Not interest to live together and not interest to divorce...

Wife is Not interest to Live together and she is not interest to give Divorce (because prestige issue) ...

Not coming to mutual consent, with the runaway wife... Always quarrelsome, no affection or love, careless, not taking care of anything what to do with this kind of wife...?

How to solve it... ?


read how to handle difficult spouse.Control health of relationship from your side.Detach with love from her.Look after yourself.your job your finanaces.In the period of separation continue to mainatain contact and continuity with her.Dont get provoked or frightened.Send some caring letters and money for her happiness..Let her refuse.Gather eveidence of your postive efforts including phone calls and train tickets.Its tough period think of reconcilliation only.Keep yourself busy and try to do well at job.



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i agree with aflatoon dash..... Give some time to your relationship and try to resolve issues in a amicable manner


I don't think reconcilliation with wife having such kind of a behaviour is possible. There is a possibility that she has an alternate option available and prompting the husband to commit a mistake out of frustration so that she can take advantage of his mistakes. I will suggest that the husband should observe things with patience and also try to find out if the wife has developed any other interest in life. Otherwise this kind of a behaviour of the wife is not possible. There seems to be some external influencing factor. Husband - be patient, cool, observe things and then confront her with a very cool head at an appropriate time. Best wishes.




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