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VALENTINE's DAY & Shiv Sena's protest : Bullshit..!!!


Well whenever valentines day approaches The so called political parties comes forward to protest against valentines day and people who come celeberate it. Ya they beat couples mercilessely...destroy shops, burn cards and anything which they feel is western. Thus they create a gust of terror in people. I dont feel that valentines day is a threat to the culture of our country , India that boasts of the largest symbol of love-the Taj Mahal. While the day calls for the universal celebration of expression of love in the memory of St. Valentine, in India from the past few years it has resulted in violent outbursts and accusation of the nation 'aping the west'. One cannot truly argue against the fact that Valentine's Day is, in fact a tradition borrowed from the west, but so is the New year and Birthday celebrations. Mother's day , father's day and so many other days are also celebrated with out any protests, while the Valentines day always manages to cause a conflict. This is merely to seek attention of media and those people who are blinded in the orthodoxy of preserving their culture. Moreover this celeberation does not create any voilence but just spread love.

SOCIAL-TERRORISTSWell i must say these anti-social, anti-western political parties are the SOCIAL TERRORISTS, SOCIAL NAXALS and SOCIA MILITANTS who in their tempting rage and mislead minds creates anarchy.


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Sajid Sheikh


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Apologies if it seems offensive...!!!

Sajid Shiekh


Sajid Sheik  if want to protest go and protest in arab countries and afghanistan...because how they are treating the women in their countries.

Actually india is a hindu country so they want to protect our culture thats why they are against western culture see every religion has his own culture we are not objecting if you implement some rules among ur community in the same way dont go against if some other community people want to implement some rules.


Dear Satish Goud you may not be wrong but you r not fully right. Firstly as you cited that i should protest for afghanistan.....then i must proudly say I AM AN INDIAN FIRST Firstly i will think of cleaning garbage of my country then If i get time i will go for afghanistan too.....Here you are not wrongt that India is hindu country but one must keep in mind that India is secular too..The medium which these political parties use for ethical cleaning is BULLSHIT>>> Showing ove for someone in a decent way is not at all wrong. Take for instance you and your girlfriend are beaten on valentines day in front of camera then where will your respect for culture go...then will you still favour the culture preservation of these parties. Where is our Right to live freely....Going out with our partner is not wrong but on other hand it only increase the strength of bonding..... LOVE FOR FEMALE PARTNER IS THE LAW OF NATURE  When police is there then why these mislead people cause problems for others....Then why these bullsh*t people take law in their hands... If we use western technology then whats wrong in testing its culture...If we compare the non-techno progress of bihar with hi-tech progress of mumbai....Is our myth clear...We must not bind anyone to follow a custom of tradition or culture......If sati system is in our hindu culture why dont we favour it now....same is the case with child marraige, widow remarriage...etc why are we against these deeply old cultures...If Lord Ram used Sati Why dont our rational minds abstain from it......ITS THE TIME TO CAHNGE ITS THE TIME FOR A REVOLUTION OF MINDS




Dear Sajid

I know that your are indian and india is secular country everyone knows that.

first thing rama didnt used was test for sita to prove that she is not guilty  thats why rama asked sita to go into the fire.

We can taste the culture of other countries at the same time we should see which is affecting our culture and at same time shiva sena is hindu ideological party so the party want to preserve our hindu culture thats why it is protecting our culture so if the party men are beating up the lovers who found in the streets or parks etc...already they have been giving warning so people should understand the ideologies of that party and accept that.

For ex. in muslim or christian culture you pass some rules we dont interfere in them because their culture prohbit from doing something like burkha to cover whole the body. 

If u see muslim countires in the world they pass strict rules people follow them even they dont like that rules ok.  in the same india is hindu dominated and hindu country so some parties want to protect the hindu culture thats why they are against to some celebrations which will affect the culture and influence the youth which is affecting whole the country so we should appreciate them because atleast they are trying to protect our hindu culture....i know we are completely westernised at the same time as a hindu i feel to protect the culture of india and hindu .  Parties like shivsena, RSS Bajrang Dal are trying to preserve our culture if there was no such parties india would have become either muslim or christian country.

So we feel proud the acts done by such parties who are protecting and fighting for india and hindu culture.

See sati system was not in hindu culture it was introduced in mid 18th century by some crazy people even people was against it and that was completely vanished.

Child marriages widow marriages was also exist in our hindu cutlure previous time but due to muslim invasion and british rulers so many changes have been adopted into hindu culture

Everybody wants to change but at the same time it shouldnt affect our culture without affecting our culture we are ready for anykind of change.

Dont ever dare to comment on Shiva sena or some other party


Dear Mr Satish Goud ji. I feel you are mistaken between acceptible and forced ideology. Yor arguement in support of Lord Rama is baseless. Whatever the case may be he followed the custom of sati. Secondly your citation about its origin is wrong....Refer to this link of wikipedia

and get to know it in detail please.....

Argument that the Rig Veda sanctions sati

It is often claimed that this most ancient text sanctions or prescribes sati. This is based on verse 10.18.7, part of the verses to be used at funerals. Whether they even describe sati or something else entirely, is disputed, The hymn is about funeral by burial, and not by cremation. There are differing translations of the passage. The translation below is one of those said to prescribe it.

इमा नारीरविधवाः सुपत्नीराञ्जनेन सर्पिषा संविशन्तु |
अनश्रवो.अनमीवाः सुरत्ना आ रोहन्तु जनयोयोनिमग्रे || (RV 10.18.7)
Let these women, whose husbands are worthy and are living, enter the house with ghee (applied) as collyrium (to their eyes). Let these wives first step into the pyre, tearless without any affliction and well adorned.[32]

The text does not mention widowhood, and other translations differ in their translation of the word here rendered as 'pyre' (yoni, literally "seat, abode"; Griffith has "first let the dames go up to where he lieth"). In addition, the following verse, which is unambiguously about widows, then contradicts any suggestion of the woman's death; it explicitly states that the widow should return to her house.

उदीर्ष्व नार्यभि जीवलोकं गतासुमेतमुप शेष एहि |
हस्तग्राभस्य दिधिषोस्तवेदं पत्युर्जनित्वमभि सम्बभूथ || (RV 10.18.8)
Rise, come unto the world of life, O woman — come, he is lifeless by whose side thou liest. Wifehood with this thy husband was thy portion, who took thy hand and wooed thee as a lover.[33]

A reason given for the discrepancy in translation and interpretation of verse 10.18.7, is that one consonant in a word that meant house, yonim agree "foremost to the yoni", was deliberately changed by those who wished claim scripttural justification, to a word that meant fire, yomiagne

Moreover I fully support your effort but i am against this ideology......What ideology muslim fanatics have or the Taliban have as quoted by Goodboy can never be justified....THATS WHY OUR CONSTITUTION HAS GIVEN US FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS. What i want to say is that they are wrong in the way of implementation. There is no question of majority.....but equality is the righteous principle. I we for ex take j&k as it is muslim dominated ...what if taliban chops off head of every female hindu or muslim who dont wear burkha....Wearing burkha is not wrong but it may not be liked by some people. In other case if we go by so called cheab ideology then freedom will have no existance . Then democrack will change to Dictatorship.....



Sajid Sheikh


dear sajid

Who ever made the party is to protect our hindu culture.. ofcourse there will be one person who want to protect the culture so thats why he might have started a party or organization to protect the hindu muslims they have waqk board or taliban or some other simi or other some organizations.

as you quoted about ajantha and doesnt say that by watching them you should do the same thing says the pictures which are in ajantha or khajuraho...shows that this is nothing but creation..but you should do it legally like getting married. ok

Shivsena doesnt kill anyone who doesnt pracitce hindu culture like taliban what they are doing just they protesting and sending message to youth of india that this is not our culture we should save and protect the hindu culture ok


hello every hindu will support Lord Rama he is our god ok...we are not against about ur culture and ur prophet ok

the practice of sati was different in olden ages...why the wife want to die on pyre or husband because she dont want to live in this world without his husband b;coz his beloved husband is dead so she dont want to leave that was the practice of sati but now it is changed because if husband dies the next day they marry someone else...we are not following our culture thats why there is lot of sorrow and troubles in india...if you see in the olden days everyone was happy with their family but what you see now is different.

Dont qoute from rig veda...because it is translated by grafith he is christian and some other muslim people..ok first of all they dont know sanskrit rigveda is written in sanskrit

Let these women who are not widows, who have good husbands, enter (anointed) with butter. Let women without tears, decorated with jewels, first proceed to the house." Shri Radhakrishna Shrimali and Smt. Ashalata Upadhaya of Jodhpur in their book Rigveda (Diamond Pocket books, page 156) give similar interpretations of X 18.7 and X 18.8. Thus, different authors from different places vouch that richa X 18.7 does not refer to widows at all. What this richa says in a nutshell is that, married women should be first (among others) to return to their homes.

The eighth richa (X 18.8) specifically commands a Hindu widow to return alive to her home. H.H. Wilson translates: "Rise woman, and go to the world of living beings; come, this man near whom you sleep is lifeless; you have enjoyed this state of being the wife of your husband, the suitor who took you by the hand." Here again, it is confirmed that X 18.8 actually commands a Hindu widow to return to the world of living beings. Also, this very richa confers upon her full right on the house of her deceased husband (apne putradi aur ghar). In 1995, the Supreme Court interpreted Section 14 (1) of the Hindu Succession Act to the effect that a Hindu widow has full ownership rights over properties she inherits from her deceased husband. The Supreme Court said that the objective was to wipe out disabilities imposed by Hindu shastras. The Supreme Court thus reasserted rights conferred on widows under richa X 18.8.

According to Acharya Sayana, it is the first six richas of sukta 16 of the chapter 10 of the Rigveda (X 16.1 to 6) which are to be recited at funeral pyres; and, none of these six richas either call for burning of widows or make any reference to widows. I would like to draw the attention of readers to richa X 40.8 of the Rigveda which praises Ashwin gods for protecting a widow. It shows gods were praised for protecting widows. How could gods go to protect widows, and, thus act against the Rigveda if the Rigveda had actually commanded burning of widows? Another richa, X 40.2, may come as a complete surprise to many Hindus. H. H. Wilson translates it: "Where are you, Ashwins, by night? Where are you by day? Where do you sojourn? Where do you dwell? Who brings you into his presence in the same place (of sacrifice) as on her couch a widow (brings) her husband's brother, as a woman (brings) her husband (to her)." Thus, the Rigveda not only sanctioned survival of a widow but also her living with her devar with full dignity and honour in the family. So it expressly sanctioned widow marriage.

The third chapter of the Rigveda is considered the oldest part of the Rigveda. Richa III 31.1 commands that a son-less father accepts the son of his daughter as his own son. That is, all properties of a son-less father shall be inherited by the son of his daughter. Richa III 31.2 commands that if parents have both son and a daughter, the son performs holy acts of pindadaan (after death of father) and the daughter has to be enriched with gifts (rindhan, that is, to be made wealthy). Richa II 17.7 also attests share of a daughter in the property of her father.

Those who misinterpret the Rigveda to say that it sanctions sati do this mischief by misspelling the last word of richa X 18. 7 as "yomiagne." The last word of this richa is actually "yomiagre." Thus, there is no richa in Rigveda calling for widow burning. Veda, Ramayana and Gita are the three supreme scripttures of Hindus.

All others (like Brahmanas, Upanishads, Puranas, Dharmashastras, Sutras, etc. ) are just commentaries, explanatory notes or stories written by individuals. As commentaries written on the Constitution of India cannot override the articles of the Constitution of India, similarly, commentaries or explanations on Vedas by individuals cannot supersede richas of Vedas or the Ramayana or Gita. In the Ramayana, everyone knows that after the death of King Dasharatha, his wives were never asked to step into the pyre of Dasharatha. Rather, they lived in family with full honour and Ram always bowed his head before his widowed mothers with full respect. In the Mahabharata, Kunti, mother of the Pandavas did not commit sati. Thus, there is no command in the Ramayana or in Gita to commit sati.

Over the centuries, relatives have been murdering relatives for property. This will continue in the coming centuries too. Greed is human nature. If greedy people incite a widow to commit suicide on the pyre of her husband, let us not say or believe that widow burning is sanctified by the Rigveda or by Hinduism. Richa X 18.3 commands a Hindu widow to separate from the dead and richa X 10.8 commands her to return alive to her children and her home. For their own empowerment, Hindu women should to remember the seven richas viz (II 17.7), (III 31.2) (X 18.3) (X l8.8) (X 40.2) and X 40.8) to assert and claim their status and rights.


Dear Sajid

Dont quote rigveda or something else from your islamic websites bcoz they all have misintrepet the our sacred texts who wants to say that their religion is best and we should follow that religion.

My point is shivsena, vhp or bajrang dal whatever organization or party are founded to protect our hindu culture as muslim you might feel they are wrong but we are happy what they are doing thats why all hindus are supporting that organizations or party.

Thats why they are elected by the people of india if they feel they are wrong than they wouldnt have elected them.

so dont commment on our hindu organizations because we dont like muslim culture but we still accept them we are not against ur organizations but we are against terrorism.

J & K is muslim dominated state how can you impose a that every women should wear burkha it is impossible b'cause Jammu kashmir is part of india so they enjoy their rights it was ruled by hindu king before the independence you shouldnt forget that.

if you keep on aruguing who is right or will never realise the truth so dont every say bullsh*t or something on hindu organizations you got my point if you dont like keep quiet if you have problem with them go to police station or file a case on them ..court will look into the matter you dont have any right to blame on our hindu organizations...understood dont ever dare because we can also start blaming ur organizations and ur culture..but this is not the right place. ok


one more request if you are much intersted to know about hindu culture first try to learn sanskrit than read rigveda or other texts than you will understand the greatness of hindu culture and hindus dont quote from islamic websites which they have false messages.  the crazy people want to degrade our hindu culture and society thats why they have been qouting from rigveda...if you really want to know the truth learn sanskrit than read rigveda than you will understand.

About Lord Rama Rama's life and journey is one of perfect adherence to dharma despite harsh tests of life and time. He is pictured as the ideal man and the perfect human. For the sake of his father's honour

He is our god whatever he has done is according to the karma muslim people will never understand the concept of karma because you feel that your religion is best in the world and everyone should accept their religion...just see what muslim invaders have done to india..just go and read the text books what happend in the history you will know about ur culture.

Even though we are always patience in 10,000 years of history india never invaded any country that is most of people were hindus ....muslim religion was started after the invasion of mughal empire on india who has forcibly converted many hindus before it was hindu country.

See if you want I can put a question why prohphet has married many women and why he has married ayesha who is 9 years old?  so in this way i can put many question on muslim culture and christian culture so dont bring relgion in this lawyers club ....this is never ending topic 




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