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Avnish Kaur (Consultant)     22 June 2012

Aamir khan- a crusader



 31 Replies


No, He should see both sides of coin.

Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     22 June 2012

Aamir Khan`s Biased Satyamev Jayate

If Aamir Khan really wanted to expose society then he should have started from government. Aamir Khan, If you have guts expose Government Scams, Babus corruption, Police Brutality, Black money, Biased laws and dig your own Personal Life and justify yourself, As Aamir Khan, who divorced first wife Reena Dutta, had a son named Junaid and a daughter named Ira. is he a ideal Father for his Children or they get Fathers Love….?

Amir Khan do you have Answer ? before your BIG talk on small screen, tell us about your self…..

Now the question is, Aamir Khan, who divorced first wife Reena Dutta after 15 years of marriage and married Kiran Rao…. is he worth running show of Satyamevayate….?
He talk about Domestic Violence, Divorcing is not Domestic Violence….? or leaving Children is not Child Rights Violation…?

There are so many realy issues in Society, but he / TV pickedup Women issues mostly terming men are villians and All Women are Victims.

He or TV has no guts to expose Government Scams; Their Black Money or Corruption issues.

ePisodes of Satyamev Jayate so far

Persons With Disabilities - Episode 6
Intolerance To Love - Episode 5
Every Life Is Precious - Episode 4
Big Fat Indian Wedding - Episode 3
Child Sexual Abuse - Episode 2
Female Foeticide - Episode 1

shows mostly men are Villians and Women are Victims, Not a Single episode of Brutality on men by Women is not shown….

Do you think Satyamev Jayate is Gender Balanced…?

Why he is not making any episodes on Government issues …?, coz he knows, if he do, they will close down his Show.

Why most of the episodes on Women Issues….? Coz he knows, it sells…. and TV can mint money.

He really support TRUTH then he should make episodes on Government Ministers and their Scams and Crimes Biased Laws and Judiciary Police and their Brutality Gender and Religion nuetral real Life Stories.
Social causes and Family issues.

else there is no TRUTH in SATYAMEVJAYATE.

Credits: Crusader

Ranee....... (NA)     22 June 2012

Amir khan's personal life do not tally with the contents of satyamev jayate..

but there is 100% truth in satyamev jayate.

randomethic (Professional)     22 June 2012

Corruption in this country is not just a government issue. Bad laws, unemployment, outsourcing related cultural changes that the youth are really not so well equipped to handle, media onslaught and western influence where young people see the thrill but fail to understand the responsibility associated with it, outdated traditions and outlook, honor killings, negligent society, sodomy, paedophilia, a country where people stop to look at an accident but don't help: such is the reality of our nation. All of these are also clear indicators of a corrupt society.


Why should we as a country remain blind to the horrors that our so called sabhya-samaj cloaks? And it is us, we the people who harbor such notions and support ideaologies that select from our own ranks, our leaders. Government scams and corruption are spoken of often, but we keep forgetting that in our country, corruption is not just a way of life for the government, it is life itself. And that is what the show is aimed at showing. 


Unless we change how we see and do things, the larger change viz. government and talking about it, highlighting it, all just a sham that we will keep indulging in because it's the easier thing to point at the most glaring and obvious flaws while we turn a blind eye to things we should be concerned about and doing all along.

randomethic (Professional)     22 June 2012

He might talk about Gay and Lesbian rights tomorrow, who knows? To label the show as feminist just because 2 episodes out of 13 have been female centric is presumptuous at best.


Paedophilia was about both genders, as was the freedom to love, every life is precious, disability...4 out of 6 episodes so far have had ZILCH to do with a specific gender. I disagree with labelling the show as feminist when statistically, it clearly has proved to be otherwise so far.


Also, if the show starts to air brutality of women on men, will the people who think it's a pointless exercise, start to support it all of a sudden? Isn't that in itself, a corrupt form of thinking? That unless, something deals with specifically being pro a certain cause or side, it's fine but if it happens to favor an ideaology that doesn't sit well with our personal beliefs, we would prefer to label it and cast it aside?


The basic premise of the show is to force us to question our thinking and change about us what needs changing so we can become a better society. Women and Men alike or would others here feel better if I said, Men and Women alike?

Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     22 June 2012

amazing tajobs amazing!

for the first time you have used simple,non-khichri type i understood each and every word v.well.

keep going!

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Roshni, what abt u r saying, try to understand, if u have mind. i agree with tajobs sir.

Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     22 June 2012

Originally posted by :Roshni B..
amazing tajobs amazing!

for the first time you have used simple,non-khichri type i understood each and every word v.well.

keep going!

You understood ENGLISH bze for one day you didnot meet my munshi Gulab Babu at Delhi's Saket Malls Book Store and given a try to understand legal English. Moreover I never had - will be - ever reply to legal queries keeping in mind a divorcee woman having no locus standie to be in legal forums after her divorce in 2008 simply crossing over into her early 30 springs ! BTW breeze across your balcony and opposite balcony of mine were never cordial so I donot expect a reply from time pass woman writers here to any of my postings if possible keep that in mind when not visiting Sakt Malls or SNG or Kamla Nagar Mkts :-)

Ajit Singh Cheema (practising Advocate)     22 June 2012

At least opened a  good forum for ventilating grievances. Highly appreciable step forward.

Ranee....... (NA)     22 June 2012

From the link given by Avnish...


this is what aamir khan do not want to show in satyamebjayte

baseless allegation of impotency

wife deserted husband and do abortion for her carreer

desertion by wife

mental torture by wife

there are many cases. just search "cruelty by wife " and see yourself


this side is neglected by one eyed aamir khan intentionally to continue his adventure of poisoning the society.

and people like the show soo much that they make  aamir khan a crusedar...............


hats off to fools of india.


Subhomoy Das (Retail Manager)     22 June 2012

Amir Khans Satyamave Jayate is indeed a good programme. But there are few flaws in it. Amir showed in few episodes about the torture/ agony face by woman in her inlaws.   Why doeasnt he showed the torture faced by Husband from his wife and inlaws.

In one particular episode i saw a wife telling to Amir Khan against her husband. She qouted one particular sentence as " MERA HUSBAND TO NIKKAMA HAI.  MEIN TO BACCHE PAIDA KAR SAKTI HOON. MERA HUSBAND TO WOH BI NAHIN KAR SAKTA. "   "  MY HUSBAND IS WORTHLESS. ATLEAST I HAVE GIVEN BIRTH TO MY BABIES. MY HUSBAND CANT EVEN DO THAT ".  To this Amir luaghed politely and clapped and all the audience presence in the studio clapped.   I didnt find it anything funny or interesting for which applause required. Whats a big deal in it.  A woman can give birth to a baby. Its a Universal truth. Even in animals, insects, reptiles, and in plants its the female who gave birth and not the male. Its God creation. There is nothing extra credit for a woman in giving birth to her baby. Yes, we should respect that but for that we cant condemn a man that he cant give birth.  Can a woman concieve or give birth to her baby if she doesnt make any physical relations with a man? even this applies to animals also.  If a woman thinks she is very strong and powerful then why cant they give birth without mating with a man. They also do require man`s sperm. So its nothing big deal that a woman should get extra credit for giving  abirth. I`m very surprised that a film actor, producer amir khan instead of  raising this point  he applauds and giving credit to a woman. and so all other persons who r in studios. All this persons including Amir Khan seems to be bunch of  Fools and Jokers to me.



BTW breeze across your balcony and opposite balcony of mine were never cordial so I donot expect a reply from time pass woman writers here to any of my postings if possible keep that in mind when not visiting Sakt Malls or SNG or Kamla Nagar Mkts :-)



oh!..tajobsindia, you are too rude on young and beautiful should talk to them with love and serenity..she is of your daughter's age...divorce is what changes life should are such a great lawyer..very bad!

Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     23 June 2012



it doesnt matter to me whether relations are cordial wid u or not.


however if u start a thread,i have the right to participate in it,because it's started on a public website which YOU dont own.

there's no need to show so much attitude since many of your vulgar threads have been deleted by the admin repeatedly despite ur before you pass rude comments on me that i shud leave LCI,you ought to see where you stand.

you may carry on with your usual middle age symptoms of suspecting that i faking as nina rakheja or wotever.last time i told u that u can say this only when u can prove.since u havent proven this as yet,you can continue wont affect me.i will always remain a participant in LCI.


PS- You are such a fool u dont even know when i got divorced.and u confidently say it was in 2008.well i dont need to clarify to you because you are no one to me.




never mind.he's a divorcee whose wife left him with his it's understandable how miserable he feels without his i forgive him as usual.may god have some mercy on him and return him his daughter



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