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NeedHelp (I)     19 January 2016

Working women who has filed false interim maintenance case

Working women who has filed false interim maintenance case eligible final alimony?

My wife filed false interim maintenance case. When I come with proof of her working she has withdrawn her  interim maintenance applciation.

Does she still eligibel for alimony? she is working, no diffenece betn my & her salary.

Does conduct of wife taken into consideration when granting alimony? She has filed flase case for Nullity 




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NeedHelp (I)     20 January 2016

Originally posted by : Mrs. Renuka Chaudhury,
Accordng to Indian law, once you are woman you can claim alimony, if she is in private employment she can always cry foul that she does not have permanent job and ask alimony.

Even if she files 125, you can always produce the evidence you have and ask court to not give her alimony, but point is she can ask at any time in the future too, like today court may reject her application, tomrw in future she can ask again.  And again same process you show evidence, court looks into matter and rejects her application.

Conduct?  What conduct are you talking brother?

Even if she stands up and dances on table, comes to court hall drunk, court wont do anything, do you think court will take notice of her conduct?  Law is very lineint toward woman my friend.

Thanks for your Reply Renuka,

She filed false Interim application, cheated court. Which she has accepted in the cross. Still she is eligible for alimony? Once she remarries she can't ask any alimony right? 

She is very well educated. Can I file perjury  case againt her for submitting false information?

What options do I have to punish her? 



Sidharth   20 January 2016

If she claimed that she is unemployed and you have her income proof  your can definitely file application for perjury. 

You can also file application for dismissal of case of maintenance. 

NeedHelp (I)     20 January 2016

Originally posted by : Mrs. Renuka Chaudhury,
Dear frmd.

If she remarries no alimony for her, you should make aware of it to court, it is your obligation and not hers so that court can modify its orders.

If you had quams about her alimony application you should have filed perjury then itself instead of discussing this here.  Both cases would run hand in hand and would be decided based on merits of each case.

These aer both different proceedings, if she agreed in box that she lied or your counsel proved it so, then you need to take deposition copy and party sawal copy and produce it in perjury case.

But perjury case also takes as much time to get decided as her alimony case.

thanks for your reply. I will file perjury case..

sridher (system analyst)     20 February 2016

uncleaned hands of woman no maintanance to wife search for that judgement given by the Great shivnarayan dingra sir

Ashwin   03 April 2018

Can someone please post link to the judgement mentioned above in the last post. Thanks.

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