Appeal for my pass port and other belongings & restoration o


REMINDER Appeal on August 25 2016

Petition Date:   12-11-2012 Place Trivandrum   

Reminder re-sent on / 13-1-13/ June 04 2015 26 October 2015/Resent on 19 October/ Resent on 08 October 2015’ Resent on July 07 2015

From Dr. Abdul Ruff, Ph. D, House No: 20-28, Colachal Post, KK Dist, TN- 629251 Mailing address: Dr. Abdul Ruff, TC: 51/2947, Thennivilagam Kulavarambil house, Behind Mosque Estate PO New Karakkamandapam Thiruvanathapuram. Kerala state-695019 (


Sri. Dharmarajan IPS

SP KK Dist


Hon Chief Minster, TN.  Ms Jayalalithaa, Hon TN Governor Shri Rosaiah. Collector K.K.Dist and Tirunelveli Dt. DSP Colachal, Circle Inspector of Police Colachal, Others

Dear Sir: Criminals are in Nagercoil, Thiruvithancode, Melappalayam Tirunelveli, and Kerala.

Petition 1: Appeal for my pass port and other belongings & restoration of my home 20-28, near Police station, Colachal, KK dist, Tamilnadu, destroyed by criminal gangs

Ref: 1. Home Secretary kind letter (No: 88030 dated 19-11-2010) informing me about police action. My earlier letter in this regard; Ref: 2. Chief Secretary letter 334982 dated 31-10- 2012 informing me about forward of my petition to Kanyakumari district Collector for speedy action.

Petition 2: Request for kindly registering my petition submitted long ago to the PS Colachal

Ref:  Acknowledgement cum forwarded card from CM Office: E/59217/2015 dated 8-4-2015 but reached me on 25 May 2015 in response to all my appeals for years. No action taken by SP KK Dist.

Dear Sir/Madam:

Thank you very much for your kind acknowledgment card  stating that my appeal has been forwarded to SP, Kanyakumari Dt. for action. Hope the SP would initiate action  to get my belongings and punish those involved in the arson and loot, destruction of my home.

I further hope the Colachal PS where the letter would eventually reach would initiate action on the CM's forward letter. Since your card took more a month to travel from Chennai to Thiruvananthapuram,  I would appreciate if  the SP  takes action quickly enough.


I once again thank you for acknowledging my years of writing appeal letters.  These years nothing happens as SP would treat the forwarded letter as a routine letter and forward it to Colachal where it goes to dust bin.

Colachel police station always  refused to register my peition.

I am sad. The TN police department should at least could respect the government instructions.  3 years ago I got a letter from TN home secretary that he had sent my appeal for action to police department but unfortunately, till date no action has been taken either to  get my home back or my belonging.

I request you to kindly take action. Regards, Yours sincerely, Dr. Abdul Ruff  Ph. D

09 November 2012.

To The Hon Governor  of Tamil Nadu , The Hon Chief-minister of Tamil Nadu Ms Jayalalithaa.  Copy : The Chief Secretary, Home Secretary, Government of Tamil Nadu, State Secretariat, Chennai 600009. Copy to all concerned district collectors

With due regards, hereby I submit my appeal for necessary immediate action.

Please get my belongings left  in my house from the  criminal gang as quickly as possible I need them badly. I will come to collect immediately when my costly belongings left behind at my home 20-28 are available back. .

As you are aware I had to leave my home 20-28 Colachal due to constant disturbances, beatings by gangs and threat to my existence from those criminals' gang who occupied my house 20-28, Near Police station, Colachal and refusal by the police to protect me from possible attacks on me. Unfortunately those criminals had close links with some of the police men. That harmed me. I have given full details of the problems leading to my leaving my home some time ago and now I hear they have destroyed my home, trees, water-electricity links, etc and taken away my belongings, including certificates, degrees, documents, thesis chapters, books, suit case with valuables, furniture, almaira cupboard containing personal things, books, dresses, chapters of  second PhD thesis, bank FD receipts, money, gold, pass port, bank pass books, etc.

The gang consists of frauds Nyas of Thiruvithancode (son of late Abubakar and Mrs Hajara Beevi, both now residing together in Nagercoil), Bukhari umma in Melapalayam along with criminal daughters Sohra umma,  Rakmat from Melapalayam and Abu (alias Ravi kumar) who now seems to live Gujarat, s  got help from some people in Colachal, Thiruvithancode, Melapalayam and Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu, Syed Mohamed Sheikh who loves in  Nagercoil ( Valiavilai near Parvatipuram,  etc. He was with Nyas in his  destruction and  stealing operations and  himself used to  steal  coconuts from  trees from  my compound.

I was scared by Buhari, Rahmat, Sohra in my house,  I was beaten up  and driven out  and I am now living in Thiruvananthapuram.  It appears knowing my petition to now, Abu has taken away his  sister Rahmat from Melapalayam to Gujarat. Sohra  and Rahmat troubled  a lot,  ganged up together with Buhari umma beate n me. I complaint to Police station in writing but no action was taken.

I hear criminal Nyas lives with his mother and wife in Nagarcoil with his third new wife,earlier lived Thisayanvilai-Kumarakovil and other criminals live in Melapalayam, (Iyer Street) Nellai. They are in contact with those including police who seemingly helped them with my home destruction and loot in Colachal.

An elder sister of Nyas by name Basira Banu lives in the house of Suber, her father in law in Colachal, in Kolachakadai main road left side of the road, Most probably Nyas has kept my belongings  with his mother in Nagercoil.

Had I stayed at home 20-28 possibly I would  have faced deadly problems. I have provided these details to  Colachal police station, ASP and SI as I got it from others and I am sure they would have caught the culprit by now..

I still can’t ascertain the total worth of the valuables the gang has taken away from my home. It was a well planned destructive operation by the gang that after the destruction and loot with the connivance of Colachal police, they dispersed to different parts of the district and even outside.

The gang has taken away my belongings that I have gathered during my universities services for nearly 25 years in New Delhi, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, etc. Tamilnadu refused to give me a job and now some Tamil criminals have destroyed my home and taken away my belongings.

By refusing to take action against the criminal gang , Colachal police is playing dirty tricks. I sent a new complaint by registered A/D post to Colachal police DSP but the I am yet to get the acknowledgement receipts. .

As you know the house  20-28 Colachal (bought, tax paid and  owned by me) belongs to me. I had bought it from my neighbor Mr. Haneefa  when he won the court case against my old grandma Mrs Meera Umma as well as the  part of property which she got  out of the court judgment as wife of the diseased.  Houses 20-28 and 20-27 belonged to her husband who had not divided the property then  as he suddenly died and his sister lived in the house 20-27.  Our house 20-28and land was smaller than the neighbors.  Hence the neighbor  had gone to  court to get both houses.

The fact is my grandma who raised me up after I and my brothers were deserted by my parents. It was she who helped me study up to PUC after which I went to Delhi for work but began studying at JNU on government scholarship. My neighbor pursued the  case in the court and in order to make the case strong she was forced by husband and his friends of Buhari Umma ( supposed to be my official mother but opposed  my studies  to  gift the property to her and her sister but they could not puruse the case properly. And the case ws won  by my

neighbors and he forced my grandma to leave the house  by taking a small amount. There was not  anybody to help my grandma to appeal against the judgment.  I was studying  When I got a job,  the House had collapsed and my grandma wrote to me to come and repair the house and I quickly came home and made the repairs and some more alterations and new constructions basic constructions like compound, gate, toilet, bath, water facility etc behind the house.

I worked hard to save money and came home against to speak to Mr. Haneefa for a settlement. He demanded money for the property of house and land attacked to it. I made a deal with neighbor to pay the amount

within a few months and returned to Delhi to work and earn the necessary money.  The remaining portion of Mrs meera Umma also I  got under another purchase deals so that nobody could disturb her. .

Fortunately by grace of Allah I could make enough money working for the University to pay the neighbor and make further alterations to home.  I got  my house registered in may name both at municipality and

village office. I paid the taxes until I was thrown out of my home by Buhari Umma and gang while Colachal  police deliberately  promoted them and threatened  me. . Meanwhile Buhari Umma along with her third husband and children who made living  by resorting to all sorts of profession including illegal  liquor business in Verkilambi hurriedly returned to my house and stayed with my grandma . They created problems for grandma who had lost her husband long ago and lived all alone. First I did not object to their stay and even helped them being relatives but they had ulterior motives. Even my coming was resisted by them. I rarely came and stayed in my house. I finally came home to stay when I left the job but the illegal occupants used all terror and dirty tactics to oust me I kept on approaching the Colachal police by they supported the criminals

Colachal police behaviour showed they perhaps wanted  to make me a criminal myself by killing someone in my house because they , especially the women thrashed me literally threw me out with their hired  fellows from Thirivithancode. True I was suffering too much but the police played mischief with me. During my last days at home, I began sleeping in the nearby mosque when I felt the deadly pressure from my home criminals and irresponsible police. When everybody else did not want me to study, only my grandma encouraged  my studies and woke early in the morning around 5 am to prepare my food when I was studying in Lakshmipuram college by walk both ways. I bought the house and land from my hard earned money from the governments.  My house is destroyed  in my absence and my belongings taken away by criminals and so far Colachal police have not brought the criminals to book. They lack conscience and still refuse to do their paid duty. It is a national shame that the police support and promote criminals.

No doubt, there has been a large conspiracy against me and Colachal police is part of this crime! Earlier, while in Colachal, my repeated appeal to police to end their forceful occupation of my home had not moved them to help me stay at home. I slept in the Mosque last days of my stay there before I decided to take help from a relative in Trivandrum but nothing happened, I was betrayed. Now I continue to suffer from room to room in TVM. Those rogues who destroyed my home and stole my belongings had kept the criminal operations very secret- it seems not even the nearby police station was aware of it. Today it seems some other rogues have made attempts to take possession of my property at 20-28 which is registered in my name in the Colachal village office and municipality and I paid the taxes until I lived in Colachal.

I hear that the criminals have paid huge sum to Colachal police to save their skins. If so, that is unfair. .I had given several petitions in writing and orally narrated each time they attacked me. I stead of troubling them, the police bothered me. Maybe, because I did not pay any money o them If the police had helped me then my home would have been safe along with my belongings but they played tricks with me. I was not lucky. I appeal to you to kindly take quick action against the joint crime committed by Nyas-Buhari umma, Syed Sheik, a known ADMK criminal Udaykumar & gang Please direct them to rebuild my home at 20-28 and hand it over to me. I need my belongings as quickly as possible. I am sure you will initiate punitive action at the earliest at least now. I have already suffered enough. Please have mercy on me.

I clearly see a big roguish conspiracy against me for quite a long time now and my quitting the central government job has not solved the problem. Police inaction only increased my doubt.

Looking forward to your timely help and quick response!

Note: Since TN government has not taken steps for years to get my house back along with belongings shows the possibly unfortunate involvement of the government itself in my misfortune. Criminals cannot be allowed free hand to loot, destroy and cheat. Best wishes for speedy action. Thanking you, sincerely, Kindly take personal interest in this case because officials downward generally do not take action unless there is push from above. Since my petitions about criminal offences against me in my house are still pending with the PS, I personally consider the destruction of my home 20-28 close to police station Colachal by criminal gang occupying my house on broad daylight as an attack on Colachal police station, Tamil Nadu and TN government as well as India and Indian government. Hence any shielding of the criminals or keeping silent on this issue by the concerned officials would amount to crime of shielding the criminals and nothing else.

I am unable to get back to Colachal without my home there.

My elder brother would meet you. I will come to collect immediately when my costly belongings, including some documents and books, Degrees, Passport, FDI receipts, dress left behind at my home 20-28 are available back. It appears Colachal police refused to help me in getting my belongings possibly  because  they are part of conspiracy against me.

Dr. Abdul Ruff,  (October 09, 2012)


Petition to please get my passport  and other valuable belonging form Nyas and Buhari Umma and family.

From  Dr. Abdul Ruff, House 20-28, Colachal, Near Police station, KKD, Tamil Nadu -629251

To” DSP Colachal Police station & Tamil Nadu Government & state authorities. Inspector of Police, Inspector /DSP,  Colachal PS KKD Tamil Nadu  Tamil Nadu Government & state authorities

Respected Sirs:

Sub: Help find My passport  F 2180776 (New Delhi) was  stolen  along with other  very valuables from my home 20-28 when I was forced away.

It is crudely unfortunate that TN government has not taken any step to retrive my pass port issued by Indian government in New Delhi.

My passport F 2180776 (New Delhi) was stolen along with other very valuables FD receipts of SBH, SBT etc from my home 20-28 after i was thrown out of my house forcefully and when I was away in Thiruvanathapuram.

I request you to kindly register this complaint as I unable to come to Colachal my birth place now. As Colachal police may be knowing, after I was driven out of my home 20-28 Colachal, Kanya kumari district, I have been living in nearby Thriuvanathapuram Kerala in miserable conditions.

I left Colachal a few years ago primarily because the Colachal police refused to help me and refused to register my complaints- not even the  then DSP wanted  look into to matter and punish the criminals then occupying my home with more and more people joining them.

Colachal police refused to help me and was seen strengthening the criminals in my house thereby making my life more miserable and vulnerable to criminal elements.. Unfortunately, as we see in movies, Colachal police was trying to shield the criminals in my house. I could not live in my own  house and I was kicked out of  my house by women criminals. The criminals demolished my home in broad daytime and  police station was very near my home and was aware of  that.

As police refused to give me justice I felt threatened more and vulnerable to criminal attacks at home.  It is shame that police supports the criminals.

After I was thrown out of my home, the criminals  seems  to have destroyed my house and looted my belongings, including passport and FD receipts, money, jewellery ,etc. My complaints are with Colachal police station which is very close to my house and the criminals have taken away my belongings without any information to me though they know  my whereabouts. i don't know if some police also helped them to escape freely. But it seems they helped the criminals to destroy my house and steal my belongings without fear or worry.

I have made several written complaints  whenever  i found threatened at home when I came  from Delhi to visit to my home but I always felt Colachal police are shielding  their crimes against me for years. I was told there were orders from "above". I earnestly appeal to you to kindly register  a complaint about crimes against me, destruction of my home 20-28, looting of my belongings, A separate complaint maybe registered about the theft of my passport no. F 2180776 (New Delhi).

I am sure I would get  back my pass port and FD receipts and the belongings as well as my home by your action. Without my home  it is not possible to return to my birth place. Hope  police also love their homes. Looking forward to immediate action in this regard and  give me justice  at the earliest. I have no other ways. With regards

Please register case. If you delay further the criminals would be safer to try new tricks to escape punishment. Sincerely.

Stay and Mailing Address:  Dr. Abdul Ruff, TC: 51/2047, Thennivilagam Kulavarambil house, Behind Mosque Estate PO New Karakkamandapam Thiruvanathapuram Kerala state-695019 (Dr. Abdul Ruff)  (20-28 Colachal Post Kanyakumari Dist Tamil Nadu) 7/16/14  From Dr. Abdul Ruff Ph. D, House No: 20-28, Colachal Post, KK Dist, TN- 629251 . Date:   12-12-2012, 13-1-13 June 04 2015 Place: Trivandrum


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