The burden of ego


It is easier to carry a bag of 100kg rice than to carry and injured mind. An injured mind does not find fault with the views of others because their views are wrong, but because it perceives others to be wrong. The burden of hurt to ego and anger caused by that hurt is so wicked that it does not allow anybody to see the truth relating to other's views. If being associated to one institution or other with a morbid need to defend the values or ideology it stands for is one burden, the hurt caused to the ego is another which is source of insurmountable sorrow and conflict to human minds.  The shame that it was aimed at me only, but I have not responded properly constantly puts people to grief.  The injury to mind is always a greater misery than the injury to body which mankind never realizes. 


Oflate people have realized that being good is being weak.  And ability to be bad if necessary is the show of strength and might.  Why one tries to be good to others?  Thinks a mind.  The answer it gets is, "it tries to be good to others because it needs them".  Why does it needs others?  Thinks a mind.  The answer it gets, "it needs others because others have something useful with them to give".  So people know that if they control wealth and power, they can compel others to be good to them. So if somebody is good, people start perceiving him to be weak, presuming he is trying to be weak because he is having a need to be good.  Like an unemployed person trying to be good to a prospective employer.  So gradually goodness and humility has become a sort of shame as a personal quality to nurture. And people started acquiring demonaic qualities to pass an impression to others, "if necessary I can be so bad that I can hurt you the best way possible".


A money minded person is like a prostitute.  If he gets what he wants from you he will say all good things about you.  If he does not get what he wants from you he will say all bad things about you.  If somebody is good to him he says, "why he won't be good to me, it is his need to be good to me".  It is because he decides to be good to others, if others are of any use to him. So he feels if anybody is good to him, he has some work with him that is why he is behaving nicely with him. 


That is why the mind which thinks, "how should I feel" rots.  And the mind which thinks, "how do I feel" enlightens itself.  People are strong enough to think the way they want, behave the way they want depending on what they practise in their lives.  They don't need to be part of a Vipassana camp to learn to react the way they want.  one can even be a greedy or a crooked businessman to learn to react the way he wants. 


Having read this, if tomorrow my wife tries to be good to me, would I say, "why she will not?".




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