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Rajesh (Engineer)     10 February 2012

498a trial to be completed by this month end

Hi ,


498a, DP 3&4 to be completed most probably by this month end in lower court after 3.5 years 

now for next monday hearing is for arguments and then after judgement (expecting acquittal, as this is false 489a case)

I want to know one thing,

After 498a judgement wife(b*tch)& in-laws are planning to come to my house (information from sources) as the b*tch wants to join with me again, but i'm not willing to take her back (intially they were ready to withdraw the cases if i take her back with me, which i didn't agreed and i fought the case)

Please suggest necessary steps to be taken if the b*tch come to my house (they have some relatives in police) and create a scene.




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Adv.R.P.Chugh (Advocate/Legal Consultant (rpchughadvocatesupremecourt@hotmail.com))     10 February 2012


First of all - Proud of the fact that finally people are standing up to false 498a cases and are contesting on merits with confidence.

As soon as you get of out of the case file cases u/s 182/211 for false charges against you. Also file a civil suit for malicious prosecution and ask for hefty damages.

If they come to your place file a criminal trespass, criminal intimidation case against them.

Feel Free to talk !

Rajesh (Engineer)     10 February 2012

Thanks Bharat,

Waited for long long time case filed in August 2008, it took 3.5 years to come an final stage for judgement (expecting acquittal).

These 498a b*tches first files cases on whole family, sends them to jail and after that they come for compromise, in most cases they want thier husbands back becasue wife only knows whether her husband is good or bad, if he is a bad person obviously they dont want their husbands back.

So better teach them lesson by fighting the cases, because atleast some wifes planning to file false 498a cases will not do that by watching these b*tches who has filed 498a cases and running in courts

Sherin Laura (Travel Advisor)     13 February 2012

Mr. Rajesh without you and your family members doing something to your wife, your wife and her family members would have not filed a complaint against you and your family members, you and you parents and family members have done something to your wife, see girl's always wanted to live life with one single man, so it doesn't mean that you are a good person, if you are so good  person than you should have forgiven your wife and taken her back. It is social respect for  a woman to live with her husband that's it. Marriage means a lot, marriage is till death, it is not only two people's life, it is the life of two people with so many people around them.

Rajesh (Engineer)     13 February 2012

Hello Laura,

She has sent  me and my whole family to jail for one week though i haven't done anything wrong to her.

You will understand  situation when u will be sent to jail for one week without doing anything wrong.

Sherin Laura (Travel Advisor)     13 February 2012

Hi Rajesh,

Yes i can understand your situation, but instead of divorcing her it's better to live together any ways it will be proved that she had filled a wrong petition on you and your family members, so you can make a mutual agreement and you and your wife are willing to live together you can file a compromise petition and live together itself, may be you wife would have done everything ought of love and thinking that she doesn't want to give you up, otherwise their family members would have not told you that they would withdraw the case if you take your wife back, so even there is a mistake even on you also, so as to me instead of marrying somebody else, it's better to live with your wife itself, forgetting all the past and start a new life

Gopal (None)     16 February 2012

Hi Rajesh,

Its up to you to decide where you want to take her back into your life or not, as you are the best person to judge your situation and pain you have gone through until now, as of i understand she is trying to compromise because it will be hard for her to get remarried again and after acquittal society will blame her. But one thing is for sure that if you take her back this will be bad example for other women they think they can file a False 498A case and as they cant prove it at end they can compromise. Also will you and your family be able to maintain the same relation with her now as you had before she filed the case. Sorry that you have to go through this pain.

everyone has there own point of view but you are the ultimate judge.

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Shonee Kapoor (Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA)     28 February 2012

You  should file for divorce immediately and at no cost you should allow her entry into the house.


Shonee Kapoor
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Sherin Laura (Travel Advisor)     28 February 2012

What GOD joined together let not man separate....No man has got authority to separate husband and wife...

Shonee Kapoor (Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA)     28 February 2012

What if two people are unable to live with each other???


Shonee Kapoor

Rajesh (Engineer)     29 February 2012

Hello Laura,

As per you, Is GOD provocating to file false 498a cases

As per you--No man has got authority to separate husband and wife, then why Judges in court granting divorce to couples (Is Judge GOD?)

Rajesh (Engineer)     29 February 2012

498a Case has been in Aurgument stage only since lase 2 hearings, as Judge is busy and defering to next date for aurguments hearing.

Will update soon

ravindra (Analyst)     01 March 2012

File divorce case immidetely

Sanket Sharma (AM)     04 March 2012

@ Laura, plase note his mother and sisters also a women not only his wife, tomorrow what to his sister answer to their childerns, @ Rajesh please kick that bi***h out of the compound, dont pass her shadow also. be an example to the society.

Rajesh (Engineer)     17 March 2012

Hi All,

Arguments completed and judgement is after 7 days( next saturday). We are confident that we will be aquitted in the case

But what matters is the judge in his recent judgements (nearly 6) ordered conviction for A1 (Husband) only and leaving all others free( A2,A3,A4,....), but at the same time there are some aquittals also

The judge is somewhat adamant in nature and recently transferred to that court 5 months back.

In general  i want to know if anyone gets convicted  under 498a, DP 3&4 whether they will issued bail the same day or he should go to jail ( we had already arranged the bail bonds as advised by our lawyer  if anything goes wrong (our lawyer is most senior and has good reputation though he charges somewhat heavily)

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