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Action of incresing price of Petrol, Diesel and Cooking Gas


Dear LCI Friends,


Do you agree with the frequent increase in the price rate of Petrol, Diesel, Cooking Gas and Fuelling Oil by the Government (Politicians & Bureaucrats) ?


Governments (Politicians & Bureaucrats) are making policy that now the price rates of Petroleum products will be decided by the market and there will be no role of the Government.  What do you think in this regard ?


Whether the public money is being utilized for betterment of public or for luxurious life style of Politicians & Bureaucrats ?


Is it not the exploitation of citizens by way of Governance and Administration ?   


 5 Replies

Adv.Aiyer VLV (Proprietor)     25 June 2010

Sri. Mahendra

The issue with oil prices is not freeing it and allowing it to market managed prices. but the way it is taxed. Freeing prices to be market driven is the right one. Government has to answer very high profits of Oil company which indicates there is indirect taxation in the name of profit. Politicians need this profit to squander. Mechanism of pricing many experts have provided extreme research paper, so no need overemphasise.

Lack of austerity and convoys and coterie of popular leaders guzzle oil.  this leads to waste of our money by so called socialistic crusaders

wasteful congregation of officers whenever even a MLA goes, further bigger machinery waiting for ministers and all when they visit a place eats up not only oil but also executive time and inefficiency creeps in.


Dadi Uma Mahesh (NA)     25 June 2010

Mr.Mahendra being a social Activist your concerns are correct from the point of view of Inflation and its multiple effect on Poor, 

But Problem need to be looked from Countries Economic point also if you are an Economist you would not have asked this Question.

Now, that it has happened what is that we as citizens need to do is not fight against Price hike of Petroleum products, But we need to Fight and Put Pressure on Finance minister to Petroleum Products under the ambit of GST that would nullify the Price hike to great extent , the reason is the Idiotic Indian State Govt Taxes on petroleum Products are at the vims and Fancies of Chief Ministers(Rogues irrespective of Parties). 


I think the government should act immediately to fight price hike. All the government cars, and all other privileges should be withdrawn to the politicians (ruling or opposite parties), bureaucrats, judges and all others in the Government, Judiciary, etc., and should make them to shell out money from their pockets and if they are not ready to do so, they may use train or bus transport provided by the Government like a common man does. Then only they will feel the pinch.

adv. rajeev ( rajoo ) (practicing advocate)     26 June 2010

Hike in the petrol, disel and kerosene prices is good decision taken by the govt., because it burdens on the citizens but not on the govt., and polisticians, because they enjoy oil freely, they cannot feel the common man feelings and effect.

Gas and oil is now part of the life, before taking the hike of prices of oil  they could have met the common man, these polticians and IAs officers sit in AC room and takes the decisions, so how come they understand the commmon man problem.

We are the reasons forall our problems

Bhartiya No. 1 (Nationalist)     26 June 2010

Congress and Inflation are made for each other. Their only job is how to make life of a common man miserable. In India Only two class are son of the soil Politicians and Babus(Public servants). Illegal  Income of all Administrative employees runs in crores, so why they take pain.

Recently A Real remark has been made by Hon Delhi HC

That “most of the govt. employees are dishonest. Govt. Depts are filled with corrupt employees. They siphon-off the money allotted for poor.  For them jail is the right place.”

In most of the govt. dept. clerks and peons and other lower staffs earns more than doctors and engineers in private unorganised sectors.

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