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Can Adv without vakalatnama represent other Adv in case?


An advocate filed a vakalatnama in a case and remains absent for hearing making other advocate to get adjournment or file documents. Now question is whether this other advocate without vakalatnama in the case has right to get adjournment or to file documents without consent of the opposite party? Can opposite party stop him from doing so ? Please let me know the respective legal provision or case law also.




I dont think there is any irregularity in an advocate without his Vakalath representing for the advocate having one. This is commenly practised throughout India. An advocate having Vakalath will not be able to be present for each one of his case. the person representing should have the consent of the advocate having vakalath. And more over he can only represent or conduct the case for the person having vakalath but he cannot give any thing in writting with his signature attested to it. He can produce documents with a petition signed by the advocate having vakalath

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There is nothing wrong if the another Advocate acts on request/instruction of an Advocate whose Vakalat is on record.  Only thing which he need to ensure is that while giving his appearance or before appearing in the matter he should state across the bar that he is acting on instruction of his fellow collegue/bretheren Advocate.

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Mrrrrrrrrrr. Bhanudassssssssssss,

Go through Civil and Criminal Manuals, you will find answer. By the way it is just

an authorisation from one advocate to another, Which is legal. So no problem

for an advocate to represent another unless the client authorising the former has the objection for later.

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There are a number of rulings by various High Courts in this matter confirming that a lawyer can represent on behalf of another lawyer. Refer to the ruling reported in

AIR 1997 Bombay 126







Practicing Advocate

Arup ji, it is perfectly legal for an advocate to appear on behalf of other advocate to seek an adjournment or conduct that days proceeding with a written authorisation from the advocate who is duly appointed by the party. And there is nothing uncommon about it. There is provision in the civil manual about it in para  652, I am pasting  the relevant portion of it---


652. (1) No Advocate shall act for any person in any Court unless he has been

appointed for the purpose by such person by a Vakalatnama in the form annexed hereto

and signed by such person or by his recognised agent or by some other person duly

authorised by or under a Power of Attorney to make such appointment.

(2) No Advocate who has been engaged for the purpose of pleading only shall

plead on behalf of any party unless he has filed in Court a memorandum of appearance

signed by himself and stating (a) the names of he parties to the suit, (b) the name of the

party for whom he appears and (c) the name of the person by whom he is authorised to

appear :

Provided that nothing in subrule

(2) shall apply to any Advocate engaged to

plead on behalf of any party by another Advocate or Attorney who has been duly

appointed to act in Court on behalf of such party :

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WHETHER     A         GOVT.P.P.       APPEARING       FOR      A    PUBLIC   OFFICER   ( OPP.  PARTY )   IN    A    CONSUMER    COURT     WITHOUT      FILING    VAKALATNAMA   &      DID   NOT   APPEAR   ON   THE    DAY    OF   HEARING      AND     SEND    ONE      APPLICATION      FOR    ADJOURNMENT      WITH    A  PLEA    THAT    HE    HAS    GONE    FOR   HIGH   COURT   WORK.      IN   SUCH   CASE    ADJOURNMENT     CAN    BE     ALLOWED     WITH    COST    OR     WITHOUT   COST???     MY   LEARNED    LAWYERS....PLEASE    SUBMIT    SOME    CITATIONS   OF      ANY     HIGH    COURTS    OF    INDIA    OR       THE      APEX    COURT.  

For To By Green Kindness Perpetuity Selfsustainability Always

This reply does not address an important issue in the original question: "Can this proxy get an adjournment WITHOUT THE OTHER PARTY'S WRITTEN CONSENT?' If so, what is the relevant law?


Two more important points are being added to the main question itself: 1) Can a person suddenly claim to be a PROXY at the time of hearing (i.e. not even the authorised advocate) for the case when that case is not represented by any counsel in the cause list?   2) Can such a UNSCHEDULED STRANGER who suddenly claims to be PROXY, all AT THE TIME OF COURT PROCEEDINGS ask for an adjournment when the other party has not consented for it?


i fully agree with Madam Archana .its very common thing in our routine work we always used it by saying appearance by proxy counsel

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