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venkata Peddi (It consultant)     27 August 2014

When indian courts can realise


I hope this message will pass entire law authority, I am victim of false 498A and i met one year back a man who is fighting for fake 498A case which is filed by his wife at the  age 50 for asking his wife frother to return the money what ever he gave to his wife brother.

In fact he asked money for her daughter marraige but that bloddy wife joined with his brother and filed Fake 498A case on his husband. By watching his father strugle his daughter suicided and now he suicided. All this happend in Hyderabad one and half week back.

Though he has coorect proofs the stupid KPHB ploice officer wrote wrong charge sheet and he lost his patiency and after his daughter death he also suicide. Come on Indian law don't think only female is humanbeing even man also humanbeing. When court don't have time and capacity to give fast judgements, at least stop harrasing male and his family and order these studpid police to stop harrasing husbands for money.

Either an NRI or a software or a business man can earn money only by hard work, not by robbery... You stupid currupted police stop blackmailing for money..... 


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Rocky Smith (Instructor @ Calcutta (     27 August 2014

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Pradeep (Eng.)     27 August 2014

India has only 960 females for every 1000 males.

where are the missing females ?

Why are males preferred gender by parents ?

because may centuries ago males promised their parents that they will take care of their parents.

but males didn't. they forced their wives into the duty of caring their old age parents. wives didn't give any care.

why should any one care for some  one else's parents ?

so now, should we change our thoughts and ask girls to care for their own parents in old age ? How can we close the gender gap ?

venkata Peddi (It consultant)     28 August 2014

Hi Prdeep,

Don't tell old stories, now no one is bothering whether it is male or female. Don't forget that still most of husband going out and working for family, so what is wrong if female take care of wither boys parents and her parents...

I can understand how cruel you are, once your kids through you when you get paralasis then you can realise.....

I am also telling there are good family ladies i appreciate them, but I am talking those stupid basterd ladies who file fake 498A case.

Once you or you're son get tourtured by fake 498A then you can realise the pain. May be your wife is very good in nature.

Don't act come to real world and see how a boy is getting tourtured by these bastered girls in the current world. There are millions of boys who are working, bearing wife tourture, taking care of kids and also secretly taking care of their parents....

Come to the current wolrd.......

LoneFighter (IT)     28 August 2014


Please do not generalize anything. There could be people who are good and who are also bad in both the genders. In India, Mother-in-law and Father-in-law are revered as parents. No amount of dis-respect plz.

@Venkata Peddi

I do  understand your agony. Plz take care. All the best. 

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Rocky Smith (Instructor @ Calcutta (     29 August 2014

Dear Friends,

"bastered girls" - Most of the cases these girls are created by b*st*rd in-laws of the girls side and b*st*rd lawyers.


These b*st*rd lawyers can create the problem by misleading mediocre girls to b*st*rd girls  but does not know how to resolve it because their income is from your problem.  :P

venkata Peddi (It consultant)     29 August 2014


Please don't forget B*ST*RD currupted Police.... who always wait for money like currepted police... i can't compare currepted Police wiht any living being.. because i can't find a worst creature in the univerese other than currupted police....

Also I always think that there is another respectable way to get income for all these fake 498A related Girls, their parents, currupted Lawyers, currupted police and other currupted people. That is non other than sending their girls or wife for pr*stituti*n. In fact it is a respctable way and i respect them as well than these b*st*rds.....

Once again my apology it is only for those currupted people..........


Dear All members,

This lady by name Pradeep

is a feminist and tried number of attempts to advocate her women friendly law as unbiased and every time she has gotten from me and other members in either way.

She is such a shameless woman that she takes the name of male to participate on this LCI.

Earlier she was having the account by name heera,twinkle,roma etc which has been deleted now due to her ill mouthed words on LCI.

So, This time these ladies are taking the name of Male to participate in discussion to demoralize the males by biased law.

These type of members need only bullying .....

where you see this type of ladies in disguise of male, then and there itself you don't leave them. They need special treatments.






@ author,


This biased law is flourishing only because there is no mass unity gathering to curb down these fake one sided laws.


Males are scattered due to their career and profession , they don't want to take headache on these issues. Simply they get treatment of biased Law and move on.

But I believe one day the whole India will unite and that will be the end of these biased laws.


To all Patient of Biased Law,


Arrey Bhaioooooooo


Sirf Sahoge ya ab Bologe bhi,


Muhn Band karna toh sabhi jante hai Pad muhn kholne wale kitne hai,


Hum aag nai paani baneinge....... ok......pad paani banke bhi sirf aapni pyass kyon bhujate ho?


Jara utho aur sar utha ke dekho Iss paani bina Kitne log mar rahe hain.






Join hand’s to fight against Misuse of Law, their Legal extortion & terrorism.






The value of freedom is measured by the cost of struggle,If you need freedom then you have to become a fighter ….as no other option.







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Rocky Smith (Instructor @ Calcutta (     29 August 2014

Thanks! Mr. Every Sufferer is a Saviour... For guiding us.

You are always welcome.

Dear Friends,

Mr. Every Sufferer is a Saviour... is a very important member in this forum. Please follow his each steps carefully along with me.

Mr. or Ms. or *** :P @ Pradeep,  I understand your agony and frustration. We need to educate our society with education not by making gender biased laws.

Rocky Smith (Instructor @ Calcutta (     29 August 2014

Mr. Every Sufferer is a Saviour...


I request you, If possible please share a sample PIL petition to me of Supreme Court. Thanks in Advance!

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