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Hope this post finds you in best of spirits.


I have some legal questions on Impersonation/Stalking. Please advice.


Long back, I went to a "How To Write Screenplay" workshop. I had written a story which I wanted to develop further by taking inputs at the workshop. 


Two years after that, I had posted an Ad for sale of my 7 year old Desktop. The Ad had information about my mobile number in contact field. Two people (One Aged and another guy in his twenties) came. 

During that time they were unnecessarily giving EXAPLANATIONS why they are purchasing Old Desktop, even though I didn't ask for it. I ignored all those observations at that time.


2 Months later to that event, A film was released which had roots in my story. You can find more details here.


Now, after seeing the movie and how they had made fun/use of my story, my thoughts went back to Desktop selling event. I went to google and searched my mobile number - And that Ad which I had posted for selling Desktop - turned up in search result.


I REALIZED THAT I WAS BEING STALKED BY THIS DIRECTOR. He was keeping track of me using my mobile number (and what not? Only God knows).


I had two ways to know whether those two guys who came to buy my desktop were related to this Director


1) Information from those two guys


The Elder Guy had said that he is working in one national government agency( I dont want to name that here).


The Younger guy's phone number was with me.



2) Detective Agency


I applied both approaches.


I have  now established undeniable proof - that they had indeed impersonated and had come to me to purchase my Desktop NOT BECAUSE THEY WANTED COMPUTER - BUT BECAUSE THEY WANTED INFORMATION STORED THEREIN. 


May be


1) They wanted to dig the computer to know what other stories I have written. OR


2) They wanted to dig into my personal life.


Is this a case of Stalking? Is this punishable offence? If so what is the severity of punishment?


See the irony of life - as a matter of procedure - I had formatted the data drives, deleted files in CDrive (operating system) except for Bhagavad Geetha audio files. I hope they had listened it once.


Please advice,



I do not think that any offense was comitted. It was an offered sale. It may form a copyright issue.





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