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Sanjeev 's Expert Profile

Queries Replied : 193

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    What kinds of questions I can and can't answer?
    I can answer Matrimonial laws/Income tax/Criminal law and related to service tax customs duty.

    My area of expertise
    Income tax/Company law/ Mercantile law, Criminal law

    My experience in the area (years):
    5 years

    Organizations I belong to:
    I am a chartered accountant working in a MNC in Finance domain also having exposure to law as have done LLB

    Publications or writing which has appeared :

    Educational credentials:

    Award & Honors:

  • Raj Kumar Makkad says : Boycott
    Dear Sir! The aim of Admin seems to tarnish the image of the experts which is reflected from his saying to tom that 'it is childlike that some experts are not replying the queries'. Admin has no care or thankfulness for experts so what is the use to devote our energy and expertise for such person? He is earning only on the basis of our activities but still he is engaged in the activities of destruction of the image and dignity of experts. Do you like this?

  • aashhokaan says : sav my lif
    mam, my wif fil d cas against me so ther s any valid ground s nt avail d cas wil fal in wich sid, v did reg marg witout our parent knwldg 1st my wif sid aceptn our marg bt nw tey seekn divorc bcz my fam bakgroun n astro . my wif says thos past days v il break our reltnshp by MC i replid i cnt liv witout u c said me 2 d sam situatn bt its al our fate. aft 1mnth c crwying i cant heard d voic so i ll ask ur parent u wnt cry ma.. my wif dad desnt aceptng marrg my wif say u giv mutual cnsent 2 me . m said k bt her dad nt pickn my cal thm c said u dnt tsry cal v il met n coturt.. if may u wil win d case v ij join b4 tat i wmt help u.. bt nw i do her fav bt nw 2 c ajlso askn divoprc els c wnt cme witt me..... dgjjattggmm jjpqmn p7deeghdd gg dmmgimmdeghghgi4mogipsdpmdfggpsg.pp

  • sweta says : Service matter
    A charge sheet was given in Jan 2007 to me and after inquiry a penalty/Censure was imposed on me as on 9/10/2009. Further I have made an appeal to the appellate authority and I was exonerated from all the charges in Aug 2011. I have given a departmental interview for the promotion in 2006 and 2008 and qualified both the interviews.But due to charge sheet the letter are kept in sealed envelope Will the department give me promotion with 2006 without considering the imposition of penalty which was imposed against me by CVC approx 2 years for which I was later on exonerated in Sept 2011?

  • Yogesh says : auction without notice
    if the muthoot finance auction my gold what doe i do ? It shows that principal amount Rs.1,07,000 (Rupees one lac seven thousand only) against Collateral Security of Gold Ornaments and interest Rs.57,816 for 17 months 10 days. The original rate of interest is 2% per month as agreed upon and the actual interest for 17 months 10 days should be Rs.37,086 (Rs.1,07,000*2%=2,140 per month *17 months and 10 days). Now I am very surprised to see that the amount of interest calculated by Muthoot Finance Ltd.i.e.Rs.57,816. The difference amount of interest is Rs.20,730 (57,816-37,086) that is almost double of the actual and put the burdon of the interest on the head of the customer though the customer is having the intention to pay the loan with actual interest and also you have even not followed the nature of justice by putting an un-appropriate burdon of interest on the customer. I am ready to pay the interest amount as agreed @ 2 % per month and which is justifiable to the me. I am very happy if you put the appropriate burdon to the me without imposing the excess heavy burdon of interest ,which is twice of the interest amount as I already given to you my Gold ornaments and also this rate of interest @ 2 % in higher side as the collateral security of Gold ornaments proved. I am afraid that you can manipulated the amount as well misused my collateral security of Gold Ornaments because you do some surprise activities with out knowledge of the customer. I personally visited to your Branch at Chembur and requested kindly accept may cheques and honored the same in to your bank account on due date. but as confirmation received from Muthoot officials the companies policy is that the Muthoot finance does not accept the cheques. i.e. Negotiable Instrument and only payment in cash accepted. That means the company is trying to do all transaction in cash and try to avoid freedom of the customer and try to hide legal cheques transaction of customers. Further I request to you that I will send to you the cheques towards interest portion @ 2% per month as agreed upon, provided all the unnecessary interest burdon release upon my heads as I already stated genuine reason of my illegal termination and financial position. I will courier the cheques as and when I will get some borrowed money from relatives and parents, kindly honored the cheques against interest portion @ 2 % per month as agreed upon. I am waiting for your positive confirmation in this matter as I am facing genuine finance problem and my intention towards payment of loan with interest is very clear and I want my Original Gold Ornaments, already I handed over to you as Collateral Security.

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