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498a on my husband and his family

Software Engineer

Sir ,

My Name is Anusha working as software engineer .  Our 's is love and arranged marriage , Initially during marriage both my and his parents have conversation about dowry . Near to marriage , my parents said they cannot pay dowry as they discussed to my husband parents, but they did not done any mistake . we got married happily.

My husband don't like a word "Appu (Telugu) or  loan" , but unfortunately i have given money to my parents without knowing him 7lakhs by keeping loans after marriage using my salary account.

My husband came to know that , from that he was asking me about the dowry or they he was asking my parents to clear the loans . He sent messages. 

But my parents are not in a position to pay money or clear the loans . I cant tolerate this so i left him and put 498a case on him and his family . Since i have the proof of messages that he given to me in mobile. He is using the sim from last 5years , and proof of the sim is also with his name . 

I have filled 498A in woman ps , andhra pradesh. 

When they called him for counselling , i am not interested to stay with him so i asked 30L for settlement and get separate, he rejected to pay .  

So FIR is filled on him and his family.

1) How much time it take to prove in court that he is accussed.

2) How to prove that his family also involved in this. If i cannot prove this what are the situations i should face from there lawyer  

3) How much time it take to get divorce from him using this messages as proof. he used unparlamentary words also in messages.





Software Engineer

Sir ,

Its my responsibility to take care of my parents even after marriage . So i have given my money 7 lakhs by loan. Is that a mistake. My husband dont like loan in his life so he asking me daily. He used unparlamentary words in messages from 1 year. So i am vexed with him.

I want to separate from him so i asked 30L for settlement. I thought if  he wont give money.he will accept divorce.That is the reason i asked money , but even now he was not willing to separate from me.

Now i applied divorce.

Please let me know using this messages as proof how soon my husband get punished and i get divorce. 



You cant tolerate is fine, do you know what 498a is? please read below

 Any willful conduct which is of such a nature as is likely to drive the woman to commit suicide or to cause grave injury or danger to life, limb or health whether mental or physical of the woman; or

Harassment of the woman where such harassment is with a view to coercing her or any person related to her to meet any unlawful demand for any property or valuable security or is on account of failure by her or any person related to her meet such demand.

If your husband decides to fight back your life will be screwed up and you will spend rest of your life repenting for what you have done. I understand your pain and also i can see what your husband might be going through, but your case should be settled by some respectable people and not by misusing law.

Software Engineer


Sir, In messages he was also asked dowry .

he allways saying that by taking that loan to parents, our both salary was not sufficient to survive and we applied multiple loans again and again and we totally down financially.

he used unparlamentary words in messages from 1 year . He came to conclusion that by that loan only our relation is disturbing and started asking dowry in messages.  According to me asking dowry is a crime what ever the situation it is . I captured all the messages. I want to teach him a lesson. My fri adviced to keep 498A on entire family . So i applied on his family also.

My husband dont have right on my salary. My salary my wish he should take care of me. I have lot of mesages that he sent to me using bad lauguage.

please advice how much time it take to get separate from him . I have applied 498A and divorce.

please advice how can i prove there parents also invoved in this. Some times my husband used my credit card to buy groceries to there parents / one time he used buy 2gram gold to his brother daughter on namakaranam day. can i show this as proof as they parents accussed. 

Software Engineer

I have given my gold to my husband's brother and asked for loan urgently. He kept that loan in bank and given money to me . Can i prove that they used my gold and used money because there is no online proof (transaction). 

I don't like to be in a joint family. But my husband allways spend with his family . when i asked to go to dinner. she also invite his family. I cannot pay money to his entire family.

I am vexed  , please advice i need to get separate and have a new life. I don't want my parents to feel pain at this age. I want new life , I dont want any money. I want divorce


Dear Anusha,

Life is too small, why you waste time in court matters and do timepass of your life. Please stop trying to harrass your husband family. Please stop blaming and complaining of your husband. First of all you did love and then arrange marriage and then you start to blame him. Now you want his money and that's why you are extorting from him by means of 498a????


What kind of women are you??? You did marriage only for getting your husband money. Any husband would get angry on you. Please try to reconcile with him, If it is not possible then go for mutual consent divorce.


May good sense prevail upon you and you try to seperate from your husband.

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Why you want money from him as settlement. That is why supreme court called 498 a, as "legal terrorism" .


If you do not want to stay with him, go ahead. As you have proof that he is using bad words, go ahead and take divorce because, relation has been in the state of using "bad words".


Law won't force you to stay with him. Even he or you filed RCR (conjugal rights). 


As you are earning good enough, you won't get even any alimony.


You want to take revenge on him and his family. Is laws made for that? is this not extortion?

definitely this is false 498a case, at least in case of his parents.


Parents afraid "to get software groom/bride to their home". Do not let them go for generalization.


You have protection from law for your rights. But not for all.


coming to general thinking, see who did mistake either wrong or mistake.


1) You didn't stand on your words, at least not ready to ask for excuse.


2) you have given money to others. Of course your parents. You 2 people could have discussed and given to them. family responsibility is on both of you. But you are saying, that is my money. I can do what ever I want.


Can he say  that "I have my own external affairs"? No right?

He is discussing every problem with you and asking your help. Now you are highlighting it (telugulo deppi podavadam antaaru).


3) Parents responsibility is on both of you for basic needs. Don't know who require 7 lakhs as basic needs.


4) Parents also should help you to not spoil relation ship. if they are not doing it, then they are definitely not good parents.

Do not try to enjoy it.


This is for both of you.


konchem prasanthanga aalochinchandi. If you did mistake, asking for excuse is very good. Please do not go for too much damage to your relation and do not loose the opportunity to ask excuse. even this is also for both of you.


Ego vadhu ani prapanchaaniki cheppina vaallamu. maname aa durvyasana paalu kaavodhu. do not let ego spoil you. It applies to all. Even in your software projects also. Let him know his mistakes.


5) It seems you are still hiding many to get biased verdict. you can't do this in courts.

You are saying, he scolded you. But what made your lover to do it. Might be one have hidden something from him or escaped when required. This is nothing but cheating. Means troubled him in any manner intentionally or preplanned. This will charge for 7 years.


He is keeping all aside and asking to stay with him.

Might be he has scolded you, can you prove that you have not scolded him for the sake of defence lawyer.

Can you tell why he is scolding you and your parents when defence lawyer or judge asked you?

Again you have to frame one more fake story. One more fake to cover previous. your journey will end like this.

If you not, only kid of your parent then you cannot justify to court saying I am helping to my parents.


I do not think, you will get 30 lakhs from law suit.


Please think who is spoiling your life by giving or supporting with bad ideas. that may be friends, parents, lawyers or people like us. They will laugh behind you. All will enjoy with your money. At last you won't get any.


Please do not spoil your life, accept your mistakes. This is very good quality of humans.


Ego ego ego, very bad attitude. please avoid it. Please be relax. 




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