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Mohd Imran (ME)     02 September 2014


Dear All,

Its almost a year me and my wife not leaving together. In Spetember last year she went with her cousin brother to her mother's house for two days but still dint came back. I was angry when she went coz it was against my religion. so i didnt contacted her for almost a month. then we started talking as usual. When my mother asked her father when he is sending her daughter, they (my wife's father, mother, bother and her cousin brother) started abusing my family. since then my mom never talked to them. But i continued talking to my wife. whenever i asked her when shall i come to take her she tells to talk to her dad. now, when i talked her dad about the same he refused me to come. Now my wife is telling that she will come but will not stay with my family. She need different house now. Before marriage they had told that she is 24 yearls old. But after marriage we came to know that she is 30. when my family asked them why they lied they started threatening us. Its more than a month me and my wife are not in touch. i have 6 month old son, staying with my wife. now we came to know from third person that they are planning to file 498 against me. what shud i do now???

thanking you all in advance.


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You can't do anything for false and frivolous cases hanging on you at any time,


Even judges of supreme court are not immune to these type of frivolous cases then who are you?



Fight  Fight Fight---- is only solution.


For your kind reff. ---- https://www.lawyersclubindia.com/forum/A-well-said-strategy-to-fight-false-498a-DV-and-maintenanace-cases-84890.asp




Adv k . mahesh (advocate)     03 September 2014

for once if you bend then everytime you have to bend before her

try to convince your father in law with any elder of their close relative and discuss the problem and solve the issue or fight legally if you have not done any wrong 

Mohd Imran (ME)     03 September 2014

We havnt done anything wrong. My sister just asked them why they lied about her age on which they started threatening my family that they ll file a false case n all.

Mohd Imran (ME)     03 September 2014

Dear every sufferer is a saviour the link which u have sent is not opening

Biswanath Roy (Advocate)     04 September 2014

 Why your sister interfered in your married life ?  What business she had to comment something which can hurt the prestige of your wife and her family,? This is not only unwanted but objectionable too.  SHE MIGHT HAVE REFRAIN FROM DOING SO. Under given facts I advice you to arrange separate accommodation for your wife to save your married life and more particularly to save the life of your innocent  baby. 

Mohd Imran (ME)     04 September 2014

Dear Mr.Roy i appreciate ur suggestion for separation. But my sister have full right to interfere bcoz of two reasons. First is she is my guardian and second is my inlaws have talked and discussed everything about marriage to her only.

T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     07 September 2014

If you really want to avoid unpleasant situation and unnecessary harassment in the name of false cases/litigation, it is better to go for amicable settlement by arranging a separate house and start living peacefully.  Generally such type of people will find it very difficult to accommodate themselves in the joint family, so give a try to save your marriage and satisfy all by avoiding further issues.


Iam ashamed after reading the suggestions given by above persons.


I dont think they are following the profession of a lawyer.


They are simply making the mockery of profession.


Everbody can see what they are telling....


That go and dance on the tunes of an extortionist wife.


They are telling that leave your old parents and live away from them.


They are not feeling shame on their illegal suggestion.


That means they are openly accepting the illegal threats and extortion game of frivolous wife and suggesting the querist to fulfill the demands of an extortionist and fraud wife.


This mr. Roy seems to be so biased and ridiculous that he even dont think before giving suggestions.


I want to say that what legal remedies they are giving here rather than supporting the illegal demands of a unscrupulis wife and also inducing the querist to follow their illegal suggestion.


Shame on them.


I AGREE with the opinion of mr. Mahesh that if you bend one time before her then everytime you have to bend before her. So choice is yours whether you want to be like a dog who licks the feet of their owner or you want to be like a husband who doesnt fulfill the illegal demands of a wife.



Biswanath Roy (Advocate)     08 September 2014

In my early childhood I  heard a story from my Grandma that while a monkey stolen bananna from a fruits garden he was caught red handed by the gardener who cut off his tail by sword.  The monkey started thinking  that if he goes to his monkey community without tail every body may laugh at him and taunt him.  So he decided before facing any question from his community about his tail he shall claim that he himself cut off his tail willingly so that he can be looked like a man and shall advice others to cut off their tail so that they also can be looks like man.


Omg......something went wrong to him.


Preaching illegal suggestions and then telling story of a childhood about monkey...which is still irrelevant to the querist and the concerned topic.


I can understand your problem , you need rest at this age its quite normal that people becomes child after crossing the age of senior citizenship.



I condone your illegal suggestions which you have given many times protecting the false 498a, dva and maintenance cases because of your age.


Still in this particular query also this man is favoring an extortionate woman.


Note : A monkey can be like a man but he cant give illegal suggestions supporting false cases from unscrupulous womens.


Still shame on his thought and his experiences which is favouring the unscruoulous womens to harass their husbands.


I think this person need 498a to be filled on him by his own daughter in law and may his own son leave him at this old age on mere say of his wife, then this man will realise what he is commenting every where in favour of unscrupulous women who separates the old parents from their own sons.


Definitely you need such false cases then you will understand.





Biswanath Roy (Advocate)     08 September 2014

Some time some anticipation fails miserably. My daughter in law and my son are NRI and well placed in their lives. Due to God's grace my daughter in law always bestow her motherly love and affection upon me and it is well known to my professional friends and relatives. I am not hailing from a mediocre family and my six subordinates including one Private Secretary and Doctors are always keeping watching eye upon me. I have no headache for accommodation at London, Dallas (US), Berlin and Zurich (Swizerland) where some of my nearest and dearest lives. This is the statement of the Bar that whenever I visit other states to conduct cases my clients  provide me with princely amenities which is known to some experts of this Forum also. But still I reiterate that an ape-man although has some similarity with a man but does not forget his monkey tricks.


Now I am 100% assured that this man is egoist and living in the myth that he wont suffer in life. He is assuming himself as 007 james bond whose life is full of luxury. His missions are all over world. He thinks that he is god and his life is full of hapiness...


But , my dear old man you will suffer like anything make a note. You are thinking that innocent middleclass husbands and his families are less with their destiny and you are born with every boon and silver spoon. But sorry to say, your thinking will only give you pain before your death.

Dont assume anybody as less or destitute, you are no where to comment on missery conditions of innocent husbands of india.

You think that all middleclass persons in India are b*st*rds and they need to be treated with frivolous cases and should be harassed by biased laws.


And you are very rich and here you are farting about your luxury which nobody has asked you, you yourself farting with your own status and amenities.


Now, its known to all members here that who is b*st*rd.... and whose comment is illogical and irrelevant in legal query.


Hey old man, nobody has asked your luxury and amenities and even nobody is interested in your sh*t like comments. So, dont pass bulsh*t comments on harassed males or else nobody knows when your day will become like a general harassed victims of india. Where you will search for peace but you will not get anywhere in uk, us, berlin, zurich whereever you have farted in your comment.


You are like an empty vessel which sounds more ....


You are a fruitless tree which stand straight with ego...


You are useless in your profession because you have no heart to feel the pain of harassed victims.


Ps:  dont worry sir a NRI daughter in law is more dangerous when it comes to harassment. And I bet when your dark day will start then you wont survive anymore , you will cry like anything because you are made for only giving harassment to others via your ego and your ego will only kill you.


An appe is more sensible when it comes to feel the pain of others but an ape in the face of a lawyer when becomes greedy monger and laugh on the conditions of innocent victims then he needs only treated with chappal puja.

Adv. Chandrasekhar (Advocate)     08 September 2014

I agree with Mr. Roy and Mr. Kalaiselvan.  The mutual talks between you and your wife indicate that still there is warmth feeling between you two which is the base for a successful matrimonial life.  Your sister's inadvertent or advertent reference to the age of your wife brewed into a riposte from your in-laws.  Both your sister and your in-laws should be kept out of the scene for sometime.  You try to talk to your wife to have a separate living along with your kid without any interference from any of the relatives for sometime say a year so that you both can understand each other.  If that will not be possible, then be prepared to spend the coming 3 to 4 years to spend in the courts with mental agony and financial problems those arise out of litigation and maintenance. 


Wow great...


They are so called as the lawyers of society whose professional ethics are diluted.


They suggest the innocent males to follow what ever their corrupt wives says. They frightened innocent males on the name of false 498a, dva, maintenance cases.


These persons are so much biased and diluted in money that they forget their morals in serving the Innocent citizens.


They openly suggests that:


Leave their old parents,


Give their hard earned money and property on their unscrupulous wives name.


They eagerly induces the clients to dance on the tunes of their wicked wives.


They all are making mockery of legal profession.


In my view the lawyers who supports unscrupulos wives and their women friendly law to extort and harass males are b*st*rds of the socities, they need special treatments of chappal puja from all across the country.


When this will happen automatically false cases will reduce...




Today you will fulfill her one demand tomorrow you have to fulfill unending demands. There is no gurantee that your marriage will run smoothly once you fufill her illegal demands.

Always remember a carnivorous animal doesnt understant the relations once they have got the taste of blood. So, here if you wantedly make her to taste your blood then that will be your last day of life. As your life will be in fear of threats and extortions, you wont survive like a human being rather than only a confined slave of his own wife.


So, be a brave man and oppose those things which are illegal and never bow down against her extortions and threats.


Iam also a fighter, who is much happier after thrashing all her illegal demands rather than fulfilling her illegal demands.

And believe me, once you will be out of fear then you will understand the true meaning of life.


Good luck))



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