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Vinod Kumar (IT Professional)     08 November 2009

Wrong measurements/extent in sale deed

Dear all,

I had bought a property (with compound wall) 4 yrs back and the measurement given was 4200 sq ft in the sale deed. But when we did a private survey to get a CAD drawing, we saw that it was indeed 5000 sq ft. Today, I noticed that the sketch (FMB?) shows the exact measurements and the area calculated using that comes out to 5000 sq ft. The sale deed however shows a wrong extent of 4200 sq. ft.

Now, my question is how to rectify the sale deed since I don't want any trouble in the future while constructing or selling the same.

Thanks in advance.


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Y V Vishweshwar Rao (Advocate )     08 November 2009

You have to  approach your Vendor  and get a (Rectification Deed )  Additional Sale Deed  for the remaining Area of 800 Square Feet , you are required ot pay the Additional Stamp Duty and Registration Fee  for the Value of the Additional Area 800 Sq Ft  . Get the  Additinal Sale   Deed  executed and Registered by your vendor in your favour  to have perfect title on the additional  Area of 800 sq Ft Area !



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Vinod Kumar (IT Professional)     08 November 2009

Thanks for your response and clarity given.

I've a couple of problems there. The seller had a power of attorney and it is almost 4 yrs back and he's not traceable.

And, the parent (previous) deed executed in 2001 also had the same mistake. Should I be getting in touch with the actual title holder and since she also had the same mistake in her deed, should we have the earlier seller / plots developer involved?

Is there a way possible if I can't track one / all of these people?

Thanks in advance.



Swaroop Godbole (advocate)     08 November 2009

i totally agree with adv. Y. V. Vishweshwar.

it is important to get the rectification / correction deed executed at the earliest.

before, do calculate the stamp duty paid by you while executing the sale deed. if the stamp duty is paid on the valuation of 4200 sq ft. then you have to pay the additional stamp duty. otherwise you can just execute the correction deed to rectify the typographical mistake (if stamp duty is paid on valuation of 5000 sq. ft.)

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Swaroop Godbole (advocate)     08 November 2009

i think it is important to examine the your building plane approved and FSI, TDR certificates then...

and dont worry even if you are unable to find out any person in the chain.. then also your interests can be safeguarded..

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Swaroop Godbole (advocate)     08 November 2009

i think it is important to examine the your building plane approved and FSI, TDR certificates then...

and dont worry even if you are unable to find out any person in the chain.. then also your interests can be safeguarded..

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Raj Kumar Makkad (Adv P & H High Court Chandigarh)     08 November 2009

I diagree with the opinion of all experts expressed above. When the earlier owner was also not owenr of the excess area, how can he legally sale it and how can its registred sale-deed can be got executed thereon?

The excess area is just an illegal possession not owned either by its previosu owner nor by present buyer rather it is a settled possession. It is better to go in depth of owenrship of nearest/adjoining owners or let it be joined in your area and no permanent construction be made in particular one side so that it may be dealt with at the appropriate time. Ther eis no use to contact its earlier seller.

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Vinod Kumar (IT Professional)     08 November 2009

Thanks Swaroop.

Thanks Raj. But the problem is that it is a calculation mistake where the dimensions used to calculate the area are perfectly documented every where (sale deed, FMB sketch) but the extent mentioned was wrongly calculated and documented. Even the compound wall constructed 10 - 12 yrs ago is covering the correct area.

When a sale happens, aren't the dimensions important or is it the extent which overrides everything?

Thanks again.

Vinod Kumar (IT Professional)     08 November 2009

The fact is that this is not a square or a rectangular plot and hence this confusion in getting the clear area documented, i believe.

raj (Lawyer)     08 November 2009

Dear Vinod,

I agree with Mr. Makkad's view here but would like to add that if the sketch, which i believe was the part of the sale deed as annexure, matches with the area that you are in possessoin of i.e. 500 sq. ft. than you can get a deed of rectification done. However, in the process as learned friends have suggested the cost of the stamp duty plays an additional role. There could be a situation wherein if you go explain the entire senario to your vendor and request him execute a deed of rectification, than he may ask for additional money since he himself is not the clear title holder of the property as he conveyed to you the property with the rights that he had been conveyed through his vendor. so it is purely a business call.

In any event, if the covenants in the sale deed says that you have been granted possession of 4200 sq ft, which is actually more than that, togetherwith all the rights to use the said property than as per my view you are holding this additional property subject to payment of additional duty for actual transfer of the said part of the property. However, you may appreciate that the possession of that part is only conveyed to you and not the title.

At this stage, you can also verify with the original approved building lay-out plans that what area has actualy been allotted and it will required to be ascertain that who was the actual title holder of that 800 sq. ft area and previous sale deed's will paly an important role to ascertain whether that property has been rightly conveyed with typographical error to you or not.

Hope this may help.


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Vinod Kumar (IT Professional)     10 November 2009

Thanks Raj and everyone.

Your clarifications are really appreciated.

I'll try to locate my vendor and get the rectification deed done.

H.D.Kumaravelu (Advocate)     11 November 2009


As per your version you have purchased a plot measuring 4200 sq feet, on due measurement with FMB and your sale deed you could see the plot is measuring 5000 sq feet, It is a settled propostion that the boundaries prevail over the extent. If the boundaries mentioned in your sale deed and the parental sale deed are the same, your sale for the entire 5000 sq feet is valid. Thers is no any necessity for a rectification deed. 

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Manoj Bhatt   28 February 2023

I purchased 334.61 Sqmt of land in 2009, registered and paid stamp duty calculated for this area, and got a mutation in my name. The sides of the plot occupied by me are 45 feet x 80 feet. 

The area of the land becomes 334.61 Sqmt because it was calculated at the time of registration, assuming that the plot was rectangular. But the shape of the plot is a parallelogram and not rectangular. Thus, the actual area of the parallelogram plot measured by the architect is 296.00 sqmt.

I purchased it from Mr. B who purchased it from Mr. A. Mr. A's family still owns the land behind and around my plot from which they sold this piece of land to Mr. A. What is the legal way to get the remaining 37.39 Sqmt land that I purchased and paid stamp for and which is in my name in the records but not in my possession?  

Please guide regarding the legal way to get the rest of the land from the original owner. It is a small piece of land of around 400 sqft but it is critical for having an open area at the back of the plot (now my house).   

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