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sc caste certificate

do a married man can
use his wife sc caste certificate for making his sc caste certificate ..? will he eligible for making sc caste certificate by converting his caste to wife caste ie sc caste ?

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as far as my research online, a husband cannot get sc/st certificate if wife belongs to sc/st. a wife on the other hand can get the certificate if she is married to a sc/st, but cannot enjoy any sort of reservations. the child born to a father who is sc/st the child can get it and also apply for reservations, permitted by state and center.

Om prakashji, you are correct. I must have misunderstood it. Somewhere it said a general caste woman marrying a SC/st inherits the husband's caste but cannot enjoy the reservations. So I thought "inherits" would probably mean she can get a certificate too. My bad. Thanks for correcting

None of them can take benefit of reservation.




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