Are credit card numbers confidential information


are credit card numbers, names and expiry dates. confidential information ? not the physical cards but just the numbers. can the possession of someone elses card number be considered possession of stolen property according to indian criminal law, and what if these card numbers are not indian?

a legal point of view will be much appreciated

thank you


Possession of others Credit Card or numbers with other details without a resonable ground is similar to theft. Let it be Indian or a Foreign Card.

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any particular section under the ipc applicable to this ?

thank you :)

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any citation or section is there then pls provide.



as from what i gather, to be classified as stolen property , property needs to be movable and thus tangible, ie if data was taken while it was in for eg a hard disk or cd or a printout, it would be considered theft and hence stolen property , or if was obtained by hacking then the provisions of the it act would apply, but mere possession of these numbers via electronic form, i.e email , would not be illegal under our law ? am i correct in my interpretation of the law

Victim of crime

In US, if you are in possession of another persons Credit/bank information without authorisationuilty and you are proven guilty, you are going behind bars, your Green card/citizenship is in jeopardy and all your future employment in government, finance, healthcare is potentially sealed. 

How you obtained the credit card # may be important. If you used technology to steal the credit card versus, you picked someones pocket and got hold of the card may make a difference. 


my query is more with regard to india.

are there any specific sections of the law that apply in this case ?

can the possession of another individuals credit card... not hte physical card, just the data , be considered stolen property ?




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