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jaswinder (computer professional)     31 August 2011

Wife ready to give divorce but husband not want to

Hi to all the Senior Members of this website.

I read many topics but my question was not answerd in any post or I have unluckly not found


My question is :
1) If my wife is demanding for the Divorce and Husband do not want to give
then what will happen? I forcing her to stay with me and I can prove in the court
that her parents are wrong ? because I have solid Voice recordings which they used to
talk with me during my visiting bad words forcing about my parents and about my family

lands and money realted voice logs with clear voices are with me. and Legally I can
ruin them but i do not want to.
2) any how if she takes the divorce then in what cases i may take my baby back?
or if she keeps the baby then legaly what amount i have to give them

Well myself a Computer Professional and good business and and was married in 2009 and my

marriage was arranged marrige...I am am Graduate and my wife too. My wife is from the

family not much settled.. She was just a house wife and we have one girl baby. But after

having baby her behave was changed..

before baby also she was not getting adjusted but I was not thinking that a major problem..

but I did not know this that was my mistake

and after having our baby she just started to play with my life.Whenever we used to go at

her home, her parents always unhappy with me  because they every time Listend to their

daughter even if she is wrong then also they not admit my statements,

her mother and he brothers always unhappy with me because i did not make my own house,

actually i live with my family and we have a family house, and they always forced me to

have my seprated house or in family house itself have to take my part property, but the property is made by my Dad and not my Grandfather.

but i Tried to make them satisfy but faild, i have got the conclusion that they want me to get seprated,I said if i will be seprated then she should also stay seprated from you? and whenever we will come to meet toghter with my parents also same way,then this has a

become a issue and therefore they are not allowing us to live peacefully because i do not live as per thir will

I do not say my wife is wrong she is right for me and i want to get her back but the

parents of her not letting her to settle, she is not understing now who is her

but later on when she will relize she will be late... i am thinking about both my wife and

my baby.

She used to stay months at her parents house with my baby, she want me to have mixed up

with her family and wanting me to forget about my family

She never cares me nor baby but even then i am ready to take her back but she say Talk to

my parents? she can not take her decision. Now my wife is with her parents from last month

with my Baby and want divorce but i do not want to give her a divorce easily



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Gundlapallis (Advocate)     31 August 2011

Divorce is not something that can be given or taken that easily.  If you dont want divorce, you can file your objections when she files the petition and the court will definately look into it.  From what you have narrated, both of you need  and your families need family counselling - not legal counselling.   You are not just TWO to have independent decisions... you are responsible to the innocent Third between you and the drift between you both is not worth ruining the future of your child..

Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     31 August 2011

- I agree to my ld. brothers sound advise in this brief.
In few briefs such as presented one colly. social engineering helps more than filing various legal suits as spur of the moment quick way out of postpartum issues ignorance.


jaswinder (computer professional)     31 August 2011

I am agree that Divorce is not the solution. She does feel me suitable for her and she has decided to take
the divorce. At the last I have admitted that i will go out and live in independent flat provided that she will have to do job outside rather than my business but she does not want to work actaully. Their intention is towards the business management takeover and want to get the full access on my business. I also do not have have problem in mixing her in my business but... only when i feel she is ready to handle my hard earnd money... but at now she does not deserve it. I fullfill all the requirements, I mostly buy all the amenities by credit card and have all the bills of shopping malls and restaurants and transportations expenses, various tour programmes since married ( I only mentioning because it may be produced before the judge to make satisfy that i provide everything and even then she creates the problem ) I am not looking for divorce and I have thought for one marrige.. She is lucky that she given me baby because of that I forgive her for the sake of my chideren future. But she does not understands it.

Where Can i file my objections at Police Station or Court?

Shonee Kapoor (Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA)     01 September 2011

Dear Jaswinder,


Please try for marriage counselling. I can understand that it may not be easy.


If she files a case, insist of mediation in court.


If she is asking you to file a case of divorce or any other. Don't go down path of filing RCR. That is not a way out.




Shonee Kapoor

Female Activist (housewife)     03 September 2011

take a seperate house and start living dude, what is big problem in that, if u r not abusive she would come back

valentine thakkar (advocate)     03 October 2011

Divorce is not easy and recently the Supreme Court has also passed restriction for  granting divorce at the fall of the hat. Otherwise the institution of marriage willcollapse and the sociiety will suffer at large. Children will be put under trauma and embarassment. Only in most genuine cases, divorce  is granted considering ccustody, maintenance etc. In Kohli 'scase, the delay was  of 14 years and the SC added one more ground off irrretrievable breakdown of marriage and send recommendation to the PM. Still no law is passed in this regard.

Mitch Mische (Best Criminal Lawyer)     03 October 2011

If you don't sign the divorce paper so there will not be a divorce. But in some cases if you are hurting your wife physically the divorce may go on without your appeal and everything. She can get away from you with your baby. Cause most of the time baby's are always going to their mom when the couple breaks up! The amount of money you should give them is almost half of your salary.  Or as long as they not in poverty.


Best criminal lawyer

GORE VIKAS NARAYAN (Librarian)     02 September 2013

Respected All,

Me and my wife want to apply for mutual divorce, but my wife did not want to divorce me, she loves me a lot and want to stay with me. Will court give divorce in such cases.

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