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rahul (clerk)     05 September 2011

Annulment of marriage by force?

my question is to all lawyers who can guide me. i am an south indian where marriage to maternal cousin is a custom. my mother emotionally pressurized me to marry her brothers daughter and threaten that she will commit suicide if i don't do so. i actually loved another cousin of mine from my paternal side and all my family members knew about it and they were against that relation. so they finalised my marriage with my maternal cousin which i never agreed or disagreed due to lot of emotional and family pressure. Due to the suicidal threat of my mother i was forcefully married to her in july 2011. after the marriage i told the bride that i was married to her under pressure . i did'nt consume the marriage and returned back to mumbai alone for my job after 15 days. i have decided not to go back home as it is impossible for me to stay with her and i did inform her about this and now she is threatening suicide to me. so now i wish to go for annulment of my marraige on the grounds of forceful marriage or non consumption of marraige . please help me to find a way out of this and 

1.Within what time period should the annulment be filed from the date of marriage?
2.From which place should I file for it Mumbai or my home town?
3.Whom should I approach for this i.e. which court?
4.How should I prove that I was been forced as I don’t have any proof about the threats given to me as all were verbal?
5.How much time will this annulment procedure take place as I cannot get a long leave from my office? And is my presence necessary throughout the whole procedure?
6.Will annulment be beneficial if taken by mutual consent?

7. And what if the bride doesn’t agree to sign the annulment ?

8. What if I can’t prove the force on me and the court doesn’t give me annulment?


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Sanjeev (Lawyer)     05 September 2011

People like you who are undecided and claim to be under pressure waste the lifes of women - she being at no fault will be made to suffer...where has your mothers suicidal pressure gone know -will she not commit suicide now.

Chetan Singh (SE)     06 September 2011

I am totally agree with Mr. Sanjeev.

Why you did marriage if you dont want to abide it, why are you playing with your wife's life.
You are confused guy. Did you physically involved with her on those 15 days?

Dont take marriage as a game. Try to forget your past love and try to concentarte on your wife, your life will become beautiful.


Ram- Ram Ram- Ram _Ram.

Raj patel (Manager)     06 September 2011

Dear Rahul,

I have to agree with all as well. She is not responsible for anything.

Plus bear in mind one very important thing brother,

Do not underestimate the power of women, The forum is the result of it !!!!!

Even if everything goes as you wish and you get marry to someone who you like, what is the guarntee that you both will have smooth life. There are lots of people in this forum who started good life with their choosen partner and now they are posting questions everyday...eager to see the reply !!!!! I am one of them too !!!

Just think of that lady who sees you as your beloved husband, learn to live with her, love her and treat her well. It is very hard to find cultured lady these day.

God bless you


Avnish Kaur (Consultant)     07 September 2011

HOW u married under pressure?

no u cannot get annulment based on above facts.

see a psychitarist instead of a lawyer.

Dr. MPS RAMANI Ph.D.[Tech.] (Scientist/Engineer)     13 September 2011

I very much agree with Madam Avnish Kaur. The responses of the members were also similar. Finally he got angry and left. How can an adult male claim that he was forcibly (not forcefully) married. He has to be responsible for his own actions. Is his mother still alive? Will she again threaten suicide if he abandons the girl of her choice?

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