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Why men should refuse to marry?

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Guest (n/a)     14 June 2008

Where is the petition??

Rajesh Kumar (Advocate)     15 June 2008

Well the laws are not about dowry, it is abour "property". It is about usurpation of men's property by women. It is about robbery of fruits of men labour. Let us see these example:
-A women can say any figure of ornaments, men has kept. Men is charged for criminal breach of trust of property. He is denied bail, unless until he gives some money to women.
-Certain state governments has made provision that in case of such complaints, salary will be given to wife.
-Domestic Violence Act gives right to women, on the home made by man.
-Maintenance is granted to women without establishing she is not able to maintain herself.
-Maintenance is granted to maintain "status". What staus a woman has when she is living on meintainance.
-Divorce is a easy way to get rich of women in developed countries. (we will be devoloped soon)
-Many times maintenance is granted which is more than the income of men.
-The laws has been enacted to fecilitate "extortion", by threatening abuse of laws.
Man should understand the basic nature of these laws. It is designed to "enslave" men in marital relationship.
Men should refuse to marry to avoid this enslavement, physical, moral, financial and spiritual enslavement.

J. P. Shah (RTI & CONSUMER ACTIVIST)     16 June 2008

To encounte the menance of legal loot by women, men will have to form ALL INDIA association to resist such laws. In democracy like India, only numbers count. Let men unite to have balanced laws or provision to punish women if she cannot prove her allegations in courts. These laws are worse than TADA ! In TADA etc only the person involved is punished, in pro-women laws entire family of men is ruined. It can extend to ,minors, aged and even  to friends, neighbours who try to solve the domestic marital problems amicably. Is there any study of fate of women who used these laws.  What did they get out of it? Members may load info if available with them.   

Rajesh Kumar (Advocate)     16 June 2008

This is a very good idea to make associations.

However there are a few weaknesses in the associations formed. That is one of the reasons why no tangible things could be achieved by such associations.

I am thinking as to how this menace should be opposed. One of the idea propounded by me to refuse to marriage- if men refuse to marry say for five years- all the problems would be solved.

I have some more idea- well thought out. Soon i will put before learned friends here.


Srinivas.B.S.S.T ( Advocate)     21 June 2008

marriage was an institution in old days
now it has became a business. In many cases i have dealt i saw the
particular phenomenon that the women use the 498A case as a catalyst to
mulct more money at the time of settlement. I personally opine that
thogh the man is physically stronger ofspouse but infact he is legally
a weakling.

Rajesh Kumar (Advocate)     24 June 2008

Marriage as a business- it is a business for women:

-Before marriage they see if the man can pay for household expenses.

-During marriage, if the man is not giving her enough money, she will torture the man.

-During break up time of marriage, she will extort money through 498A.

-After break up, she will get alimony and become rich.

Marriage has always been a business for the fairer (smarter) s*x.

satan (service)     28 June 2008

For all this, our idiotic governments and farcical  and illogical laws are responsible . I WILL CERTAINLY ADVISE ALL PROSPECTIVE HUSBANDS NOT TO MARRY IN THE PRESENCE OF TOTALLY ONE SIDED LAWS  WHICH CAN SHATTER ONE'S LIFE AND PEACE FOR EVER. A Live-in relation is still a better option.

satan (service)     28 June 2008

I too believe  when first woman spoke, she spoke against men. She is presenting a very incomplete picture. She must have known that  all cases today reveal that women and all their families are greedier than any hell of a thing. She (Ms Romeshwari) does not seem to have seen much of society. Today,  the number of families SILENTLY SUFFERING because of greedy and selfish women IS FAR FAR MORE THAN the actual cases in the courts. This is all because  nobody (Men) wants to suffer for no fault of his in the hands of an absolutely biased laws and judicial system, a creation of  mentally blind people .

Rajesh Kumar (Advocate)     29 June 2008

Well my friend, no body can stop an idea whose time has come. Abuse against men's right will stop the day men will become vigilant of their rights. And i can see the change. Cheers.

Rajesh Kumar (Advocate)     20 July 2008

Today i was reading in TOI that somebody is starting a site where they will put name, address, photograph etc. of women and their family members, who abuses these law so that people be alerted from them.

Good effort. Keep it up. We can put it up here also.

Rajan Salvi (Lawyer)     29 August 2008

Marriage Tajmahal jaisa hai. Bahar ho to andar jane ko ji karta hai aour andhar ho to bahar ane ko ji karta hai.




Jokes apart marriage is a serious affair, a gamble. It either makes or breaks a person. For each child the period of work increases by 10 years. Every person does not have the brains to be creative and I think it is Gods way of making each person [ no matter what his status and calibre is ] to feel as if he has done something unique.


Somerset Maugham said " fife is like a carpet , with inticate designs." The designs have no purpose.They just exist. I suggest members of this forum to read " OF Human Bondage". Practically all life's questions are answred therien. Ironically a good loving wife , as per the autthor is the greatest source of happiness.


A marathi poem states " life to be a cloth woven with one thread of happiness and 99 of sadness"


Speaking about 498A - it will be peritnent to note that the legislature thought it essential to make this act because women were burnt around the country like torches for dowry etc. Still the atrocities did not stop so it went further and passed the Prevention of Domestic Violence act. Now it seems that both, 498A and Dv are tools in the hands of unsruplous women to subjucate men.


However, to end I may add lhat problem lies even with males. No women will go to the extent of putting her maritial life in jeopardy just to teach somebodly a lesson . It is only when there is no other remedy does a women step out of the house and fire missiles against her husbands.[this is only with respect to non working women]

Rajesh Kumar (Advocate)     30 August 2008

Well, men are not understanding the real issues- it is not about marriage, false cases or dowry. It is about distribution of fruits od men's labour. It is about enslavement of men, emasculation of men's spirit. Men must understand this.

Before the present technichal advancement, survival was tough. Food was scarce. It was men who sweated and brought food to the home so that women, children and aged person may survive.

Now with technical advancement, brought by research done by men has made work easier in farms, battlefield, factories- so women want to work there. On equality. Woemen want to work in factories, but no agitation to work in dingy mines. Women want to join armed forces- but no agitation to be posted in siachen. The work which has become easier, women want to enter into- claiming equality.

Well, even that is acceptable. What is not acceptabe is usurpation of fruits of men labour. Why should men maintain women when they are equal. why should men give residence to women, who are equal. Women should understand that equality comes with responsibility. There cannot be any right without responsibility.

But in democracy votes count- and not logic. 


Guest (n/a)     03 September 2008


I am also afraid of being misuse of these laws like 498, domestic voilance act etc against me. i am married and happen to 5 months. I have gone through such a mental and physical harsement by my wife and her family members. I am afraid of my life. My wife collecting evidences against me from very begning after the mairrages taking me in confidence. This all lokks to be pre planned.No legal processes yet have been started. I need support from u people. I am engineering graduate and dont understand the law as such. but i m really very muchh afraid of my life. My wifes behaviour is very abnormal. She want me to cut off from my family member. she wants all my salery. She wants to sell my flat in allahabd where my dependent parents are staying. She wants to purchase flat in NCR reason with my support. i am ready to do this all, then to i am beaten by her and her family members. Please help me out. What shall i do.She is not even ready to give the consent. What shall i do in this situation.

Kya mujhe jindagi bhar aise hi jina hoga? I am afraid of loosing my life. i have gone throgh this phase many a times. I am torchured badly mentally as well as physically.

Please suggest me.

Rajan Salvi (Lawyer)     03 September 2008

Dear Ashok Mishra'

                              Your plight is diploring. If you were my brother I would have suggested you to go out of the country and get emplyed as an Engineer. All the forum members will try to guide you , so pl do not worry. As a student of physics i know there can be no effect without a cause. A personal question - Is the marriage consumated?

Guest (n/a)     03 September 2008


My passport have been captured, my pan card , credit card all have been captured.This is all done in presence of my wife and his father do this all on the last friday.They all have beaten me. What shall i do in this situation. They have taken in written from me that i will purchase flat in NCR reason which she has been granted through paramelitry housing society scheme. My wife say's that i am the coapplicant for this property and forcefully they have taken in writting from me that i will take joint loan for purchasing this property.They have beaten me very badly to the last friday. I have been beaten on my nose, on my throat, on my ears and on my eyes. Blood clotting happens to my eyes and in my throat. What shall i do, please help me out . 

I am afraid of my life. In case i leave my job and go back to my parents place, how it will impact to this case. Please help me. I am afraid of the misuse of domestic voilance act agaist me, where loss of residential property can be imposed on me. how shall  i protect myself. 

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