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Rajesh Kumar's Expert Profile

Queries Replied : 307

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    What kinds of questions I can and can't answer?
    I can answer queries related to Central Excise, Service Tax, Customs and Foreign Trade Policy.

    My area of expertise

    My experience in the area (years):
    14 years.

    Organizations I belong to:
    Rajesh Kumar & Associates

    Publications or writing which has appeared :
    Excise law Times, The Hindu, Legal News & Views

    Educational credentials:
    B.A.(H) Statistics, LL.B

    Award & Honors:

  • DR SURESHA G says : illegal will & gift deed
    Dear Sir/Madam My name is Dr. Suresha; I filed a civil suite against all of my family members for my share in the property 2003. Then we compromised before elders of the society and the shares were allotted as follows: 1. Plaintiff i.e. me. 2. My father and my mother 3. My uncle-1 4. My uncle-2 5. My uncle-3 6. My sister-1 7. My brother joint name with my father. A decree by Taluk Court for Shares of my father and mother issued with terms and conditions that Father and Mother have to enjoy their shares during their life time and after their death properties will go to Plaintiff. i.e. me. (Because I was living with my parents. Me and my father were looking after shares 1 & 2.) I agreed for this property distribution and I left properties to my parents as I was working in government sector). My brother he was notorious we had a fear that he may sell his share, which was earned by my father and hence I put my father as joint holder. Everything was fine up to 2007. Me and my parents living together and my brother was living separate. I, went out on various assignments in 2004 and abroad to Africa. During this period my brother came to my parents and taken in charge of all our properties I,e mine and of my parents and enjoyed all the income. In 2007 he developed conflict internally and taken my mother with him and went separate again. My father was alone and he started taking care of my share and the share of them. My wife was taken care of him. Once again I got the abroad placement in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Because of mild heart attach he was in hospital in Jan 2008. During this time my brother took my mother to Sub-Registrar Office and registered a will from her to his son. (The property was issued to my parents, with terms and conditions and for which decree was issued and this property deed was registered jointly in the sub registrar office). My mother alone registered the will without my father’s consent. After 5 days my father passed away suspiciously, my brother did not allowed me to participate in his funeral as I was abroad. I went a day after and performed my duties and came back to Saudi. From 2008 to till to day I cleared all the back debts which was upon my and my parents share (10.5 lakhs). My brother was enjoying all my share and my parent’s share which was previously written a will to me. Recently my mother also passed away, just before her death my brother misinterpreted her and transferred all properties, which was in joint name of my parents, through will and gift deed. I request your kind self to clear my doubts. 1. Is there any possibility of losing my property which was supposed to be transfer after the death of my parents? 2. Apart from this my father had few properties in his name. Which were, ancestral and self purchased. After his death my brother transferred these to my mother and then she registered will to my brighter. 3. Is there any possibility of filing suit against my brother who had my father as a joint share holder ? Please clarify my doubts. Since 6 months i am waiting for your opinion . Now my brother illegally wit the help of some gundas occupied my house which was supposed to transfer to me after the death of my parents . He changed the khata by producing the gift deed made by my mother Please let me know about the consequences. Very Truely yours Dr Suresh

  • RAJESH BADAMI says : forgery transfer of shares
    Respected Sir 1) That My father Govinda Setty bought 5000 shares of Rs10/-each in the year 1994 in private company. 2) That My father died on 29-04-2002 3) That the above mentioned shares were in the name of my father till 04-02-2007 4) That the above mentioned shares were transferred from my father name GOVINDA SETTY to BNK SHANBHAG (Director) on 05-02-2007 5) That i am legal heir of Govinda Setty till today i have not received any notice of the meeting, Director report and balance sheet of the company So, it is very clear that it is not possible to selling the share by my father in the year 2007 why because he died in the year 2002. please guide me what action i can take against company/directors and its management regarding above issue. according to companies law as well as IPC, Crpc please mention section as well thanking you sir regards rajesh badami 9844509445 email: arn44480@gmail.com

  • maha says : I need help regarding passport?
    I need help regarding passport? I did my schooling in my native.All my properties were in my native(my own house,land).Even my name is in Family ration card?I lived in my native for 17 years. After +2,for college studies,I changed my location to other district.Now I am still in this current district.I am staying in my uncle house.My name is in their family card. I applied for voter id with the address of my uncle house.please reply to my mail maha.eureka@yahoo.in Now,I want to apply for passport.Which address should I give?Which one should I use for police verification.Because I wont go to my native often?I need suggestions?

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