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victim of wife (engineer)     09 March 2013

Victim of s/w engineer wife

Dear Lawyers,

i have married a girl who works as a s/w engineer and she is my long long relative . 6 months after my marriage, she got 3 months pregnant . she was started to Harass me to sale my  farm land and need to purchase a flat on her name  along with her parents . and she did not spend her single rupee. even i did not care about money ..and there is a lot to tell about her .. which i can not explain and which is real . 

finally she removed pregnant with out my permission and along with her parents fight with me in home . few hours later  i got a call from police station when i was in office .  my wife along with parents filed case dowry and Harassment . 

even i have no water drops from my eyes !!!!  she filed case on my parents too . my parents are in village , not with us also .


now 4 months passed .  i understand their intention that  she will never give divorce .. also she is not ready to come back .  

now what i have to do ??    no response from their side .  even police station everybody knows this is a fake case .. they are not annoying me . they are saying solve this matter outside . dont worry .. now a days girls are like this .. so and so .. i can not control to cry myself .. why she need only my property ,,she never cares me in the 6 months marriage life . 

what i have to do ? can do another marriage ??   un-official marriage ????   i need Children’s by me  and for me . 


please .. understand my pain . and give me good Suggestions  

for sure , she does not like me . she does not have interest on me .  she have a bf . he is in USA . that i came to know after all .





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Ranee....... (NA)     09 March 2013

hire a seasoned advocate.Collect proofs of her affair/abortion. File divorce on cruelty.

fighting back (exec)     09 March 2013


dont worry man.....first of all stop crying. when u cry, half of the battle is already lost. this is just a pressure tactic by them for you to relent to their demands. be strong,  as ranee suggested, first hire a strong advocate for urself

are you out on bail? if not then secure anticipatory bail for yourself. and your parents. once done. not to worry as the case will go on and on for atleast 7 years. and matters will get solved by then. by the way why are you thinking of getting married again. arent you satisfied with the intiail torture that you want to go for a second one?...:)

what is the garuntee that the second wife will not torture you like the first one? and you also cannot get married legally until you get rid of your first wife.

now keep cool and be mentally prepared. and just hona hai woh to hoke rahega..  rona nahi. rone se aadmi haar jaata hai. jo tumhari biwi chaathi hai ki tum haar jaao aur unke demand poore karo.

fight it out man............ lad zagad aage bad............

victim of wife (engineer)     09 March 2013

thanks for your valuable message . but i need children .. otherwise there is no meaning of my hard work and earnings .  how can i get  children by myself ???   i hear there is one hospital in delhi  we can get a child by our sperm .. i mean they will arrange a womb for rent ?? is is right ??? i need my children with my sperm . i can bear what ever costs ... i love children .  please please ... suggest me . 

victim of wife (engineer)     09 March 2013

she filed case , and in that she wrote  pregnant . now she does not have pregnant ... the proof is FIR only ... FIR mentions she is pregnant .  police station and police's  every one knows this is a fake case ( dowry & Harassment)  . they even dont call me . i dont have any problem from police . but i need  get solved this prob. and i need my children

Msk-need -nuetral- laws (self)     09 March 2013

Welcome the fighting club, stop crying and stand tall. Next dramas will start from her side to seek half property or hefty money else, they say they will proceed with the case. Show them , what you are. Hope you hire a seasoned lawyer and got AB and other necessary steps.

cm jain sir (ccc)     10 March 2013

You are gud up to first part of your story but you again want to marry without getting out of from this Shi* is really not correct. First fight and come out clean from the presnt case, fight it with all your evidences. take divorce and then can think for second inning. These cases are not just like instant coffee. It will take its own time. so first you come out clean from court of law. Do not pay any extortion money. Fight tooth and nail with all merits after collecting evidence. Marriage and producing children are not the final destination of your life.

There are many people like you so take guidance from them.

Keep patience and fight it like a tiger!

Shantanu Wavhal (Worker)     10 March 2013

if she has BF, she will be eager to marry him.

let her come ahead with proposal of MCD.

now that FIR is already filed, u have to get AB / get bail after getting arrested. (the 2nd one is cheaper - AB is costly and time consuming affair). in my case, i got arrested and got bail within 24 hrs.

in the mean time, continue with mediation talks with wife. take help of elders etc.

remember to create evidence of each of ur activity eg. call recording / video recording / sending letters by RPAD.

keep an eye on wife's activities. if she is leading adulterous life, then collect evidences.

u need evidences in court of law.

as far as SHE is concerned, she just need to allege

everything else is a matter of trial which takes eons together to start and finish.

Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     10 March 2013

1. Search for a suitable girl with child bearing qualities.
2. Start live-in with her.
3. Produce a child from her as that is your major worry before world comes to an end!
4. Wife comes to know.
5. Wife has a B/f (affair?)
6. As you say police is not found of you inspite of criminal complaint matter pending so even if wife files another criminal case i.e. you having child outside marriage [I assume police will still not bait eyelid] - which is the only thing I find amusing from your whole brief.

A. Both will end up in divorce.
B. You will have child of your own.
C. Rest what you pay to get a child of your own you will discover slowly from Court once you stop repeating 4th. time your only famous thought line - “I want a child”.

End of reply to your brief from my side.

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victim of wife (engineer)     10 March 2013

Thanks for all .. who gave me good suggestions .  finally i have only one question is   Can i get my children through  rent for womb ( some hospitals in india they will find girls for renting womb and  they can take my sperm/ semen ) through operation they will make a my children   . through this process can i get my children ??     because  my case is in court may be it takes 7 years that time i will became old and might be problem for marriage and producing children . please suggest me . i dont want to marry any more after facing this problem . but i need my children legally .please suggest me my dear lawyers . 

harikrishnan ( gazetted officer)     10 March 2013

 if your wife aborted the womb without reasonable reason then file a case against her. if it is medically proved than she may got rigorous imprinsonment. if you file the case against her it is one of the non cognizibale case by police. then police can't take action against you. 

harikrishnan ( gazetted officer)     10 March 2013

if you got good advocate you can got early divorce. but straight away you have to talk with judge & you must have clear cut idea in family law request the judge with written statement for medical check up for forcefully aborted womb of your wife. if it is proved   in medical test you may got  quick judgement. don't bother! be confident!.

Manish Udar (www.Mehnat.IN)     10 March 2013

It is prohibited to get abortion after certain period of pregnancy. Further, you need to be patient and she will give you MCD after some drama. After that find a good woman and have children. Do not produce children without wife as they will be motherless children. It may also be a crime to do so.

fighting back (exec)     11 March 2013

mere bhai...qu itna emotional banta hai........first get out of the mess you have fallen into. then think of kids. bhai. dimaag se kaam le naa ki dil se. ke liye  saari umar paadi hai,. kya kids ko lekar court ke chakkar kaatega??

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