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Wife's behaviour

Sir, I got married in Jan 13 with Priyanka Gupta thru I have my mother and one step father in the family. We all wanted to stay together in the family. after marriage it was going well but it was only for one month. all were so happy. by the days passes issues arisen. My wife was not ready for physical relationship, she said she is not comfortable with this. However I set my mind. after 3-4 months her behavior with my mother was not good. She said she doesn't like my parents. She always forced me to stay separately. I refused to do that. She left my house four time by saying this that she will not come back. Her mother, sister and brother also forced me to stay separate from my parents. I am the only hope of my parents. So I refused. Finally she decided to come back after staying her parental home for six month. She shown me too much love for me and my parents in between we had a physical relation. After 15 days she started the same story with my mother and said she has stolen her 1000 rupees from her almirah. She also stolen her saari. She spoiled her makeup kit. She beaten my mother and called the 100 number alleged that she is not safe in the house. I am scared, she and her relatives always threatens that they will file a harassment and dowry case on me and my family members. To keep my family safe from them I decided to stay separate from my parents. I thought this might can change her mind. But I was wrong. She doesn't wanted me to go to my parental house. She always scold me and quarrel with me. However we blessed with a son in Oct 14. She takes him to her parental house but she do not allow me take my son to my parents or even she doesn't allow them to meet my son. My life has been totally spoiled. So I decided to left her house yesterday and came to my mother's house. Kindly suggest what can I do? Can I go for a divorce. Because there is nothing my life. only dark. Please help.


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krishnaleela   05 January 2015

I feel we both have same story, even i am looking for help.pls update me too if u get any way to get out of from this relationship

rising up again (FFF)     05 January 2015

you have three options... 


1. try for a mutual consented divorce. be ready to pay a huge amount as settlement amount and get rid of all the troubles. Take this as the payment for your future life... In this case, you may even try to ask for the custody of the child....incase you interested. 


2. if you do not wish to pay huge amount of money....then pay the same in instalments.... means.... pay small small amounts to the lawyers / wife maintanence etc etc .........and also spoil 4-5-6 years of yours... AND STILL NOT BE SURE.....that you will be granted a divorce...  ALSO, as the child is too small, you will not get the custody of the child....unless you prove the your wife to be of a very loose character and a totally immoral female.....which will be impossible to prove. 


3. COMPROMISE....and let her do whatever she wants to do. Try to make elders sit and sort all issues......and if nothing is happening.... give her time to live alone. Time is the best healer....who knows....she things to getting rid of you and she asks for a divorce..... In this case, you might not have to pay huge settlement amounts. BUT this is a very uncertain....situation. 




naveen (business)     05 January 2015

Hi Aditya, I too had same story, even though my parents r no more un necessarily they all creating problems, she don't wish to stay with me and even her parents r not allowing, they r too greedy nd want all benefits nd money from my end. Not knowing how to solve problem nd thinking of divorce, my happiness, peace, interest in life, every thing I lost. It's enough I can't tolerate anymore. Please update if get any advice nd guidance.

Kappil Cchandna (Expert Bail & Criminal Defence Lawyer at Delhi Supreme Court of India)     05 January 2015

Dear, File a suit for divorce on the ground of the cruelty ... Kapil Chandna adv 9899011450

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