Mother-in-Law's Property dispute

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Before I post my question details of the subject :

I'm 30 yr old married and staying in bangalore. I and my wife are working couple.

My mother-in-law is a widow without any income. She is left with a property in her native.

The dispute : Her relative's interest in the property being a hurdle in developing the property.

Her relatives include -

    a) her husband's two elder sister's children,

Source of property : The property was donated by one of the Matt (religious body) for the service and contribution done to the matt and students in matt. The property was donated to my mother-in-law's father-in-law.  Since then the property has been used by the family.  Her father-in-law has constructed house on the plot

and it was a joint family for over 15 yrs. Now its a nuclear family.

The property was rented out to a state government body before her husband's death. The rentals are being still paid to the widow. All the documents pertaining to the property was transferred to her husband's name while he was alive. Now the documents are transferred to her name. She's also receiving the rental from the govt office.


One of her sister-in-law's son is showing interest and making claims that he too posesses document pertaining to a portion of the property on his name. When discussed with him, he insists to take the matter to the current pontiff of the matt. However we suspect the pontiff to be biased with him as he's a highly influential person and they both are very close to each other.

Query :

a) Does my mother-in-law / wife has a legal right on this property ? She has a sister who's married and settled.

b) Can this property be taken back by the matt. (this was donated by the then pontiff. he's no more)

c) In case the claiming party trespasses the property a case be filed against him ?

d) can a stay order be obtained or any other means to protect the property in anticipation of any such mishaps ?

e) can this be sold by my mother-in-law based on the documents she posesses.

Kindly provide your valuable inputs






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