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NiceGuy (AP)     09 July 2013

Wife willing to drag divorce case


         After lots of mischiefs (after she left to her father for delivary) like not maintaining my relationship(not giving comfort environment in her home to visit ; even abusing thro words when I visit , not attending my calls, not replying my e-mails, after delivary not allowing to visit child,not returning to live with me(insulting me & my family when v went to bring her-evidence recorded) grabbing my family Jewels (evidence recorded), not allowing to visit child--- after their long horrible drama my lawyer approached as a last chance to Counsel / negotiate- misused that also ; immediately filed false police complaint that I posses her certificates ( As v have evidence that v dont have any of their Jewel or property; infact they illegally acquired ours); police harrased me after i filled Divorce under Harrasment.Notice sent to police also.The police complaint immediately follows my telegram to come for counselling .

Now in Counselling she clearly mentions that she neither wants to return nor give divorce ; .  She was unable to give any other allegations on me but trieds to establish that I posses her certificates.

What is the scope for me? Can I beleieve Indian law and fight dicvorce or I have to fall into the feet of my wife & horrible Father in law?


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Maybe she wants money. Ask her how much she wants to let you go free.

NiceGuy (AP)     09 July 2013

Sir, Thanks for the reply. My actual query is that will she be able to drag the case life-long though we posses evidences under harassment like false Police case, threatening for suicide,insulting and shouting when I tried to bring back.. Finally wats the end if she keeps on contesting without coming back.

Adv k . mahesh (advocate)     09 July 2013

it is not clear why you wife and your in laws are behaving such horrible to damadah or son in law 

what instances has made them to behave like this thus you have not treated her well and after she went to her parents they started what you did like be open to answer you query correctly because if she takes any drastic step like going for harassment cases like 498a then no one will save you immedietely 

NiceGuy (AP)     09 July 2013

No specific reason to say.. they simply want to be a slave of the father-in-law. This is the right time they believed to trap me.Wife also has suicidal tendency always.

As I have already applied for divorce, can she futher go for 498A. we have clear recordings of her admiting we never took dowry in any form. In fact, she says they hold owr family Jewels.

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