public Document" in a Public office and of any  "Public Servant", inside a Public Office.    Any & All photographic and Video-Audio equipments can be consificated. 

@ Rohit Kapoor :  The apathic Bank Authorities have let you off, lightly, maybe because they wish to maintain their good-will.  BUT avoid such young'ish'giri in future.

Keep Smiling .... Hemant Agarwal

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