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Neil Paul   29 July 2021

Tax Payment

Greetings to all!
Sir it is said in every governmental debate on news and all that implementations have been made to the tax laws, and something same was the statements given by Central Government while introducing GST. If the tax laws are been revised so much then why is that even after having such stringent taxation provisions only 3% of the India's population pays tax? Is the rest 97% attaining tax free income or is it that the laws even after continuous revisions aren't able to make such of an impact?


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GANDHI MOHAN BHARATI (Pensioner)     30 July 2021

I suppose you are meaning Direct Tax - Income Tax. Reality is that many in the country are really poor. Please come to my village to see for yourself poverty in stark nakedness where people struggle even to have one complete meal. All PDS system is fine if they even have that much money.

In GST the Government fleeces you. You pay for even you talk. Why in this country where Mahatma Gandhi undertook Dandi Yatra against imposition of Tax on SALT, an absolute essential, in the garb of compulsory addition of iodine & iron our Government TAXES SALT.

Why so much. During the present Pandemic the Government was so technical deny Tax exemption on essential medicine.

The Government boasts of GST Collection in lakhs of crores every month. Calculate yourself the tax collection by the total population and you will be surprised to know the quantum of tax per person by of GST alone.

These apart we pay so many cess and VAT.

The Corporates pay the lowest tax.


G.L.N. Prasad (Retired employee.)     30 July 2021

This forum is dedicated to legal issues and members are not competent to discuss intricate and high-level issues on taxation.  Every citizen pays taxes in one way or other to Government as he has to make purchases and taxes are involved in most of the purchases including Medicines. Income tax is not the only tax received by Government, it collects indirect taxes also like GST.

P. Venu (Advocate)     31 July 2021

"only 3% of the India's population pays tax" - the assumption is too facile. May be it is true of  direct taxes i.e.income tax. However, every one, even the destitute on the footpaths,    is contributing to indirect taxes, in one form or the other.


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