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where is the black money?

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I am of the view that:-

--- All the places of workships be taken over by the govt of the day in the respective states.

----All the incomes from those places of worships be used for building schools and colleges.

-----NGOs are Non Govwernmental Organisation. Hence no funds be given to those so called NGOs.

-----That all the contents of the bank's lockers be made public within the next 30 days. ED and IT COMMISSIONERS be delegated special powers to confiscate all the ill-gotton wealth kept inside the bank's lockers.


gr8 view u have got sir... now,

-govt is not able to manage all the affairs it has already been delegated

-disinvestment and autonominity of governmental agencies are going on

-red-tapes, n beurocracy is d biggest reason of corruption and accumulation of black money

-most of the developmental works are being done by NGOs and are being delegated to them

-No-Profit organisation does not mean, someone remains hungry to feed others... that means, i shall not let u hungry, while, i am eating..

-and religious bodies are supposed to opiumate the people off all the bigger things going on around them. people are faith blind..

-And who told u that ED n IT commissioners are not corrupt and aid in accumulation of black money...


practicing advocate

Nice thought.  But  I think 99% cong-I MPS, MLAs and so called intellectluals of cong-I have got balck money so they are afrad of Lok Pal. 

Govt will never pass the Lok Pal  bill, these politicians are dramatist, specially cong-I, they shows that they are the only Desh Bhaktas  others are Dhongis and they have taken india on lease to loot it.

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I think people are biased against congress politicians.Before we allow Sri Sri 420s, BA BA s and even the likes of Anna Hazares we need to do lots of introspection. Being an Advocate if you are permitted without proofs to say that 99% of the congress politicians are corrupt , I will have the right then to announce 99.99% Advocates in India are corrupt. Without the collusion of the advocates ' yourlordsheeps ' will be able to delay hearing of the cases forever, grant bail to deadliest crininals forever, cause adjourments at the drop of a hat etc etc.

So our politicians are corrupt, our lordsheeps are corrup, our advocates have no ethics as well as corrupt. Our chartered accountants are corrupt.Our bureaucrats are corrupt. Our police forces are corrupt. Our NGOs are also corrupt.

Therefore lets not make a mountain out of a mole hill . Lokpal bill will achieve nothing in the set up we have . This is a banana republic held hostaged by the Manuwadi Manhoos who use the constitution , the laws of the land and Yourlordsheeps in the same way as the kings in the yester years used the services of the COURT JESTERS.

LOKPAL bill will create another COURT JESTER and will be put to misuse by the manuwadi manhoos.


In my opinion we need a technical correction in the economy.

Really interested persons may log in to  arthakranti.org. for  details.

any query in this regard may be answered.


I think courrption is related to overall behaviour of a person which means The act  of impairing integrity, virtue, or moral principle; the state of being corrupted or debased; loss of purity or integrity; depravity; wickedness; impurity; bribery.This includes your all elements of society take for example politicians,actors,leaders,corporates,or relegious leaders.........


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Politicians are elected by our own people .Therefore they are rightly accountable to their respective voters. The IAS.COM and such other govt employees are selected based on their merits. There are umpteen numbers of checks and balances for them. Rightly they are accountable to the politicians.

The 'Your lordsheeps' are supposedly the most deserving lot. They are ulyimately accountable to the politicians.

But who are those religious leaders? Are they elected? Are they selected through a laid down precedures from the people of India independent of their castes , sects or creeds? No they are not. We have so many self proclaimed religious leaders, Yoga Babas, Sri Sri 420s, Asatya Sai and Tricky Asharams without elected, selected or deputed. They hold no ration cards , No UIDs but interfere in the govt businesses.

Those are the people who are the carriers of Black black money. They run trusts only to help HAWALA transfers of black black money. And they enjoyed all possible tax exemptions for silliest of silly excuses.

Lets get those religious leaders and asked them to declare their assets kept under Benami or otherwise.

With this followed by withdrawal of all exemptions India will shine forever.




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