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Terror techniques of husbands

Standard Terror tactics of  Husbands

1.       My friend got Rs 10 lacs as dowry but I married you for free

2.       2. Wife beating

3.       Child beating

4.       Abusing parents of wife’s and finally disallowing them to enter is house

5.       Wish you were more gori

6.       Child is not healthy because you are too fat

7.       Other wives work and add to income but you watch T.V and waste my money

8.       Your cooking is very bad

9.       I’ll convert my religion into Islam to get rid of you

10.   10. Enough is enough, Husband  kidnaps the child and throws out the crying wife


 9 Replies

Aastha (SSE)     10 November 2011

11. If you dont listen to your MIL, I will give you divorse.

12. If you dont leave your job, I will give you divorse.

13. If you call  you mother daily, I will give you divorse.

14. My nature is dominating if you cannot accept give me divorse.

15. I dont need to adjust..u have to do all compromises otherwise give divorse.. etc

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Very good post by the members, guys have you ever think what these things reveal????????????It depicts that no one on this earth love you unconditionally. Before marriage brides look day dreams and after that...................

Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     10 November 2011

@ Author

It seems you went to a Court and asked for several legal terrorism suits to read and then made these standard 10 point misfires. Now do you remember that Court gave you abala nari’s complaint or husband’s replies bze most of the points that you made in hurry are in favor of husband so only you can tell yourself how it is husband’s standard terror on his wife J

My friend got Rs 10 lacs as dowry but I married you for free

Take: In LCI the majority of complains of abala nari’s are that husband demanded / forced / took 10 L!. If a husband marries for free then tell yourself how he leasing terror?. Kahi SC ki ‘legal terrorism’ judgment ko to nahi interpret kar rahe hon free time mei Guest House mei baith kar!.

Wife beating
To register S. 498a IPC FIR masala has to be mentioned in a complaint and wife beating is masala. You know why Kaul sahib because had there been instances of beating women would not be sitting at home applying @ Kaul sahib’s guest house visiting card; they will go for MLC / Police Complain but then it is only in India things work with jugad and carries forward with misinformation campaign.

Child beating
In majority of child custody cases it is the father who mentions ‘child beating by mother’ so @ Kaul sahaib do you still recollect which complaints you read to come to such vague paras.

Abusing parents of wife’s and finally disallowing them to enter is house
In almost all complaints of wife she says husband did not allow her to meet Her parents / relatives / friends so tell yourself how husband can cause terror by abusing parents of wife when there is not even meetings !

Wish you were more gori
Baas yehi point gospel truth hai Indian scenario mei so I will not make comment on this other than guest house mei firngan ko dekh kar aap bhi na….baas rahney do aab.

Child is not healthy because you are too fat
Brother in almost all complaints of wife she mentions that both husband and her in -Laws did not give her food to eat water to drink cloths (which even she brought as dowry) to wear so how she will become fat ! Jara soncho aab.

Other wives work and add to income but you watch T.V and waste my money
Brother these women Laws were made with intent to protect rural women and do you see urban women working OR rural women working for a husband to state his wife what you are propaganda is all about in this para.

Your cooking is very bad
When she was not even feed and offered water to drink as per her complaints then how can she cook brother / allowed to cook. Uff oh which complaints you have read to make up these paras.

I’ll convert my religion into Islam to get rid of you
This is a para directly relying on Politics of getting next Election Ticket from Muslim community the moment you make it. Reasoning is that had it been so a husband saying what you are putting before us then all Hindu husbands by now have got converted to Islam and got rid of their Hindu wives arey bhai it is the easiest thing to do than terror jiskey liye Terror Camp mei practice ke liye jana padega aab husband kaha se jayega jab TV dekhta rahta hai sarey din aap hi to kaha rahe hai.

Enough is enough, Husband  kidnaps the child and throws out the crying wife
brother it seems you are not trained properly by feminists to make a ulta pulta statement BTW for your refresher course it is husband / natural father who alleges this in all matrimonial matters and further BTW have you seen fathers having access / custody of their children even my ld. brothers says here that the child is best in lap of mother so kidnap que. is like your guest house lemon tea or masala tea - recall now J .


@ Kaul sahib

I am disappointed by your 10 point charter gospel truth and I donot have time and energy to train you the way feminists among us now are able to speak here. See @ Princess already mugged up my legal take wordings used in various replies and see @ Goodgirl searching in me her lost papa all under the careful gaze and guidance of our very truly Cinderella sulking on her stridhan till date.

BTW @ Kaul if these are your personal family happening which made you say all these then PM the facts / briefs of affected female(s) in your family I will give you legal opinion free of cost based on Indian IPC not J & K IPC just because we have lots of favors to return to our close family friends; Badyari families in Nagin having been stationed there from 1984 till 1991 and we have still sympathy left for our Kashmiri brothers there. 

OK, fir bhi free mei chalo try karta hun……invest time in reading Cinderella and her 7

dwarfs comments here in LCI you will have beginners course in politically correct feminism talk and then invite my attention I will give you piece of your own gyan properly but English (means legal knowledge) strong honi chahiye uske like yeh yaad rakhna aap.


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Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     10 November 2011

16.If your mother-in-law bullies you,just tolerate it.All mother-in-laws are like this.My brother's wife also tolerated it silently.


17. Many in-laws bully the newly wed bride because they are trying to test her patience and family values.


18.The boy's parents always have an upper hand over the girls' parents.So they "have to be respected" at all costs

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Seems all females are terrorist are in India and all males are too innocent.He must had all those qualifications  described by Mr. kaul !!!!

Actually he thinks these are manly  qualifications that a husband should have!!!Otherwise he would never suggest for PM.ha ha 

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I said that Indian husbands are kitchen and home/family terrorists. Oh yes I suggested White Cetic Blondes [Kate Winslet  etc] should become PM India instead of an home grown Gori or a European Hispanic as the Ruler of India. Just PM me, I'll whisper something in your ears!!




Tajobssir aapke comment ke baad ye kaul bhaag gaya. 


Hats off to Mr. Tajobsindia.

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