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Ramachandran (Vedic Scholar)     07 November 2009

Veda and women

Dear Lawers

After  a through research in Vedas I hereunder put my findings for the benefit of our clients.

According to Vedas Man is the South Pole and woman is the North Pole.

Vedic Science says Man is an Electron and Woman is Magnetic Force both of the creates Electromagnetic force that will run a family that creates joy and children.

If a man has an illegal connection and if the magnetic force doesn't suit a man it will ruin him., and we have good number of evedences for this.

If a man and woman is loyal to eachother the family that will shine like a Star.

If both man and woman  has an understanding and broad out look they can lead a peaceful life.

A man without Ego is a God., and a God with vengence is a Devil.



 20 Replies

Rajan Salvi (Lawyer)     07 November 2009

I know of some families where two wives and some times three, are also living harmonously. How to justify it ?

Sanjeev Kuchhal (Publishers)     07 November 2009

There is an old saying that husband and wife are the wheels of same vehicle. A good man interpretated it nicely and planned for a stepny.

Kamal Grover (Advocate High Court Chandigarh M:09814110005     07 November 2009

Thanks Ramachandran for your deep study and encourage. but plz do more study and get the concusion why there are differences between emotions between husband and wife, even they are loyal to each other then why stars r there and how they work on human being and what is the solution of Manglik. Coz if u will findout the solution then i m sure ur name will be publish inthe newspaper and humanity will be thankful to u else u will only get comments of two wheller, three wheller or bus etc.

Regards and good luck

Anil Agrawal (Retired)     07 November 2009

 Can two women live together under the same roof be they mother and daughter or sisters? What do the psychiatrists say?

Are we referring to Dasrath with 4 wives and Draupadi with five husbands? Or we simply idealists? 

Ramachandran (Vedic Scholar)     08 November 2009

Dear Rajan Salvi,

If you ask the First wife she will tell you the answer. Secondly some rich Ladies who has a sister with whom she is to share the wealth  may prefers her husband to marry her sister for the money.  But this is not with full constant agreement. A marriage for money will vanish once the money didn't buy a peace. The other word for home is peace and safe.

Mr.Kamal Grover

Even in a work place the boss beats a man, his staff due to emotion and even raps him. Because his work is affected by his wrong approach. But the Staff justify his approach and try his level best to prove his side. To my knowledge both Husband and wife should set aside their ego and write in a paper that what she like from her husband and what he dislike/hate. The husband also should do that.

Next letter they should justify the approach of likeness and dislike and suggest each other how that can be solved. No emotions and  ignorant should interfere. Man should should not say he is above her and female should not say he is lazy.

Soon an ego is set aside, a solution can be achieved. the Earth can rotate if the two poles are active.

If you say your first wife is vvvvvvv and diverse, next marrying other and she is worst than the first and scolds that because of your rude  activities your first wife got diverse and she also ask for a diverse, asking for money will you go for third?? Ok even if you go what the people around you think???

Even in a work place we are obedient to boss., and set our angry aside. When a lawyer appears in court he wish he win the case. But he losses. what will he do? will he sit alone and weep?? saying he is unfit to be lawyer and leave the court?? He encourages himself and say let us move to H.C then he goes to S.C., then he goes for Bench, again for a larger bench than to the Minister and then to Ministers then Governor then to the President. When a case itself has this much of chances to survive why not for a family?

when we are tide up with a knot with a person as Couple we are a slave to the knot.

we should honour the sentiment of the spouse.

Dear Anil Agarval, On those days for Political reasons Kings married 3 or 4. But the thrown was given only to the first wife.

Regarding Draupathy  married Pandavas it is only a story. Drau  was a river and Pandavas were the Owners of the river

In Sanskrit Drauta means active/ Speed.
Pandavas married this speed and courage which was raped in Duriyodhana's Court, after they lost in Gambling. A king is not suppose to gamble and Yushtra did this and lost, pledged or leased his country  for 12 years to Duriyodhanas.
To make a story active the Speed, the activeness was decorated for a woman/ wife.

Dear Anil, you must know one thing. The birth of Pandavas itself is an imaginary one.
Karnan born to Sun God, with Gold kavsha and ear rings does Kunthi had gold smith in her uteres? Ok when the child grown as a man how the Gold also expanded???
It is none other than the Strong will power and absorbing Power of Karnan that resulted in taking a Herbal at the time of conceiving., and the different kinds of Herbals that was tried on her gave birth to different kinds of children
Ravana in his Arka Prakasa quotes about this.
This book is in Rig Veda and commentary was written by Ravana and in 1914 it was discussed in a meeting at Lahore in 1924 at Punjab University at Lahore.
We say for child born at a rich man's palace "Born with Silver Spoon" please tell me whether the child at birth had a silver spoon at his/ Her mouth?

So if we set our ego aside we can find solutions to many problems that we are facing in day to day life.

Thanks for your questions that also enlightened me.
Wish to hear more from YOU.




Kamal Grover (Advocate High Court Chandigarh M:09814110005     08 November 2009

Ramchandra ji,

I dont know what u want to say.

I talk only about the usual problem of my clients or else. what is third and forth wife and what is boss beat or else.

My dear plz explain in well manner coz i have not gone though such deep thoughs of Vedas, so dont know such a deep thought.

I suggest u only to findout the way for such feelings and Manglik dosha, if u go such deep study then u must have readout the solution also like in Ramayana, when u see the Moon on specific day then a false allegation of theft is upon u and there is some sort of lesson to read to set aside this effect.

So now a days i got lots of divorce cases due to the reason that thier emotions and feelings did not match. Can u finout any solution so that i may save some marriege lives. That is my only request.



Sanjeev Kuchhal (Publishers)     08 November 2009

I totally agree to Mr.Kamal. I just want to add that married couples tend to disregard the importance of counseling, not knowing how essential counseling is when trying to save a marriage. Lots of couples think that succumbing to counseling is just like admitting that their marriage is becoming a failure, and they don’t want that. Counseling has many benefits, such as giving space for people in a relationship to discover the cause of their conflicts in order to find the solutions to these problems.

To save a marriage, both partners must be willing to do everything it takes to make the relationship work. Love must still be in the equation in order to make counseling work. Issues can become more complicated when certain factors are involved, such as children and financial problems. But a good counselor knows how to solve these problems. What’s good to know is that most marriages can be saved with good counseling, and both partners should have enough courage to face their problems and deal with the necessary in steps in order to restore the harmony in their union and save a marriage.

Kamal Grover (Advocate High Court Chandigarh M:09814110005     08 November 2009



Sanjiv ji,

i answer so many querries but never thumbs up. how to get it done. Will u or anybody from our society of advocates help me.

Sanjeev Kuchhal (Publishers)     08 November 2009

Mr.Kamal even I want to know that. I also want to know how u had put up Thums up and down down sign below your phot and details with the msg "Thank the Contributor" and "Send PM".

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Kamal Grover (Advocate High Court Chandigarh M:09814110005     08 November 2009

Sanjeev ji, thumbs up and down r shown to others and not urself

so i thumbs up and now u got the points

I can see both below your snap but u urself cannot do it but only otheres can thubs up if they feel right answer and thumbs down if they feel wrong answer.



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Sanjeev Kuchhal (Publishers)     08 November 2009

Thank you very much sir for this information.

I tried to upload photo but error is given though file meets the critrea for uploading. I wrote to administrator also but no reply is given till date.

Kamal Grover (Advocate High Court Chandigarh M:09814110005     08 November 2009



u have to convert your snap in allowed style like JPG etc. and not big. so first try to small the size then it will itself upload.

u can try paint edit and then small and save.but u have not thumbs up for me yet


Sanjeev Kuchhal (Publishers)     08 November 2009

Kamal Sir, I did that. For verification you can see the latest thanked member section. You have really enlightening me on the subject and it was my duty to do so. 

Anil Agrawal (Retired)     08 November 2009

 Our parents never had this problem. If indeed something cropped up, they would sort it out in no time. They never parted till the end.

As we progress and our womenfolk feel "liberated", they fall into the trap of economic independence, individualism and personal liberty. What we have? Pre-marital s*x, live-in relationship, divorce, marriage again, again divorce, children at the mercy of God, adultery, disco and booze, dresses to expose. 

When protested, we are called fundamentalist, moral police, traditionalist suffering from generation gap, outdated et all. The universal truth is that with all these epithets the girl, when ditched, comes home to the parents.

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