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Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     01 March 2011

Why with me?

Hon. Admin,


In this month,ie march i received 5 thanks from v.vasudevan,angel_again,stanley,kaku and kunal.

anyone can check this from my profile page to confirm this.


yet in the below page,you are showing that i have received only 1 thanks in march!



also in Dec. 2010, i had got max. no. of thanks.

when i wrote to you about this in jan,2011 thru e-mail,you  reduced my no. of thanks on the very next day and put me at no. 2 position.

when i cross checked how it happened i found out that i had got many thanks on 23rd december,25th december and also 30 th december.but you removed all these dates from my profile page.

  even now anyone can cross check and he will see that though i received thanks on these dates too,these dates dont appear on my profile page any more


then i wrote to you also about this matter and wanted to know why it was done,but i got no reply.

interestingly, since then 1 hour restriction was put on me.


i am not interested in any -I-pods because i can afford to buy myself.

All  want is impartial treatment to all members.


I did not raise this issue in forums because people wud have thought i am some greedy person.So i let this issue remain as it is.


but now u are again doing this in march,ie,showing only 1 thanks in march whereas i have got 5.



i cud have written to u thru private message also,but i feel u will not respond or else put another restriction on me,maybe of 2 hrs. this time.


so i decided to bring this issue openly.


if u r impartial kindly explain why this is happening again and again...or you may again choose to ignore and continue with ur partial treatment.

i wont object again...because i have now become immune to this partiality.




have a good day!


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Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     01 March 2011

roshni ji please also add my thanks.

what we will do with all these thanks, numbers. t shirts & i pods?

we come here for  entertainment by interaction among the members.

please do not take it so seriously.

thank you.

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Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     01 March 2011

thanks arup jee

as i already said,i am not a material i will never expect anyth. from LCI henceforth

but i do believe in impartiality,which unfortunately doesnt exist here.

hence  i raised this issue...also because this being a legal website, i expected that the admin here will be just and fair to all


anyways,thanks for your kind words


have a good day!!


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My concern here is to sort appreciation from Roshni B which is thousan times valuable than any i-pod, T-shirt etc.


A site is like a train, get in and get down. Duing journey make friends, interact with them and spread unity.


Roshni B is expecting an i-pod from Railway for Boarding in its train. Why bothering Roshi ji, let their train wih No water in toilets, non working fans, no cleanliness, nopunctuality. But our journey is succssful with fellow passengers.


Keep smiling..... like our Hemantji..................

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Mere hisse ke "thanks" and credits to ye Panchamvedi ke avtaar liye jaa rahe hain to main kis se kahoon?


My "thanks" and credits are being grabbed by the Avtars of Panchamvedi and to whom I make a complaint? 

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Sarvesh Kumar Sharma Advocate (Advocacy)     02 March 2011





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Originally posted by :sarvesh k sharma .0-9837271758





Dekho Bhaiya Mishrajee, tum thahre is site ke admin ke rishtedaar so phalwaan bane ghoom rahe ho aur yahan updesh zaad rahe ho ayen?? Tum chaahe kuchh bhi bakwaas karo, kahe ki tum thahre Admin ke "TOP-MEMBER", Wo kahte hain na- Chor Chor mousere Bhaai... Ee dekho;

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Bhartiya No. 1 (Nationalist)     02 March 2011


@ author and all


Yes correct,

fairness must be there, nobody is here for prizes, also it will be better if the there will be prize for expert section only, where queriest get the advice for his query.

As far as thanks are concerned then either the facility of thumbs up/down get removed or should not be moderated as this only shows appreciation/liking of that post by that particular member.  Or they shud fix the quota for “Thumbs up/down” per member/hour or day. But the best would be to remove the prize, which admin perceive as the main bone of contention. Partiality by admin is nothing but humiliation to the member.  


What to do with this? Please take it like a fun only.


  Most Thanked Members This Month


Member Name

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Pandit Abhay Panchamvedi *LG*
[ Scorecard : 94]


Kirti Kar Tripathi
[ Scorecard : 8051]


Raju Ramparag Gupta
[ Scorecard : 334]


Democratic Indian
[ Scorecard : 1129]


Weight is given to Moderator Selection for awarding the ipod

Also See :

·         Recently thanked members

·         Most Thanked members

·         Top 5 Thanked Members Last Month

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Bhartiya No. 1 (Nationalist)     02 March 2011


jara wo Doha Sunayeega,

Aisi vani boliye ki, sabse jhagada hoy, specially us se jo sabse tagada (admin) hoy!!

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Bhartiya No. 1 (Nationalist)     03 March 2011

Even i am of the view that point and thanks system should be removed.

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