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lalita   12 March 2015

Why doesn't Indian govt. sustain divorced women,as in america?

not  every divorced girl's life is a bed of roses.

some are not accepted by family.

or their parents may have passed away.

some are with kids also,but with no support.

some may be unable to get a job owing to overage,poor health,lack of experience, such cases they are forced to fight in courts for getting it.they may/may not get sufficient maintenance also,as per rising cost of living.

i find it funny that the govt. takes no reponsibility of divorced women.

our govt copies everything american or british,such as our laws,our education system,etc.

interestingly,in US,a divorced women is govt's responsibility.she gets a house to love in till she remarries.

even an unemployed person gets monthly maintenance from no one dies as a destitute,shelterless person.

why cant the same system be adopted in india??


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Laxmi Kant Joshi (Advocate )     12 March 2015

You can not compare one country to another, Countries like US or Britain are developed and far advanced in all measures from India, they have their own laws , in india a woman gets maintenance from her husband, and time to time as circumstances changed she can get enhanced in maintenance by moving an application in the court, she will get the maintenance till her re marriage or death .

lalita   12 March 2015

sir,you sound as if getting maintenance is a v.easy job..


then y does india copy other countries' systems,if it cannot copy anything sensible?

Jimmy (Manager)     13 March 2015

Getting maintenance is very easy in India if you have a good advocate. What is your situation that u not get maintenance? Describe so that some advocates can give u guidance.

Shantanu Wavhal (Worker)     13 March 2015

Hey Ram ...

dear author, 

pl. express 3 more wishes ... AAMEN !!

Contest (Proofer)     14 March 2015

Indian judicial system should be revamped in terms of laws.

I heard that "delayed justice is denied justice" but day by day the justice system is delayed by all (laws, litigants, advocate, courts (judge leave, court staff leave, advocate boycott, obituary meetings during court time, etc.)

People are losing confidence in judicial system and approaching ADRs.

I have a OST (specific performance) case running for the past 7+ years and it had reached argument stage in december second week and we completed arguments on Jan first week and filed written arguments also. from that time until now, the opp party has got 9 hearings so far and at last hearing, the judge said she will pronounce orders if failed to submit written arguments in march second week, but now mar 16th, advocate strike has been called in tamilnadu due to an advocate killed in allahabad.

Bar council, courts (high and supreme), central government, state governments does not feel the pain of the litigants and their confidence lost because of these kind of activities.

If any other profession is boycotting their job either private or public, severe action is taken to control it?

Why the supreme court cant enact a law suo moto that prevents advocates boycotting the court and as a litigant, i am proud to say my advocate is always against boycotting the court . I heard most of the advocates have opined like this bcos of the litigants pain.

I think only advocate is the best profession bcos it can stumble any action against them by police, court, public, etc. otherwise, the advocates would boycott the courts in india indefinitely

What is the solution for this ?

gopal (Faculty)     16 March 2015

In our country the law are there but the persons who are to implement they are making it wrong.

in our country also have some welfare of women and children.

but the persons who are incharge of that is not exposing to the needful person

They try to escape from their duties always , if they did honestly , in our country also divorced women and widowed women can get proper remedies from the Govt .

The Govt allot crores of rupees for the welface of the women(even any govt do not care of the men) but the persons who are responsible for implementing that, they do not implement the needful women

That is the problem our country women facing problems.




T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     16 March 2015

You may discuss your real problems for which expert lawyers are ready to give their opinion but discussing about the issues which are to be decided in parliament alone cannot get any solution here except for comments which may be interesting or damaging.  There are social websites like, in which you may post such issues where you will get more responses in a positive manner.

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