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A wife should be like goddess sita, says the bombay hc

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Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     11 May 2012

we all want to marry one day,but we dont wana live with our partner,if he gets transferred,because it means taking away constitutional rights!!



then why do we marry?

to stay separately??


if our own dad had got transferred when we were unmarried,and he expected us to move alongwith him to the new place,do we create the same ho hulla abt. constitutional rights?

or do we move on with him gracefully,looking ahead to make frenz with our new neighbours,new frenz at school and college ?




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Shantanu Wavhal (Worker)     11 May 2012

forget being Ram, Seeta, Hanuman ...

Atleast be HUMAN first ...

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Vishwa (translator)     12 May 2012

I think we are missing an important point here. We are supposed to be a secular country and this imposes an obligation on the judge, whose role is to uphold the constitution, to remain religiously neutral. There is no need to resort to mythology and religion, there are other ways available to the judge to express his views. But the problem is that these judges are so bloated with their arrogance that they consider themselve above the laws that they are supposed to protect.

Ranee....... (NA)     12 May 2012

Originally posted by :Sameer
Sorry I can't be ur brother , don't expect me to fight with anyone for your damn nose !!! Ur nose is your property  and you should take care of it ....Haan , par aapki lanka KO main hi jalaunga !

Jai Hanumaan gyan gun sagar !!!;)

dust...tu hanuman nehi..lekin ek bandar hi hain..aur tumhara naam hain Sugriv...

Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     12 May 2012

we indians are in the habit of reading too much into others' words,such as this judge's.


therefore people who really mean good are lashed,while scoundrels rule.and this happens only in india

Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     12 May 2012

we all want to marry …..   away constitutional rights! 

: It is an exceptional case. Generally wife follows husband voluntarily, but here she do not want. As she do not want, therefore she cannot (& should not) be comp ailed. Their lies her constitutional rights.  

then why do we marry?  to stay separately?? 

: Marriage is one of the basic needs of a human being. If it fails onetime, it does mean that the rest of life exhausted. We should try to restore the normalcy of life again. If one chose it (staying separately) what others can do? 

if our own dad ……  at school and college ? 

: Please do not take the matter upon individual. Every case is separate and have it's own course of action.

randomethic (Professional)     12 May 2012

I feel interestingly about this statement by the Judge. We are a free country, though and if we don't like what he has to say, we are free to reject his idea.


Interestingly, from Mr. Arup's above post, I agree with the way he has defined marriage and what it entails with respect to staying together. However, I also find myself in a truly unique situation where my marriage only seems to work as long as my spouse and I meet and stay together occassionally and spend more time being independent and doing/living as we like. It bothers a lot of people around us, his family and my parents too but this is the only thing that works.


Right after we were married, I did as he asked, left my job for him and joined him at this place of work. I can safely say that the first 2.5 years of our marriage were sheer disaster. It was a love marriage but I didn't know a lot of things about him, including that he was very cruel, excessively dominating and enjoyed making me feel bad on purpose (I've posted details in other threads so not repeating here). Having come back from the brink of divorce and separation twice now, I know that if he and I stay married, we will have to have a very different marriage, one that has it's own unique rules that suit the both of us and allow us to be together at the same time. 


I do have the option of living with him, but he has clearly time and again given me a list of things that I must do, in addition to giving up my life, lifestyle, interests and completely transform into a silent partner if I am to live with him. Surprisingly, he respects me more when I stand up for myself than when I am dependent on him and feeling upset because he behaves cruelly. 


It might not make me Sita, or even a good wife in many peoples' eyes , it makes our marriage much more challenging than a normal couples' but the truth is, I do love my spouse and if this is the one way in which we can have our marriage survive and still be happy, I'm fine with it. 


It's not so much about the age, century we live in, but the way my marriage is, has made me realise that it is ONLY the couple that really knows what their marital relationship is like and they need to figure out a way to co-exist with each other, even if those rules don't make a lot of sense to other people.

Ranee....... (NA)     12 May 2012

Actually such comments can not be expected from a Judge whose every word matters!At that time women was protected and maintained  by males of the family.But now?

If Ram is considerd as a husband only, not God then he was not an individual  of strong personality.One who suspects own wife inspite of her 14 years' sacrifice in jungle leaving all amenities of the palace!

I dont want any woman to become Seeta against her will!

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