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served a legal notice

Hi ,

I have been served a legal notice and the notice was sent to me at my previous rented place. I have not personally received the letter formally it is through a friend I came to know about this notice.

Want the community opinion on how to go about it ! or should I just be ignorent about this issue & stay cool and say that I never received a formal initmation about the legal notice..

Pls advise as I am not a legal guy.



A Notice is served on you at your previous rented Address , that might  the only available address to the other party to serve notice on you- The fact remains that Notice is served on you though not personally , you have received the Notice ,  You ae also admittign that Notice is recieved by You - it is better to reply to the said  Notice !


Dear Sir,

One should always promptly give reply to any notice he receives (or comes to his knowledge by any means).




Sandeep Tewari


Dear Astrix

actually your question is little be confusing. you don't specify that what type of notice you have received through ur friend. If it is relating to cheque bounce( NI Act) than u have opportunity to give reply that notice  up to  first hearing of concerned case but if it not NI act notice than my advice that u should reply as soon as possible.


Dear Artix, From plain reading you question that you have received notice.You have not stated that whether you informed you present adress.Hence according to me you have to reply the said notice without delay otherwise you have to face legal procedings.

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