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kilimanjaro (md)     20 October 2014

Wife ran away with kids and sent divorce notice after 35days

in the month of march my wife had a small argument with me and went to her sisters place stayed there for 2 days.

i tried convincing her which is normal and i took her phone found a number called that number asking who it was that person denied speaking to my wife or knowing her or me . i asked him which city he was from then he told me the name of the city then i asked him if he knows my wife sister he said yes but he denied speaking to her , i could very well see the call log for and multiple incoming and outgoing calls.

i didnt said anything to my wife or he sister but when i was speaking to one of her relative who revealed this persons name and city and told me the truth that this guy was having an illegal relationship with my wife sister.

i got upset and asked my wife and her sister why do such nasty things with my wife mobile . if she had to speak she could have used her own mobile number why use my wife mobile number.


instead accepting the fact and feeling sorry my wife and her sister abused me saying that im blaming her sister falsely. my wife is such that she believes her filthy sister more than she believes me . though she knows i love her and take very good care of her.


meanwhile as this issue continued 

i caught my wife talking to her X boyfriends via facebook , whatsapp and phone calls

i got upset again and had an argument with my wife why would she speak to her x boyfriend when me and she having an issue ?

my wife faked a attempt to suicide along with her sister , the next day she came home and was sleeping on the bed , which i didnt notice bcoz i was sleeping when she came . after an hour i received a phone call from another sister of my wife who lives far away , she said she suspects that my wife could have had some tablets .

i took her to hospital and spent 3 days in icu just for observation . later i saw all the results were normal before and after the treatment.

on mutual understanding my wife came home , pretended like she was living with me happily but kept her jewels and cash 1 lakhs at her sisters place .

a month back i was home back from work and my wife and kids were not there her mobile phone is at home , all the clothes were missing including hers my kids

after giving the police complaint , i figured out that her mother along with her elder sisters planned this and brainwashed my wife to take such step. 

with the phone records of my wife mother and elder sisters , we found a clue that the person who had illegal contact with my wife could have helped in this plan , with the police i went to his city and took him to police station for questioning.


he revealed that he has illegal relationship with my wifes elder sister and my wife and her mother is very much aware of this , which my wife and mother in law denied totally and also denied knowing any such person. he also revealed that prior my mother in law and my wife sister had asked this person to help my wife get settled in another city and get her a place to stay and a job ? which he claims he denied when they asked him .

my mother in law along with sister in law raised a police complaint , suspecting me killing my wife and children.

where all the phone records and leads proves that it was my mother in law and sister in law who had helped my wife to plan this and run away from my place .

my mother in law came to my city gave a complaint and left the next day , she only came back to my city once i went to the city to catch this guy and exactly after 5 days i received a divorce notice from my wife.


i know and rest everyone knows that what my wife did was wrong . she ran away with proper planning along with our kids who are just 4 and 6.


i know she cant prove anything that she mentioned in the notice against me 99% of it its totally false.

But i can prove everything they did including my wife , which i dont want .


i want my wife and kids back with out troubling anybody but im sure my mother in law and sister in law have totally brained washed her , unfortunately my wife is having such sick mentality to stick to them rather than sticking to the good and truthful things in life.


she is in a different state and im in a different state , the distance is more than 1000 kms

all i got was a advocate notice to reply if i fail she would go take legal action against me.


i dont know what to do but i want my wife and kids back or atleast my kids i cant let my wife or mother in law raise my kids with such sick mentality.

My mistake was that i question her if she lie to me or do anything wrong , which she never accept or agree or feel sorry for . Such is my wife but rest she is great 


Please help me im trying to save my family





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Satyadarshi Kunal (advocate)     20 October 2014

Consult a marriage counsellor with your wife if your intention is to save your marriage.

kilimanjaro (md)     20 October 2014

Thank you kunal


But my wife has no interest to live with me any more due to her personal behaviour and the fact that she has been convinced by her mother and sister.

any step id take legally will only make my wife and kids suffer , there is no proper person in her family who could give her a proper advice and make her understand that what she is doing is wrong.

At any cost she doesnt like people proving her wrong , if does she gets upset but still would never accept her mistake or regret for the same

Hardeep (Business)     22 October 2014

1) How can you live with someone not interested in you ? 2) As for children custody if your evidence is accepted by court you have good chance of getting it. Take proper counsel.

kilimanjaro (md)     24 October 2014


it took me lotta time to realize that she was never interested in me . Even now im unable to accept this fact and move on with life. 

I have enough evidence to prove her point as totally fabricated with proof that cant be denied but again i think its only my wife who gonna get humiliated and gonna get hurt but unfortunately she has no such feelings for me .

now i have only received a notice from an advocate who claimed that my wife is living in a particular area with no proper address .


How do i take this issue to the court and whats the proper step to take to take my kids from her ?


With such mentality of my wife and her mother & sister im pretty sure she is in no mental or financial conditions to provide any good support .


kindly advice me what to do 

498A fighter (tutor)     24 October 2014

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