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AS KUMAR   06 July 2024

Sheet opened in police station

I am a social worker. My argument is that many families in our country are falling on the road due to the behavior of some policemen. That is why I am pointing out the mistakes of the police and questioning their misdeeds. Last 6 months ago I made a complaint to SP along with references against local SSI, CI and two police constables. No action was taken on this complaint. But the same SSI, CI and those two constables opened the sheet through DSP on purpose on me. Please advise me on this.


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T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     06 July 2024

Taking a serious view of cops opening rowdy-sheets against individuals and not closing it for decades together without adhering to laid-down norms in the police manual, the Telangana high court has now asked the state director general of police (DGP) to furnish by July 25 the rules followed by the department in such cases. The order was given by Justice K Lalitha while hearing a petition by Kavali Raju, village revenue officer of Nandigama in Ranga Reddy district, urging the court to direct the police to close the rowdy-sheet opened against him 13 years ago. Petitioner’s counsel D L Pandu said that despite a fast-track court acquitting Raju in a 2009 case, the Shadnagar police failed to close the rowdy-sheet against him though there has been no fresh cases against him since the acquittal in 2010. The judge directed the DGP to explain the reasons for continuing the rowdy-sheet for more than a decade. “Though the police are duty-bound to renew or drop rowdy-sheets once every year, this norm was ignored. Rowdy-sheets are opened based on whims and fancies of cops.

AS KUMAR   06 July 2024

సార్ నా పేరు ఆశిష్. గతంలో కూడా ఈ లాయర్స్ క్లబ్ ఇండియా నాకు ఎంతో మేలు చేసింది. గతంలో ఒక సమస్య మీద మీరు మరియు కొంతమంది న్యాయాన్ని పనులు నాకు మంచి సలహాలు ఇవ్వడం జరిగింది. నా మీద ఉన్నది కేవలం ప్రస్తుతం ఒక 324 కేసు మాత్రమే. అదికూడా నేటికీ చార్జిషీట్ దాఖలు చేయలేదు. కేవలం పోలీసులు నాకు అన్యాయం చేశారని దానికి సంబంధించిన తగిన ఆధారాలతో నేను సంబంధిత జిల్లా ఎస్ పి గారికి ఫిర్యాదు చేయడం జరిగింది. ఆ ఫిర్యాదు ని నేను విరమించుకోవాలని నా మీద ఈ విధంగా అనేక వత్తుడులు తెస్తున్నారు. అందుచేతనే షీట్ ఓపెన్ చేశారు. మానవ హక్కుల సంఘాలలో పనిచేసే నేను ఈ విషయముపై ఎంతవరకు ముందుకు వెళ్ళచ్చు అనేది దయచేసి మీరు నాకు సలహా ఇవ్వమని కోరుతున్నాను.

T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     06 July 2024

your language is not understood, you may revert with the post made in English language if you want opinions of the experts from all over the country.

AS KUMAR   06 July 2024

Sir my name is Ashish. This Lawyers Club India has also benefited me a lot in the past. In the past you and some justices gave me good advice on an issue. I only have one 324 case right now. Even today the charge sheet has not been filed. I filed a complaint with the SP of the concerned district with sufficient evidence that the police had done injustice to me. They are bringing many pressures on me to withdraw the complaint. That is why the sheet was opened. As a human rights activist, I would like you to advise me as to how far I can go in this matter.

T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     06 July 2024

As you claim to be a human rights activist, you know how to handle this. If not, you can file a case before state human rights commission with a complaint against the concerned police for violation of human rights by unnecessarily implicating you in false cases with an intention to ruin your life.

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