Can i surrender voluntarily for 498a


Dear sir,

 the pain of expecting a 498a to fall on our family is excruiting, the constant threats of inlaws, and no action taking place, is killing my parents and myself, we are dying each day expecting the police to be at our doorstep every minute, my mother is ill and she is in extreme tension mentally, all sorts or allegation have been hurled at us, my family and me even though i live separately.

i want to know if i can surrender voluntarily in the court and request for arrest of my self as the mental trauma of expecting a 498a is much more than actally falling on my head. instead of fighting for years in courts i wish tosurrnder and finish the prison term of 4 years instead of dying every minute and every day and watch my parents die each day. it is really killing. i am fed up of this daily tension and wish to end this by surrendering my self to the police and asking for an arrest for my self.

dear members i am not joking, but this is a fact in my house right now. kindly give ur opinion. dear shonee sir, request your kind guidance. i am feeling shy to call you again and again for your kind advice, hence request you here to help.

thanks and regards


If you are so much afraid , ask your bitter half her price tag. Pay it and finish it off by mutual consent divorce.

If you wish to fight back then start collecting evidences, start recording calls, start recording your and your family where abouts. Start collecting information about your bitter half education details / job etc etc...


Believe me its not so much of tension which you are taking it un-necessarily...I have seen there been there , through all this..




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dont worry, if they have given a complaint to the police then seek anticipatory bail instantly...atleast your parents may get some protection instantly.


play some trick...file a petition under S.9 of Hindu Marriage Act for Restitution of Conjugal Rights, it will provide you a lot of saftey.


meet some local lawyer and act swiftly.


dont take it as a stress...hit the other party hard with prudence.

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@ Author

Adding to Ld. Kiran's crisp reply;

Take your parents to local SIFF meetings and interact with local SIFF victim members. It is free local self help group of victims of gender biased Laws. SIFF local victims interaction acts like timely healing and there is no substitute to SIFF local chapter meetings is all that one can add here.

Sharing / listening / bonding with other victim husband and victim families at such free meetings is all that takes to cushion bolts out of the blues for hundreds of Indian husbands.

Try once with your aged parents going to such meetings and see the difference yourself.


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the point you mentioned is not the solution to the problem fear of police and arrrst is killing you from inside probably check about the AB provisions in your state with a local lawyer. its only the initial procedures of 498a that are deadly later it moves slowly and no need to fear.

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@ the author, 

no immediate arrest - first efforts of mediation. (GR copy attached)

create evidences of the threatenings of ur in laws - this will help later.

keep ur homework ready for AB.

Join SIFF.

pass the initial heat of 498a - later in the trial, burdon of proving the alligations is on wife.

false 498a = ground for divorce.

the more u fear, the devil appears bigger !


@ Kiran Kumar sir, 

RCR is no defence of 498a. If u opine different, kindly enlighten.

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Thanks Tajobs, Thanks Amit





Shonee Kapoor

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dear Sanjeev 

dont be afraid of 498A this is nothing but only harrassment of the family members go to your local lawyer and file Abail and then fight against the davil of the society, this is the tool in the hand of the woment to harass her inlaws . I am advocate i have so many cases bitter then yours, if i tell u theirs stories u relised MERA GAM KITNA KAM HA


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There is no such scene now a days that POLICE COMES TO U UPON HER COMPLAINT & TAKES THE PARENTS AWAY!

So...................throw the fear out & fight with guts

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Staying in jail for 4 years is much much more difficult my dear .

Think of extreme. What worst can happen ? You may be in jail for 2-4 or 10-12 days. Enough. 

But after that ???? Nothing..... if you just visit court, mark your presence and stand there mutely. You still set free. 498a has very very less conviction rate b'coz 498a is for very rare and hard "coercing" level crime.

Why you wish to go to jail for 4 years if you can't handle problems of not more than 4-6 months (till bail) ?

An uncle of mine says to me," ye sab to zindagi ki mauje hain, lehron ki tarah ati hain aur chali jati hain..Zindagi zindadili ka naam hai, murda dil kya khaak jiya karte hain?"

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