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Nikhil SHETTY   24 December 2022

Worng way of contesting to court by unknowing taking signatures

My grand mother had small (self acquired property ) house she registered me through sale deed. I am a orphane I don't have parents .She gave her other properties to there childrens . I did not get any share in those properties

Here my question is The property which she gave to me in sale deed the consideration amount was shown as 8,00,000 .But In reality The amount was not exchanged between us ...Because of affection on me from my grand mother.

can there children challenge on this ground.if they came to know about the fact for not exchanging the amount from my end to her end?

I am worried about other fact also , if unknowingly there childrens take s signature from my grand mother . (As she is in there custody now ), And contest behalf of her in court , stating that the sale deed as been done by force , and not allowing my grand mother to enter into court ,by producing false certificate that she is ill or not mentally fit to attend the court hearing .....could any one please suggest on this to handle if it happens ?


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Dr. MPS RAMANI Ph.D.[Tech.] (Scientist/Engineer)     24 December 2022

Is your grandmother alive? What are the wordings of the so called sale deed? If it is a sale deed it will mention that the consideration was paid. Whether it was actually paid or not is a different matter. Only your grandmother can contest that. If it was a sale and the consideration was not paid the seller only can make a claim.  If the deed itself says that the amount was not paid then it becomes a gift deed. A gift deed is also valid and you are the owner of the property

Nikhil SHETTY   28 December 2022

yes she is still alive

P. Venu (Advocate)     28 December 2022

The facts posted are disjointed and lack clarity. Please respost in simple language and simple sentences.

Nikhil SHETTY   28 December 2022

Thank you Dr Ramani sir/madam.. For advising for clearing first doubt .

And also I am waiting to seek advice for the second doubt that is

I am worried about other fact also , if unknowingly there childrens take signature from my grand mother .For the document which is written that sale deed was done by force and coericon , and if court calls my grand mother to tell the truth ,and if there children tell to court that she is ill and cannot come to court by producing false doctor certificate .
could any one please suggest on this to handle if it happens ?

Dr. MPS RAMANI Ph.D.[Tech.] (Scientist/Engineer)     29 December 2022

Because of poor English, it is difficult to understand what you want to say. If a property is transferred to you by your grandmother the registered document will be with you. Even your grandmother will not be able to take back the property.

Nikhil SHETTY   29 December 2022

I will try to work upon my langague,Thanks for you advice and time ..

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