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Why men should refuse to marry?

Page no : 21

Rahul Mendiratta (na)     21 February 2013

Dear Rajesh,

We all wish that you should contribute to this blog and continue speading the words to make it voice of people of India.

We should bring men together to fight this gross injustice by Women specially wives.

We look forward to the point when Men will be treated with respect and dignity for contributing to society from protecting as a soldier to a bread earner. 

We should recognize men as a huban being with same emotions and felling which only women claim to have.

Msk-need -nuetral- laws (self)     21 February 2013

If we all look at who created these laws that sick kangaroos* anti-male government, yes all men should unite and vote against poeple advocating anti-male law, then they realise and make amendments

There are few more ideas

1) educated men should leave this country but fight united aginst these laws. While leaving should return citizenship declaring anti-male society

2) Form association and support existing associations effectively

3) Turn as laywers and arugue for innocent men ( I am IIT graduate, finally fate made to join law course)

4) all should stand and hold organisation before parliament if two lakh people joins and marches to president home.

Hmm if only i had seen this post 4 years gao, i would have been smart and not married and suffered all cruelty

Rahul Mendiratta (na)     21 February 2013

Many people around us have not been lucky to realize the cruelty by Women and have been trapped now.

We should stop voting women politicians as, irrespective of what truth is, they will always support woman and make them more powerful to suppress man in all the ways possible.

We whould also vote against anti-male men and women.

If misuse of anti-husband goes on like this, there wont be any family concept left in so called culturally rich 'India'.

Rajesh Kumar (Advocate)     05 August 2013

Not very active on Lawyersclub anymore. But still working for Men's Rights with equal zeal. In the last few years, situation has worsened. Apart from marital laws, they have created Sexual Harassment at workplace law, which is like 498A at workplace. This law will also destroy may lives, livelihood and reputation. Sexual assault law is mockery of law. There is greater need for men to organize. Please follow me on twitter (@MensMrm)  or join Men's Rights Movement on facebook. The best part is that effort to organize men has not gone in vain- it has resulted in a vibrant movement worldwide- May it grow with the grace of God. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1l_gPaeXw0&feature=youtu.be


The previling laws are not Gender Biased laws these are anti human laws.A plethora of corruption in this country had certainly stopped the humanity.In this social stigma a man needs wife but wife needs only biased laws.

If a man struggles in his own marriage he could not get out, if he speaks out then be ready to face the numeric weapons of women law 498a,406,504,503,34,35,dv 18,20,21,dp 3,4,6 etc.

The marriage in India is similar to slave in siberia....... !

Where in siberia people die due to hunger but in India people die due to suffer.


A sufferer....

NGOKC (pm)     05 August 2013

govt of india proposed a marriage amendment bill that will exterminate all males and husbands . This bill proposes that wives can divorce one sided after three years and will take away half property of Male husband. We will be left ...with no choice , yes men will not get similar treatment.They will lose all they haVE . Please help in stopping this daylight dacoity . THIS IS OUR CHANCE TO PREVENT BAD LAWS

Please vote below Please join this campaign: https://www.change.org/en-IN/petitions/save-indian-marriages-stop-the-law-on-marriage-amendment-bill-from-gifting-all-male-property-to-females?share_id=ylNyBesvWi&utm_campaign=mailto_link&utm_medium=email&utm_source=share_petition

I request you to also send this link to your friends, together we can

Ranee....... (NA)     05 August 2013

This is the most  active thread!!Borne 5 years back and still going on like a river.... :D

The sad part is that man never seriously gives up  the idea of getting married..even husbands who are harrassed by first wife and the women friendly laws cries for quick divorce to get married again:P..even some people files divorce and fights for 4/7 years for divorce to get married again:P


498A__misused (Sec)     06 August 2013

dont marry  with Indian Girls else you will be behind bars under false 498a

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