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Can I Second marriage with my Sister -In-Law

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suchitra ji,

is in't man is a social animal only

when on one side we people can suggest one girl to live with other person without divorce from her husband only on this forum, and on the other side when a man is doing bigamy with consent of the wife and person concerned we are trying to teach him morality.  don't u think its highly biased and gender based discrimination on part of us.

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Suchitra. S (Advocate)     07 April 2010

Sir, I was referring to Mahadev. And I spoke about the value of relationship in the post referred by Mahadev. I did not want intend to teach morality. You have mistaken me.  Go through the posts by me. I have only told about the Govt rules about the person's job. Nothing else.

Parthasarathi Loganathan (Advocate)     07 April 2010

For an issue which is close to good for nothing, just imagine how much professioinal time has been wasted all these days.  Please spare the learned community.


DONT U THINK WE SHUD teach morality to the lawyer fighting for kasab. ???????

Suchitra. S (Advocate)     08 April 2010

No, no satwir ji.....Mr. Lee  should be the first one. Kasab's lawyer is atleast defending a major. Lee has seduced a minor...

Parthasarathi Loganathan (Advocate)     08 April 2010

For God Sake please stop this thread of mail

mahendrakumar (marketing)     10 April 2010

dear suchitra,


your story was really touching.  even if by reading the story mr.lee may not change,it is defentely would be of value to many "would be " lees.

as usual,good work,kerpt it up

leekuanm Beniwal (Business Analyst)     11 April 2010

Dear all,

I think u r all correct, I m going wrong. I am decided that I will not marry with my sister - in-law. I m stoped talking with her.

Thanks for coorect guidenance.

Parthasarathi Loganathan (Advocate)     11 April 2010

Hats off to one and all.  LCI has set a fine example as to how one should conduct himself in the society in terms of protection of our rich heritage and ethical values.  Let us all feel proud that, a big precedent is set by us to even by offering personal guidance to the public.

mahendrakumar (marketing)     11 April 2010

very good lee on your decision. I am exceedingly happy in being a part of this discussion.

"To err is humane". forget the past.  For not to get in to such a mess,try practising at least once in a while,

what is suggested in the story narrated by "suchitra"

wishing you and your family a wonderful and memorable happy married life.

Rajan Salvi (Lawyer)     12 April 2010

Lee, ur responsibility doesnt end there. You have to somehow convince the girl that this act is for the best of all. I have seen the worst women getting very comfortably settled even after carrying out numerous affairs, feeding like parasites on the hard earned income of thier unsuspecting husbands. This is kaliyug and only the bad will benefit. Virtuous sentenced to suffering for life. The End.

leekuanm Beniwal (Business Analyst)     13 April 2010

hi all,

I am stoped all contact to her and decided not marry with her. but one question is coming in my mind -" there is one law for all indian citizens but why muslim geting marriage three or four times and hindus why not?" this is not fair with hindus. I agree that that is in KURAN and not in our GITA. but who can write this law in both. there is one GOD (name is different), one writer. than why is partialy in peoples. one man can two or three times marry another is not, why? is this politicaly or GODest?

tell me all forum members, why is different rule/law for different peoples? b'ze I am very heart to leave her. its my very sad moment. but I can do this only for my family. otherwise I cant do this till the end, if the end is my death, i dont mind. so, please discussion about my question with every people and every heart.

thanks all and bye  

bhagwat patil (Property due diligence 9422773303)     22 April 2010

this is unethical. pl. stop it in this forum.

Shantanu Wavhal (Worker)     05 February 2012

Originally posted by :swatirswatir
u get married to her but take few precautions

call ur wife to attend that marriage

take full video n photo coverage that your wife was present in marriage

if possible get a writtent consent from her for your s4econd marraige stating that she cannot fulfil matrimonial obligations secondary to spiritual / physical issues.

only your wife has a right to file case aginst u.

dont enter her (SIL ) name in any register as your wife

TRY not to give an6y proof of marriage to anyone including ur wives

if poosible marry in presence of your wife only so no witness is there

morale of the story u cant marry her legally, but you can marry her unless someone has proof to prove her as your wife.

this just an opinion legally, for moral and emotional opinion u will seee some replies to this post in sometime :)




totally misguiding advise.

Bal Kumar   23 May 2020

what is the situation for MNC private Software Employee. is it acceptable(hindu)

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