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Why does it take so long

Page no : 2

Shwetha (Software Engineer)     20 February 2012


then how can you make a statement that real victims of DV are only those illiterate women who dont even know their rights...were you illiterate...were you not aware of your rights....weren't you subjected to cruelty...


domestic violence is not just physical abuse...each of verbal, mental, emotional and economic abuse also counts under DV.


the people out here did guide you right to some extent but then even confused you..your case only calls for DV not good that you did not file for 498A...but you could have filed for would your in-laws suffer if you did were not going to file it on your did not file for DV...its your personal choice..but your assumptions are not completely have been misguided...DV case not just gives monetary also provides also gives a last warning to husband \...if he repeats this to his wife or even to his next wife, that will be treated as a criminal offence...


also, once you file a 498A, your husband is in same trouble again...if he repeats this even to his next wife, a single complaint from his future wife to be, and this time he will not even get bail...


why do you think guys are so desperate to give huge amount out-of-court instead of fighting the case legally...only becasue they want to do it again and hence be innocent guy will never ask for out-of-court settlement...he will fight till the end...all those women who knew that their husbands would never change their attitude and still went for out of court settlement and withdrew the cases and all those women like you who just let go of such husbands have all put another women in danger...


...zulm ke khilaf aawaz na uthana bhi zulm sehna hi hota hai...

salma Kamdar (housewife)     20 February 2012

Frankly speaking i did not know that what was happening is domestic violence . i was thinking all the time i am wrong . but when i went through sites on internet and compared things i realised that i was made to feel that i am wrong . my confidence level also fell . i felt good for nuthing. it was only when i entered my husbands email id and found one email in his trash folder , i realised that he was behind some other girl and his behaviour towards me was not because of my wrong but it was because of his infidelity . n may b i din tell but my was arrange cum love marriage .

Shwetha (Software Engineer)     20 February 2012

I am sorry Salma...

but then I am happy for you...becasue its over...


but thats exactly what mental cruelty and emotional abuse is...its so disheartening that society always further intimidates a depressed girl...I was so wrong when I thought its only the typical indian society that always points all the blame on the girl without even trying to find out the truth.. but to my surprise the attitude of so many well educated and well-to-do guys is exactly the same...looking at so many guys bluntly jumping to conclusions that its all her fault...


the only difference is


pehle log hamesha ladkiyon ko hi taane maarte the

now people always taunt the girl

pehle ki auratein kehti thi ki mard aurat par tabhi haat uthata hai jab aurat galti karti hai..

now girls say harassment never happens to educated women...

nothing has changed except the language...and we call ourselves educated...


salma  .....agreed real victims of dowry and dv are those illiterate people who dont even know their rights . 

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